Chan 2023: Otis Ngoma, the perfect scapegoat for the elimination of the Congolese

For the first time in Chan’s history, Leopards A’ left the competition in the first round. In a fairly strong group with Ivory Coast, Senegal and Uganda, the team led by head coach Otis Ngoma Kondi showed shortcomings. Although winger Jonathan Ikangalombo has been favored twice man of the match “, the leopards have not scored in three trips. After two results of nil-goal draws against Uganda and Ivory Coast, Otis Ngoma’s players lost 0-0 against Senegal’s Teranga A’ lions at the end of the final match of the third day of Group B. 3.

It must be admitted that although the defeat is heavy, it reveals the level of the players of the national championship, as well as the lack of seriousness and organization around this selection. The Democratic Republic of the Congo have qualified well for this 2023 edition by fielding a humble Chad selection. Nothing else happened at the organizational level after that. Almost all of the team’s scheduled friendlies have been canceled as the rivals prepare with more than a dozen games each in friendly tournaments. Coach Otis Ngoma picked this up during one of his media appearances. All this time, no member of the coaching staff had a contract, and the players did not even receive their bonus from the play-off match against Chad until the game against Ivory Coast. They had to threaten a strike to get us to finally agree to split their bonuses because there is a key to the apparent disagreement between the Finance Minister and the Sports Minister over the way these match bonuses are delivered. We understand the mental state of football players both before and during the tournament.

At the beginning, we had to focus on the preparation of the team, but we got the impression that there was some kind of boycott, provocation. However, the coach closed the training program well. The last two games against Libya and Mali were almost improvised during the last training camp in Tunisia and should not solve the problem at all. The fact that the bonuses arrived a few hours before the match (training is repeated) did not change the flaws of the lack of preparation of the players. They played, for example, the first game against Uganda in inadequate shoes, and it was very noticeable with a lack of ball control, a lack of balance (they were always falling). However, haven’t we seen this issue affecting the game before? Do they also have enough time to adapt? Winter and cold Annaba, a city on the Mediterranean coast.

Otis assumes…

But despite all this, Otis Ngoma has taken on this historic failure of Leopards A, two-time winners of the competition (2009 and 2016) and has practically become the perfect scapegoat. “… I feel sad about this game. I take full responsibility because the boys I choose are… “, he said after the game.

Everything was against him. He assembled a group of players with virtually no matches, following an irregularity characterized by numerous breaks in the national championship. Despite various pressures and obstacles, he was able to form a group with the best of the national championship. The talented Elie Panzu, Ikangalombo, Guy Mfingi Magema, Peter Mutumosi etc., the experienced Issama Mpeko, Jean-Marc Makusu, Dean Patou Ebunga Simbi have all been there. But all of them were far from expectations and less efficient than the real level of the national championship.

Otis Ngoma worked to give spirit to this group with minimal time and resources. After the draw with Uganda, he said: Today, there are no small teams left, everyone works, but those who don’t work believe that there are still small teams. Madagascar surprised the great Ghana. Today, in football and in sports in general, the most important thing is preparation. You prepare very well, you start very well. You don’t prepare very well, even if you arrange certain details, you will have problems along the way ».

Lack of preparation caught up with Leopards A’ at the finish and Otis Ngoma wears the perfect scapegoat tunic for this Congolese flop in this 7.e Chan edition. Evil is deep. Can we finally learn some lessons and get down to business? Other African countries are already quite developed.

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