The 10 most anticipated games of 2023

The video game industry, severely affected by the Covid-19 crisis, needed a solution last year. Problems accompanying the lack of consoles, business wheezing previously detected and all types of reports. These changes make 2023 a very rich year in terms of releases. Do it againnew license or highly anticipated series, there will be something for everyone with its 10 highly anticipated releases.


After getting lost in an open world full of side quests (Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (2018) later Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla (2020), it seems that Ubisoft finally realized the failure of its recipe and decidedchoose for a new turn, or rather a return to the sources. Indeed, the firm (currently in bad shape) returns to what made his first opus a success, ie more infiltration, investigation, more verticality in intelligence and just one city to explore, the 9th century city of Baghdad, in the Middle East as it was in the Belle Epoque.

So it’s a matter of self-regulation and regaining the loyalty of fans disillusioned by years of prejudice, he is content to suggest. open world aging that no longer brings anything new. A game was waiting in line.


Announced for 2023 (without details yet), Starfield It is expected and even ranked as one of the games of the year, even the decade The most ambitious title ever produced by Bethesda (crazy bet since this is the first new license created by Bethesda in 25 years The Elder Scrolls Where shedding). And with good reason, he will suggest hundreds of worlds to explore, thousands of quests to complete, a huge open world and impressive graphics.

The studio’s words testify to the great ambition towards the brand new space RPG. “In this next-generation role-playing game set among the stars, create any character you want and explore with unprecedented freedom as you embark on an epic adventure to uncover humanity’s greatest mystery”. A unique journey through a vast and detailed universe that we can discover for the first time in 15 minutes. Discover the gameplay 7 months ago, several biomes appeared. Exploration, collection and combat stages will represent the main gameplay at the heart of the gameA story in the year 2330 where humanity has gone beyond our solar system and colonized many planets.seeking the answer to the great mystery of mankind.

#8 MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN 2 (Fall 2023 – Excluding PS5)

In 2018, the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man offered a very full Spider-Man adventure in a very convincing New York. This second opus should take the same foundations as its predecessor, however allowing players to embody 2 versions of Spider-Man for the first time, namely Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Not in the first title, Venom will be there and should even end in the center of the plot.

If, until now, players could only cling to this information, as well as a few images, Rumors about the cooperative regime continue. We’ll have to wait to get to the bottom of that. The game should be shown more precisely throughout the year and should increase the enthusiasm of Maison des Idées fans.

#7 Baldur’s Gate 3 (August 2023 – PC)

We stay in the cult license of the role-playing game of the 90s, but with a difference FF Where Diablo, Baldur’s Gate He took a break for more than 20 years, so much so that it was definitely thought to be buried. The franchise finally returns next August with a third installment thanks to Belgian studio Larian.

If the game already technically released in Early Access on Steam, the remaining 2/3 will be available only in the summer of next year. So the game used the Game Awards ceremony to unveil a new trailer and its very complete Collector’s Edition. Fans of role-playing games should be pleased with the return of the franchise.


In the same June, another work of a cult video game license will be released. Final Fantasy XVI wants to re-enact six years after a difficult-to-convince iteration. Square Enix decided to do this change the futuristic world of Eos to return to universe-based basics heroic fantasy worthy of the name.

If the script is still very vague, we already know what will happen in the plot The world of Valithea was divided into six kingdoms, each containing a power crystal. Note that this implies that the game will not be in the open world, but therefore will cover very large areas should provide plenty of content to those interested. Apart from the stunning trailer released in October 2022, information is still out there with a big announcement expected for this year.

More than 10 years later Diablo IIIanticipation turned to impatience among licensees who revolutionized role-playing games in the late ’90s with an addictively accessible gameplay system.

After the excellent 3rd part, although more colorful, Blizzard Entertainment promisest “a dark, gothic, medieval version of hell” for his next nugget. In effect, art direction should go back to basics focuses on a darker universe. The visuals confirm this anyway, revealing nightmarish monsters or a gravity-defying antagonist: Lilith, daughter of Mephisto (one of the three primordial demons and brother of Diablo).

