Netflix: 8 episodes to replace The Last of Us if you don’t have Amazon Prime Video

This news shook the entire entertainment world. Exit the OCS platform for HBO content, now the giant Amazon has teamed up with the American broadcasting company to offer its content to subscribers of Jeff Bezos’ firm’s video service. However, the biggest blow by Prime Video is that this start of 2023 it acquired the streaming rights to the phenomenon series The Last of Us. It’s a hard pill to swallow for Netflix subscribers, but here’s what we can find. A catalog to comfort ourselves: a selection that will quench the thirst of some in terms of zombies, viruses and post-apocalyptic contexts.


  • We are all Dead
  • Ash Vs Evil Dead
  • Black Summer
  • day break
  • Kingdom
  • Rain
  • The Walking Dead
  • Z Nation

We are all Dead

In Our last, unless your name is Ellie, the smallest bite can be fatal. This immunity, in the series of South Korean students We are all Dead would dream of it! at night, an epidemic spreads through the halls of Hyosan Academy and takes down students one by one, the fault of a professor who conducts strange and secret experiments on rats in his corner and leaves his rodents in plain sight for all to see. The worry is that this zombie apocalypse will not be limited to the school district and will attack the entire city, forcing the state to intervene and declare martial law, a symbol that the city is on the verge of a major crisis and that military intervention is the only solution. short, each student will have to survive against this influx of zombies which will sometimes take away his closest friends. Finally, these archery lessons have never been so useful for them! Adapted from the webtoon Now in our school, the series has been available on Netflix for about a year, and the good news is that it will return for season 2 at an unspecified date.

Ash Vs Evil Dead

Look, we are far from the serious and painful tone of the series Our lastBut three seasons Ash vs Evil Dead promise us a good batch of zombies and other bloodthirsty creatures. More than three decades after his adventures began, under the direction of director Sam Raimi, Ash Williams returns to duty, again under the supervision of the director behind the film. Doctor Strange is in a multiverse of madness. In the beginning, the demon hunter planned to retire well, but to do so, it was necessary to throw a dump in which the blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit to question the fate of the demon. After reading a few pages of the Necronomicon, Ash learns this on his own and must gather his arsenal to correct his mistake.. Creatures on one side, two women chasing him on the other… Ash Williams, on the other hand, has more right to retire from the sport, even if he can rely on the presence of his two colleagues in the field of hardware, Pablo and Kelly. shop. Here are thirty episodes crippling with humor that will make you forget that it was Amazon who won the airing of the game adaptation of Naughty Dog.

Netflix: 8 episodes to replace The Last of Us if you don't have Amazon Prime Video

Black Summer

Even after all these years, zombies are still popular, and Netflix understands this by offering original creations around these monsters.. When released in April 2019, Black Summer intrigue fans of zombies and post-apocalyptic atmospheres. Talking about the apocalypse and its consequences, Rose is the hero of this series, Jaime King (SinCity, Pearl Arbor), can tell you that these kinds of things can change your life in the blink of an eye: her husband succumbed to a virus that had strangely spread to the planet, and her daughter was taken from her before she could intervene.. But the threats of this hostile world cannot stop his quest: determined to find her loved ones along with the other survivors, Rose will scour the country, even if she encounters hordes of zombies, in the hope of seeing her daughter’s face again.. yes, Black Summer It lives up to its name as the calm of summer gives way to a darker summer atmosphere fueled by situations that will result in brutal decisions. It should be noted that two seasons of this series were not produced by accident, because it is neither more nor less than a prequel to another show that we mentioned below, Z Nation.

day break

Whom Black Summerhero day break He also goes in search of the person he loves. Joshwas taken over by a group of jocks at his high school, He lives the simplest life until a terrible explosion occurs in a part of California, and more of the city of Glendale. There are pros and cons for Josh and other teenagers in the area: no more parents to come and annoy them – but they have become some kind of brainless zombies -, and now they can do what they want. Thus, the city is divided into several very stereotyped gangs (athletes, intellectuals, party people, etc.). If Josh now has everything to be happy and be as cool as he dreamed, he is something, or rather, lonely: After an explosion that completely unrecognizable the Hollywood neighborhood, her boyfriend Sam Dean disappeared.. Determined to find her, Josh can count on two unlikely allies: Angelica, a young girl with an insatiable love of fire, and Wesley, an ex-athlete who pursues Josh and discovers a certain pacifism after the big explosion. In their quest to find Sam, the three teenagers will have to brave zombies invading territories claimed by different gangs.. Unfortunately, there will only be one season to get your teeth into.

