Pale Blue Eye on Netflix: What is the Gothic thriller with Christian Bale worth?

“The Pale Blue Eye”, presented on Netflix from January 6, is a thriller that plunges us into a gothic atmosphere directly from the work of the writer Edgar Allan Poe. With a muscular cast and a plot full of twists and turns, what is this movie worth?

If you’ve been on Netflix in the past few weeks, you can’t have missed it Pale Blue Eye. That’s since it went live on the platform on January 6th crime thriller with a gothic vibe holds top rated movies It continues to maintain itself among the most viewed on the platform first 5.

However, is it worth watching? We tell you everything!

What is Pale Blue Eye about?

A retired commissioner hires a brilliant West Point cadet Edgar Allan Poe to help him solve a series of gruesome murders At the US Military Academy…

In the cast of this film directed by Scott Cooper, we find very tall people Christian BaleThere are some masterpieces in his filmography Batman and American Psycho. He plays a disillusioned commissioner.

A pleasant surprise: the film also brings together two actors you are more familiar with. Harry Melling (yeah yeah Dudley grew taller – and he lost a lot of weight) as well Timothy Spall, who you probably know as Peter Pettigrew aka Wormtail. Two comedians liveHarry Potter !

Quite a prestigious and original gallery of actors to make you want to follow us right away Pale Bue’s Eye.

But anyway, let’s take a look at the trailer of the movie…

Gothic as desired

to the attention of the loversgothic atmospheres is located During the Victorian erastories mysterious murdersof occult sciences that we discovered a large dusty grimoiretables wintery consisting of crowsof cemeteries and snowy forests : Pale Blue Eye created for you.

Netflix has pulled out all the stops to give the film a directly inspired vibe A sick work of Edgar Allan Poe. Often the characters of this terrible tale are revealed fog in one night or illuminated candlelight. It seems we can smell them too it’s terribly coldas cold-blooded barbaric murders is the key to the secret. But in certain very short moments it also appears warm atmospherelike some of the evocative characters despite their quirks our sympathy and empathy. In this world of ice, we want to find light like them…

pale blue eye 2
© netflix

A multi-layered thriller with a surprising script, carried by great actors

It is in this immersive, beautiful and poetic environment that it unfolds before our eyes a beautifully crafted mystery. Pale Blue Eye a a neatly written drawer thriller. It should be pays attention to the smallest detailsthat the latter is in it wordsthey are events (sometimes strange) symbols or messages to decipher

pale blue eyes 3
© Netflix

The film is also notable for its twist-filled storyline the strength of its performers. As always, Chrisitian Bale delivers a performance at the top of his game and directs as he has done before. Prestige such as doing us a favor difficulty understanding. beside him, Harry Melling is fascinating into cadaver skin from Edgar Allan Poe, who has great observant eyes and dwells in his poetry. The the relationship that develops between the two characters enough excitingand the film manages to present both of them fascinating but still very mysterious. Do they have things to hide?

Even if the film has many qualities, it remains a Netflix production. In other words, don’t expect to be surprised by the staging 2h10 completely dull and unnecessary reverse shots. One way or another, it prevents us from harnessing the full power of his performers and the beauty of his sets, from getting a real perspective on this story., and that’s a shame. This is a movie we want to see on the big screen, freed from all the production restrictions imposed on Netflix productions!

pale blue eye 1
© netflix

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