ChatGPT launches a very expensive paid subscription that will not serve you

After almost two months of free availability, ChatGPT becomes paid: the free option to use the OpenAI chatbot remains, but there is now a subscription for $42 per month to have some advantages. This is an early ChatGPT monetization method available to some users.

Faced with the worldwide success of ChatGPT, OpenAI stands to lose a lot of money by making it available to everyone, despite the limitations on the number of users who can use it at the same time. If we expect the AI ​​tool to monetize after release, OpenAI is building a subscription formula” Professional $42 per month, currently available to select users.

OpenAI was considering monetizing ChatGPT

Until now, the monetization of ChatGPT was an open secret: the question was not whether ChatGPT would be paid, but when. A few days ago, OpenAI posted a request for ChatGPT users on their Discord server: “ We are starting to think about how to monetize ChatGPT (early thinking, nothing official to share yet). Our goal is to continue to improve and maintain the service, and monetization is one of the ways we are looking to ensure its long-term sustainability. »

OpenAI says it’s testing ChatGPT monetization // Source: Frandroid

In its message, OpenAI also questioned the maximum monthly price that ChatGPT users are willing to pay or for what reasons they use it. In said survey, we learned that OpenAI is experimenting with its ChatGPT Professional offering, including:

  • Continuous availability;
  • Answers without speed limit;
  • Unlimited messages (or at least twice as much as the existing free version).

ChatGPT starts at $42 per month

As James Ivings reported on Twitter, ChatGPT has become paid, with a subscription “ professional $42 per month including benefits reviewed by OpenAI. In addition, the subscription offers priority access to new features of the tool. However, the free option used by default remains available to all users and is subject to the same current limitations: limiting the number of simultaneous users and the speed of responses.

ChatGPT is paid today! 🔥

RIP all free tools that use a closed API 🤪

— James Ivings (@JamesIvings) January 21, 2023

Apart from the discussion about the price of this subscription, there is no doubt that it will be useful for some people: indeed, many Internet users note that ChatGPT is often loaded and sometimes you have to wait for a long time. enter it. Access to future features can also represent a competitive advantage for digital professionals: we clearly envision ChatGPT connecting to the Internet. Thus, the tool can take advantage of the latest news instead of being limited to texts published before 2022.

How ChatGPT Pro works! Many users asked me for proof, so I decided to make a video.

— Zahid Khawaja (@chillzaza_) January 21, 2023

Another advantage: ChatGPT’s execution speed. The Verge AI developer Zahid Khawaja shared a video demonstrating the tool’s responsiveness, and it’s significantly faster than the free version. However, the media reports that many users expressed dissatisfaction with the price of ChatGPT Pro on the OpenAI Discord server. We can assume that the company is speculating on the price of ChatGPT to test the waters before introducing more diverse offerings at regulated prices. It’s also an opportunity to see what kind of interest the AI ​​tool generates, adding a barrier represented by its price. Something to inform the big tech companies of the market: we know that Microsoft wants to invest 10 billion dollars in OpenAI and that Google is increasing its momentum against ChatGPT.

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