On the game side, 5 five classes approved (Barbarian, Witch, Druid, Necromancer and Thief). Blizzard confirmed the latter’s return at the recent BlizzCon, much to the delight of fans. But one of the most important points is related to the map: the game will be good in open world and nothing less “five different regions and hundreds of dungeons“will be investigated by the players. In short, the title has everything to be a real hit.

#4 The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (May 12, 2023 – Nintendo Switch)

It is considered by some to be the last really big game to be released on the Nintendo Switch after the eyes have turned to the release new gen, Tears of the kingdom has the double duty of delivering a decent conclusion to the console (which revealed Link’s new twist) It’s becoming (at least) as cult as its 2017 predecessor.

6 years after the revelation Breath of the Wildthis sequel picks up where the events left off same game and same level design, more volume. This is due to the study of the sky with a greater verticality, as well as a a new set of skills offered to our hero: temporary powers, transition from matter, use of a kind of flame device thanks to a device on his shield, gliding flight and new postures. short, TOTK takes the recipe that led to the success of its predecessor while trying to expand it to surprise the player once again. A dangerous exercise in sequels, but the wait has been long enough that we can trust Nintendo to offer us something worthy of the name.


Considered by the community to be one of the best works of the license (and by some as the best). Resident Evil 4 In 2005, it revolutionized the license developed by Capcom, and after 3 parts, Raccoon City (and Arklay Mountains) was developed under the stable camera. The TPS vision offered by the game allowed the franchise to take a more action-oriented turn, as the zombies have since been replaced by more edgy and intelligent Ganados.

It makes a lot of sense that Capcom wanted to introduce a coat of paint to this 4th opus, after doing it so well in the second (less so in the 3rd). So Leon S will benefit from Kennedy’s Spanish tourmodernized game, updated visuals, more horror oriented art direction, as well as two or three surprises. In this regard, we learned that the most avoided part of the game, the island, will be further optimized. “more content”, in the words of the developers. We look forward to it.


Now a Jedi, Kal Kestis continues to flee the Empire to the edge of the galaxy. This sequel, which takes place 5 years later, will have an orientationdarker and harder”, To use the words of VO actor Cal Kestis. The various trailers that have been released confirm this, Kestis will be in more danger than ever and will have to face new enemies and disturbing characters.

On the game side, our character will be equipped with new skills: five fighting stances, 2 blade mode, more advanced power usage, hook, etc. The core of the game that made the opus 1 a success will of course be a clever mix between exploration phases/platforming. Uncharted and clean and heavy action. As for exploration, the player will be able to use mounts to explore areas and new planets will appear. We even talk “many worlds” discover. Finally, Jedi Survivor it will be technically more developed than its predecessor ray tracing.


The first major release of this blooming year: hogwarts legacy, title developed by Warner Bros. Games. In open mode, the game offers us to place in the shoes of a wizard’s apprentice, nearly 100 years before Harry Potter’s adventures at Hogwarts.

Less than a month after its release, the game is as intriguing as it is disturbing. Different Sgame state and leaked gameplay videos raise a lot of questions. Recently leaked scale came to fold the cards, revealing many aspects of the game that had previously been put under glass: the life of the game, the full map of its open world, or even some monsters that we can encounter.

New trailer In 4k, released this week, it will have the merit to whet your appetite once more, anyway. potters, through magnificent iconic plans of Hogwarts and its surroundings, as well as some of the license’s iconic creatures and characters. Note that the game will also be released on April 4th on Xbox One and PS4, and then on July 25th on Switch.

This ranking is somewhat subjective, other upcoming titles could have taken their place in this ranking, e.gAlan Wake 2, Hollow Knight: Silksong, Silent Hill 2 remake Where street fighter 6. Which game on this list are you most looking forward to? Feel free to let us know your choice in the comments.

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