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An NBA season is about the games, the guys watching and talking about them, and the guys watching and appreciating them. A possible revenge after a youth spent collecting zeros, and anyway, a perfect opportunity to drop a kilo. Once again this season, Team Notes will delight you with their inexhaustible imagination as they try to talk a little bit about basketball. A chick?

It’s been 3 years since our NBA Paris Game since the highly anticipated (erroneous) Malik Monk box. Opening multiple worlds by always discovering that Ronny Turiaf is an NBA legend, but also Victor Wembanyama, Ben Wallace, Rip Hamilton, Magic Johnson, Aya Nakamura, Tyga, Thomas Ngijol, Cyril Gane, Esteban Ocon, Pharrell Williams, Aurélien Tchouameni, Khaby Lame or even Mister V at the AccorHotels Arena. And you know what? This is perhaps the most incredible thing about this match, which did not live up to all its promises. Three SDC winners Zach LaVine, Derrick Jones Jr. and we had some great dunks with Hamidou Diallo, we had some great shots with DeMar DeRozan and Bojan Bogdanovic, but in the end, all we’ll remember is that Joakim Noah broke. A boy from line 13. Fortunately, Cristina Cordula wasn’t around, we were, and that’s enough to send decent notes for this second edition, which awaits 2024.

# Detroit Pistons

Isaiah Stewart (3.5): A basket was scored at the very beginning of the match, then…no more. Stew ran more than RER B to catch up with all his misses, but couldn’t accommodate them. Another one who saw the doors closing in front of him.

Bojan Bogdanovic (6.5): The only satisfaction tonight for the Motor City. He was close to singing “Everyone from 313 put your hands up and follow me” Except imitating Bunny Rabbit at 8 Mile, no one was watching. 25 points tonight and 10,000 career for Bogie.

Saddiq Bey (4): he was supposed to be one of the Pistons’ offensive spearheads, but Saddiq failed to live up to his shooting percentage. A success that smells good from line 13 at rush hour and goes well with being painted in the colors of the Seine.

Jaden Ivey (5.5): good but not perfect, Jaden Ivey delivered a decent match in our beloved capital. A huge tomar in traffic and a supersonic speed as fast as a guy trying to catch the RER to Ivey-sur-Seine.

Killian Hayes (3): The Lakeland, Fla., native fell short and cracked on the national airwaves, shooting an abominable 2/13 in innings, including 0/6 from Montmartre. 8 assists and a visit to the barber for a neat haircut saved the day a bit, but Kik obviously went to Oberkampf Street before the match.

Alec Burks (2.5): he delivered the match of the boy who passed over the portals in the subway without a ticket. To adapt to the French people, he also had a shooting. We could have left him the Champs-Élysées, he would never have found the target tonight. If people wanted to see him send cinder blocks all evening, they had to go to the show.

Jalen Duren (5.5): Jalen Duren, who arrived later than his friends in French territory because he lost his passport, was quite good at registration. The real Eiffel Tower of the Pistons, despite being 19 years old, he did what Isaiah Stewart couldn’t.

Hamidou Diallo (4): The player from Queens should not have a great sense of direction in France. Told to arrive for a match at the AccorHotels Arena, he proceeded to fly as if he was in Terminal 1 at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. Anyway, a visual treat.

Isaiah Livers (5): There was no liver attack for Isaiah Livers, who was doing his best on the bench. Two award-winning shots from the bench and two shots to celebrate tonight.

Marvin Bagley (6 m²): $12 million for not playing this game due to injury. A Paris apartment is a bit expensive for her.

# Chicago Bulls

Nikola Vucevic (7): Montenegro, who were very busy at the beginning of the match, slowly gave up the limelight to DMDR and ZLV. Booba’s No. 1 fan was still too strong for the Bulls. There are only 9 numbers in his team.

Patrick Williams (6): If Patoche were a Paris area, it would be La Défense, with 2 interceptions and 2 counterattacks that would count towards the Bulls’ number 44. On the other hand, we always have the unsettling impression that a pigeon hit him right in the middle of the skull.

DeMar DeRozan (7.5): Deadly from the start of the match at half distance, DMDR did DMDR, a hot knife in a piece of butter from the fridge. Perfect to go with a baguette and croissant, as it should be to parallel our beloved tricolor flag.

Zach LaVine (8): one of the other birds lived up to its reputation in this match. A few nice dunks, some well-made shots, and you’ve earned yourself a Zach LaVine match. As predictable as a Jamel Debbouze show, but still better.

Ayo Dosunmu (6): very clean in his game, he brought the crowd to their feet with his good moves and good energy, which were unanimously applauded. Ayo Nakamura.

Coby White (6): sharp at the start of the fourth quarter, he allowed the Bulls to restore a decisive lead early in the most important 12 minutes of the match. It was a smooth Tinder date for him.

Derrick Jones Jr. (6.5): he stole Aaron Gordon’s 2020 Dunk Contest and stole the show from Ayo Dosunmu on his birthday by proposing to his fiancee, while he stole the show from his teammates Zach LaVine and Hamidou Diallo, the guy’s true pickpocket.

Alex Caruso (5): Four interceptions for the divine baldy who plays pickpocket tonight. If you’re taking the subway tonight, watch your pockets and purses… No, who cares because there’s no subway.

Goran Dragic (5): it’s often called a dragon or a dragster, but tonight it was more of a little lizard or an old Clio 2 with the oil light on.

Joakim Noah (Cristina Cordula): dear, not good! Jooks clothing probably caused strokes in the most famous wardrobe and seizures in epileptics. No Joakim, just no.


Victor Vembanyama (10): the basketball world has already won over his cause, he’s received more applause than any other NBA player when he’s not in the NBA. The Pistons tried to get him to ride with them, but he chose to take a selfie with Magic.

The final score of this NBA Paris Game 2023: 126-108 for the Bulls, winning this kind of All-Star Game. Not the best advertisement for basketball, but still a nice dose of love for people who have achieved their dreams. And we will remember all this. To watch the live streaming of this match offered by your favorite channel of your favorite player? Here it is

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