Of the four games in the series SteamWorld in development Lightning Games (Indie studio Image & Form, producers of SteamWorld, part of the Thunderful group since 2020), one of which appeared during a special presentation today. SteamWorld Telegraph: Special Broadcast (in which Thunderful Games co-founder Brjann Sigurgeirsson specifically hinted that four SteamWorld games are in the works). This SteamWorld to builda management game of the type city ​​builder It was developed by a Swedish studio The stationPart of Thunderful Games and particularly involved in the development of the saga LittleBigPlanet. SteamWorld Build is scheduled for release 2023 about Nintendo Transition, game station 4, PS5, xboxone, Xbox Series and computer. Demo is now available Steam. The following languages ​​are included (with English audio only): French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Simplified Chinese. To date, we have yet to hear any news about another previously announced game in the series. SteamWorld Headhunter.

The SteamWorld series will open up to the city builder genre for the first time. In this new game, steam robots build a mining town to extract ancient technology that will allow them to go into space. The goal of the game will be to manage resources efficiently, meet the growing needs of citizens and protect their mines from lurking creatures. As an architect, you have to start by building houses for the steam robots, then feed them and provide them with entertainment that will satisfy them. SteamWorld obliges that there is an abandoned mine beneath the city, and it is rumored to contain a lot of ancient technology that will be the key to surviving the impending apocalypse. Thunderful Games notes that the SteamWorld Build will invite new players to explore the rich history of the long-running series, while furthering the saga, which should keep fans interested at the same time.

To develop the city, we can use the natural resources available on the surface of the earth, as well as the ores buried underground in the mine. In total, there will be five different maps inspired by the SteamWorld universe and full of secrets. We must encourage new inhabitants to join our quest to dig deeper and uncover the vast riches that will allow citizens to leave this planet. The objectives will be different in this new game, especially as we progress, new types of steam creatures will join the colony and their needs will always be more complicated to meet, in addition, more and more complex resources will flow. Fortunately, we are promised easy-to-understand game mechanics with an intuitive interface designed to satisfy both seasoned players and city-builders alike. There will also be three difficulty levels described and calibrated. It will be necessary to ensure that each resident works as much as possible to satisfy everyone.

To increase the efficiency of buildings, it will be possible to buy items and barter at the local station to get what you need. In addition, by speeding up miners with stimulating electric shocks, we can ensure a continuous flow of resources between the mine and the surface. But be careful, as we dig deeper and deeper underground to uncover the treasures, terrifying creatures will attack us, not to mention the dangers and other dangers lurking deep underground in the city. In order to efficiently produce resources to support excavations and ultimately uncover the desired old technology, workers must be protected and the walls of the mine prevented from collapsing.

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