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The developer Apache Software Foundation
Latest version 2.8.2 (March 31, 2009) [+/−]
Environment (Environment is everything that surrounds us. All natural elements and…) Cross platform
friendly Engine (An engine (Latin mōtor: “that moves”) is a device…) from the wiki
License Apache License (The Apache License is a free and open source software license. It is written by Apache…).
Website (A website is a collection of web pages linked together and posted online at once…) http://www.jspwiki (JSPWiki is a wiki engine implemented as a J2EE application (part of…).org

JSPWiki It is a wiki engine implemented as J2EE software (Java component), servlets and JSP. written by Janne Jalkanen and is produced under the terms of the Apache License. This project (A project is an irreversible commitment of uncertain outcome, it cannot be repeated…) does the train (A train is a controlled vehicle that moves on rails. A train consists of…) of to pass (The Passer breed was created by the French zoologist Mathurin Jacques…) aboveIncubator From Apache.

Server portal system Sun (Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: SUNW) is a computer manufacturer and software publisher…) integrates it as one of its main applications. JSPWiki is mainly used for corporate intranets and a community (Commonality: the situation achieved by using the same doctrine, the same procedures, etc.) including developersinstitute (An institute is a permanent organization established for a specific purpose. It…) i3GUniversity (A university is a higher education institution with the purpose of…) Heilbronn


Janne Jalkanen Started development of JSPWiki in 2001. This Software (In computing, software is a collection of processing data…) it is used by several companies and universities mainly as a wiki project or knowledge management software. Sun Microsystems (Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: JAVA) is a computer manufacturer and software publisher…) JSPWiki has integrated into its server software portal. Due to its simple setup, many people use it personally to organize their personal information (for example: Personal Information Manager – as PIM). It can also be used to create blog (A blog or weblog is a website born from the meeting of tickets…) thanks to him plugin (In computing, a plug-in or plug-in (also called an extension module, plug-in or plug-in…) special and supporting RSS.

In November 2007, JSPWiki merged the processincubation (Incubation is the period when eggs germinate for storage…) ofApache Software Foundation (The Apache Software Foundation is a non-profit organization that…).


  • Internationalization : Uses JSPWikiUTF-8 (UTF-8 (UCS transformation format 8 bit) is a character encoding format. It allows…) unicode (Unicode is a computer standard developed by the Unicode Consortium and aims to…) as a default encoding, it allows working with languages ​​such as Thai or Hebrew.
  • plugins : JSPWiki has a plugin system that allows advanced users to extend its functionality using Java. Many plugins and even features are available Recent changes is a plugin. The performance of JSPWiki can be customized through this plugin system.
  • Forms : forms can be created using plugins. You should use a similar form handlerinterface (An interface is a real or virtual area separating two elements. An interface…) consists of plugins. The data (In information technology (IT), data is an elementary description, often…) results can be evaluated in Java.
  • version control and research (Scientific research is primarily… : JSPWiki stores old versions of a page and allows comparison between versions (for all users), page deletion (for admin only). Based on research Lucene (Lucene is a free search engine written in Java that gives you indexing and searching…) (also used by the search engine MediaWiki).
  • File management : Files can be added directly to a wiki page. JSPWiki’s philosophy is that using a wiki should be as easy as email. File history is available everything (The whole, understood as the whole of what exists, is often interpreted as the world or…) such as page version history.
  • Models : Admin can change the appearance of the wiki using templates. Many templates are already available, including one similar to JSPWiki Wikipedia (Wikipedia (pronounced /wi.ki.pe.dja/) is an encyclopedia, multilingual, universal,…).
  • RSS : Recent changes can be tracked with a flow (The word flux (Latin fluxus, flow) generally refers to a number of elements…) RSS. JSPWiki provides XML-RPC interfaces for access by third-party applications. JSPWiki can be used as blogging software via the blog plugin – Janne Jalkane’s blog is a JSPWiki blog. Using other plugins, JSPWiki can be used as an RSS feed reader.
  • Access control : Access control based on Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) is available in version 2.4. The latter allows administrators to set up access to specific pages (or specific groups of pages) of the wiki for groups.
  • Storage : wiki storage methods can be changed through the wiki page management mechanism (PageProvider). Can be saved as a wiki file (File is where files are stored. It can be furniture, room,…) in a text or management system Database (Database in computing (Abbr.: “BD” or…). The default option is to save as text files. This simplifies the installation process.
  • Filtered : mechanism allows you to create filters and thus the wiki can translate keywords. For example, there are filters anti spam (Anti-spam (anti-spam, anti-spam or anti-spam) is a set of systems and…) and expression filters. The spam filter removes spam, and the phrase filter converts phrases into relevant images.
  • WebDAV : JSPWiki supports the WebDAV protocol for page access. Thus, the attached files can be directly manipulated using file system (File system (file system or file system in English) or management system…) of the operating system.

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