RTL Today – Selection: The most anticipated video games in the coming months

The next few months look promising in terms of video games with horror, zombies, magic, but above all great adventures.


We start by cheating our selection a little, because it is already available Deal with Fire Emblem. Officially available since January 20, this new episode of the saga well known to fans of tactical role-playing games should delight Nintendo Switch owners. It was released three and a half years later Fire Emblem: The Three Houses (but without sequel), this fourteenth volume plunges us into a war between two dragons, one divine and one fallen, who covet the twelve rings of the Emblems in order to bring peace to the continent of Elyos or to destroy it. Four expansions are planned, including one at the game’s release.

🎮 January 20, 2023 on Switch.


Square Enix remains on pace for late 2022 (Triangle Strategy, Tactics Ogre: Reborn, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII) with the release of a promising new license in early 2023 forgotten, the player will take on the role of Frey Holland, a New Yorker who finds himself thrown into the medieval fantasy world of Athia. He is consumed by the Mist, a powerful and mysterious force that corrupts everything it touches. The game will play a magical card full of intense battles and plenty of guests. A classic recipe for modern hit games.

🎮 January 24, 2023 on PS5, PC.


We can’t wait to get our hands on what we consider to be the master of space survival-horror. Released in 2008, followed by two episodes every two years, dead space returns in a revised version and – we hope – sublimated by the performance of the latest generation of consoles. We will find Isaac Clarke on an expedition to the planet Aegis VII, where the crew of the resource-seeking ship is no longer showing signs of life. The original story will be somewhat dusted off with secondary characters having a more important role than in 2008.

🎮 January 27, 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC.


Finally! This game, which has been postponed many times, is eagerly awaited by fans of the Harry Potter saga. But if the adventure will begin at Hogwarts school of wizards, then it takes place before the adventure of a young wizard with round glasses and glasses. Fantastic Beasts, or in 1800. Inspired by Rowling’s world, the story of this open-world role-playing game is nevertheless completely new. One will lead a sorcerer or witch who possesses ancient magic that is highly coveted by goblins and dark wizards. Let’s hope the title lives up to the epic!

🎮 On February 10, 2023 for PC, PS5, Xbox series.


The sweetness of our choice is lost among the zombies. The first episode, which aired in the summer of 2018, impressed us with the intertwining stories of each of the characters. We were also seduced by the old-school graphics augmented by beautiful lighting effects. So we’re looking forward to this second episode a bit, which by the way won’t be a sequel to the first. At a time when the industry is flourishing and people are not all experiencing the joy of this modernization in the same way, we will find eight new characters.

🎮 PS5, PS4, Switch and PC on February 24, 2023.


We’re most interested in the game of our choice, as little information about its content and history has been revealed a month and a half before its release. but why The previous day Is this expected? Because its atmosphere is reminiscent of a hit, Our last, that it looks particularly successful visually, and that it’s an MMO (get it, a massively multiplayer online game). For the rest, we know that we will be playing the last survivors of a pandemic that turns people into zombies (original, right?), and mutual aid will be a key element of development.

🎮 PS5, Xbox Series and PC on March 1, 2023.


Another remake! Of course, but this time it is the most popular episode of the horror series Resident Evil, so the idea of ​​modernizing it sooner or later is something to be impatient about. Especially with the new versions of “RE2” and “RE3”, Capcom has proven that it knows how to perfectly respect the old works of its cult series. Released 18 years ago, this fourth “remastered” part should be darker, more violent, scarier and of course more beautiful. We remember playing Leon Kennedy, an American special agent sent to Spain to rescue the daughter of the US president, who was kidnapped by a cult.

🎮 PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and PC on March 24, 2023.


We don’t believe it, much Dead island 2 returns from the dead. After a pretty good first episode in 2011, this sequel was announced eight years ago and bounced from studio to studio, so much so that it was believed the project would rot in the drawer. No! It’s time to destroy zombies in an open world where black humor should be constant. The action takes place in Los Angeles, where the deadly virus is spreading at high speed. Infected but immune, the hero can rely on many weapons and powers.

🎮 April 28, 2023 on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC.


We know some who bought the Nintendo Switch just for this cult license… And the wait was long: the episode breath of the wild Considered by many to be the absolute best of consoles, it will soon be six years old! This continuation of the adventures of Link, the great savior of Princess Zelda, will take players especially to the skies of Hyrule. Is this just a new power for our green-hooded hero, or does this mean the adventure will mostly take place in the air? For the time being, very little has been revealed about this sequel, which we imagine is in line with our expectations.

🎮 May 13, 2023 on Switch.


This is a great return of a Final Fantasy, more than six years since the fifteenth episode, fans have had plenty of time to sand. This sixteenth opus should be a true technical showcase that will be exclusive (at least temporarily), making the most of all the technical resources of the PS5. As always, the story with “FF” promises a rich and very long life. Long story short, players will take on the role of Clive Rosfield, a warrior seeking revenge after a tragedy struck by a powerful creature whose culprit is a certain Ifrit. Patience.

🎮 June 22, 2023, on PS5.

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