Netflix: 8 episodes to replace The Last of Us if you don't have Amazon Prime VideoNetflix: 8 episodes to replace The Last of Us if you don't have Amazon Prime Video


Zombies are not the predominance of the streets of Boston, Pittsburgh, and the wider United States that Ellie and Joel traverse during their journey. If you both want to travel (physical and temporal) and enjoy the zombie story, the series Kingdom this moment can become your program. Whom Our last, if the situation becomes more and more disturbing, a strange virus spreads. Already suffering from corruption and starvation, the king plunged into the middle of the Joseon period, a medieval era in Korean lands. Kingdom Take the tension up a notch by awakening the dead to turn them into zombies willing to do anything for a bit of flesh and blood.. Through two six-episode mini-seasons, the Netflix original series takes us along with Crown Prince Chang and his right-hand man Moo-Yang to discover how this strange evil, capable of creating monsters, was born. drive away the king. The mix between period story and zombie apocalypse works quite well, It offers moments of great tension, especially thanks to its luxurious decorations and atmosphere like no other. Here, conflicts are resolved with swords and bows, not firearms, and the show is even crazier!


In Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, the developers took the concept of cordyceps—a fungus that attacks specific species like insects and spiders—to apply to humans. In the series Rain From Netflix, there is indeed a deadly airborne virus, but it’s mostly done by rain.. It is so dangerous that almost all of Scandinavia succumbed to its influence. Thanks to their father, Simone and Rasmus find time to reach the bunker in the forest. However, he quickly abandons them after bringing them to safety, and five years later, he still hasn’t joined them.. It’s too much for Rasmus, and he’s less and less supportive of this captivity: he and his sister decide to venture outside, only to encounter a group of survivors almost their age. Together they will go on an expedition in search of food, observing the last remnants of their ancient civilization and trying to avoid the contaminated.. On the contrary day break Canceled at the end of season 1, Rainhe’s lucky to be able to unfold his entire story over twenty episodes.

Netflix: 8 episodes to replace The Last of Us if you don't have Amazon Prime VideoNetflix: 8 episodes to replace The Last of Us if you don't have Amazon Prime Video

The Walking Dead

In choosing such a series with its post-apocalyptic atmosphere and a cast full of zombies, How not to mention the iconic program of the American channel AMC? Everyone remembers this sequence in which former sheriff Rick Grimes drives his faithful steed towards the city, a parallel highway is blocked by thousands of cars that pile up at the height of the crisis. For those who didn’t jump on the bandwagon when it was released in October 2010, We follow the journey of Rick Grimes, who wakes up from a month-long coma feeling alone in the world.. Fortunately, he finds his family and joins a group of people who will be shaken more than once on the various intrigues that will be touched. The survivors made it through eleven seasons to escape the zombie threat and certain death The Walking Dead in the face of the zombie threat, he will try to create a society worthy of his name that can restore humanity and at all costs.. We regret that the quality of the show has declined since the seventh season, but the series is still full of great moments. By the way, not all episodes are available yet: Two-thirds of season 11, or sixteen episodes, is still missing, but Netflix is ​​on it!

Z Nation

After dealing with the prequel series, a few paragraphs above, it’s time to talk about Z Nation ! On the contrary Black Summer, we don’t follow the adventures of Rose, who is willing to move heaven and earth to find her daughter, but focus on another group of individuals. Some time passed between the events of the prequel and the events of this series: three years to be exact! This interval allowed the brightest scientists to develop a prototype vaccine. Soon, the decision is made to inoculate ex-prisoners in the hope that one of them will survive and be used for further research.. Among the candidates, Murphy resists the injection and thus becomes patient, having a strong enough body against the virus and no longer afraid of zombie bites. The goal with this first immune human is to take it to a California lab that can replicate the antidote using his blood. : so it’s no longer just a question of survival for himself, but of survival and first of all protecting Murphy for the sake of humanity. However, Murphy seems to be keeping a very heavy secret from them, nothing less than the big twists that this series promises, spanning at least five seasons and sixty-nine episodes.

Netflix: 8 episodes to replace The Last of Us if you don't have Amazon Prime VideoNetflix: 8 episodes to replace The Last of Us if you don't have Amazon Prime Video

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