? Château d’Aurouze (Molompize) – Definition and Explanations


Aurouze Castle

Period or style Middle-age century
friendly A fortified castle (A strong castle is a strong residence of a man and his family,…)
original owner Bertrand de Rochefort
Original destination Castle (The castle was originally intended for the Middle Ages…) strong
Current owner Molompize Municipality
Protection MH 1972

Latitude (Latitude is an angular value, an expression of the north-south position of a point on Earth…)
Length (Longitude is an angular value, an expression of the east-west position of a point on Earth…)
45° 14′ 18″ North
3° 08′ 28″ East
/ 45.23833, 3.14111
country (Country comes from the Latin pagus, which designates a territorial and tribal division…) France France
Historic district Auvergne
Region Auvergne
department Cantal
French community Molompize

the Aurouze Castle It is a former French fortified castle located in the department of Cantal. looks at village (A village is a collection of settlements in a village or mountain,…) of the same name (Molompize municipality).


The castle, now in ruins, dominates the village of Aurouze. These are the remains of the construction of Bertrand de Rochefort d’Aurouze, which began in 1309 with the permission of Philippe le. nice (Named in honor of inventor Alexander Graham Bell, bel is the union of …). The facade is thin and pierced with mullioned and cross-mullioned windows. It is surrounded by a prison (The dungeon is the highest tower of a fortified castle, designed to be used…) and a tower. The set ends with a spur terrace.
On the first floor there is still a great room, about fifty years old. Here appeared the helmet of Bouilles with the arms of Rochefort d’Aurouze: “sur field (Field corresponds to the definition of defined space 🙂 Gules, three fess Argent, each charged with three, three and two lozenges Azure. On the right side were those belonging to Astorg d’Orlhac: “a golden ribbon accompanied by six silver shells placed in an orle, in a field of heaven.”

City of Blason fr Molompize (Cantal).svg

The coat of arms shared by Louis de Courcel with that of Aurouze Rocheforts was sculpted in stone. the key (Literally, a switch or key (both spellings are correct) is a removable device…) vault: bust in dexter canton of chief “Aurouze losanges”, in dexter canton “Fasces in rockets” Courcelles, sinister “shells” Orlhac.

The story

on the 13th century (A century is now a period of one hundred years. The word comes from the Latin word saeculum, i, which…).

On May 10, 1295, daughters Chatard and Guillaume (Guillaume is a male name of German origin. Name Wille, Will and Helm,…) de Saint Germain establishes a transaction with Bertrand de Rochefort (the name “d’Aurouze” is not shown). The latter was the husband of Françoise Beliere, widow of Angel de Saint Germain.

In the XIV century

Bertrand de RochefortSon of Ithye, Lord Mardone, was Lord of Aurouze. He brought his sister as a dowry to François mardone castle for Breo’s family married Maurin about 1240, Lord of Lugarde.
Béraud de Rochefort d’Ally, son of another Bertrand and Guérine de Dienne, married Marguerite de Châteauneuf d’Apcier after 1374, who had no issue. Aurouze was then owned by Lastik. They had stolen it in 1383 by Aymerigot Marches, a bandit of the English party, who had made it his lair and the center of all his demands in the country. The bandit agreed to sell it to Jean III d’Armagnac (1359-1391), viscount of Murat and Carlat for 500 florins. He repented because he made more than £20,000 a year from his robbery.

In the 15th century and later

Jean d’Armagnac accepted ityear (A year is a unit of time that represents the time between two occurrences of a related event…) next to Jean de CourcelleLord of Breuil, who had at least one son:

  • Louis of CourcellesHe married in 1445 Alix d’OrlhacHeiress of Conros, daughter of Aymeric, and Flora (Flora is the totality of plant species present in a place…) d’Estaing bore him only one son:
  • Courcelles Louis II, lord of Aurouze and Conros, appointed bailiff of the Highlands of Auvergne (High Auvergne) by King Charles VII. He signed a thirteen-year-old marriage contract on Tuesday 12 January 1462 with Isabelle de Langeac, the freed daughter of Jacques and Marie de Clermont-Lodeva. The couple had no children. He made his wife the heir of all his property. Flore’s brother, Jean d’Estaing, partner of Cheylade, attacked the will in 1476.
  • Lands on that date Courcelles Louis II dead (Death is the final state of a biological organism that ceases to live (even…) those without heirs were confiscated by King Louis XI, who gave them to his captain Jean d’Urfe, the second (The second is the feminine of the second adjective immediately following the first, or which…) Husband of Isabelle de Langeac. The son of the latter, Francois d’Urfe, lord of Aurouze and Conros, went to war in Italy. also died Pavia (Pavia is a city in the Lombardy (Italy) province of the same name.) In 1525. His sister Anna inherited the castle.
  • Anne married Gaspard de Boiled charriole July 3, 1493. This old family, from the county of Maine, had been rooted in Brivadois since the 11th century, and was one of the heads of the nobility of the province of Auvergne.
  • The castle will not remain in the possession of this family until the end of the monarchy. Adopted by her family from Rose de Lignerac, widow of François de Bouille In La Verne. He bought it during the revolution Gillette d’Auriac and was burned and looted during the revolution.
  • Georges de Bussac and Jean Rieuf attempted to record the site of Château d’Aurouze in the inventory of sites. They succeeded on May 8, 1968.

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