Discover 6 winners from Lyon and its region

Technology for the future 2023, here we go! After Marseille yesterday, France’s biggest tech event, the gathering of 10,000 startups to change the world Prize and the Think Tech Summit, continued its tour of France this Friday, January 20, in Lyon, decorated with discussions on the innovations of tomorrow. problems are the hottest parts of the ecosystem.

The principle: to crown six startups, one in each category: Environment and Energy, The industry of the future, Data and AI, smart technology (use innovations), Health and Getting started (nuggets in the seed phase). 26 startups from the Aura region came to present their innovations to a jury of professionals. Along with La Tribune, Mission French Tech, Bpifrance, Business France, BNP Paribas, Dalkia and Wojo were our partners.

Will one of them become a grand national winner? To find out, meet at the Grand Rex on April 6 at 19:00 for the awards ceremony that will bring together the entire French innovation ecosystem. April 6 will undoubtedly be a landmark event for startups, investors, institutions and large groups: this final fireworks display will conclude with a full day of debate and keynotes to reflect on the future of French technology and the challenges of its possibilities. Its necessary technological independence to secure France and Europe has become even more crucial with global geopolitical and economic crises.

But before they can claim the Grand Rex, the winners awarded this morning will have to beat the other regional winners in their categories in Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris, Strasbourg and Lille. On April 6 at the Grand Rex, in addition to the six prizes – one per category -, the national jury will also award the Coup de coeur prize, the Impact prize and the International prize among the non-winning regional winners. Finally, there will also be a special Overseas Award, honoring the startups that make it through three special stages in Reunion, the Caribbean (Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana) and French Polynesia.

In the Environment and Energy categorythe jury awarded the 24-year-old CEO Nathan Freret Fairme. This startup from Isère is reinventing the agricultural distribution chain by allowing dairy producers to turn their milk products into yogurt, cheese, ice cream or butter on-site, at the farm, thanks to an autonomous processing machine. The patented system miniaturizes food processing technologies while reproducing, for example, the manual processes of master cheese makers. Eliminating the middleman between the producer and the consumer – who orders through the app and delivers it in a short circuit – allows Fairme to double the reward for producers while maintaining a price similar to organic supermarkets for the consumer.

In the industry of the future categorythe winner is 53-year-old founder and CEO Dominique Mercier. Cheoos. This Grenoble-based deep-tech has developed a community platform that allows manufacturers to reintegrate their unused technical parts into the circular economy and find missing parts, reduce inventory levels, reduce the risk of breakages, find rare parts and avoid damage. huge waste of unused parts causes economic and environmental damage. Kheoos’ ambition: to create a transparent and efficient global market for the reuse of industrial spare parts.

In the Data and AI categorythe winner is CEO and co-founder Anne-Laure BergenthalEvveka. A Valencian startup has developed a physical robot dummy and software to capture, reproduce and analyze morphological data. Professionals in the fashion and apparel industry can thus better produce their garments, which dramatically reduces unsold items and revenue, as well as textile waste. Euveka’s patented solution is already in use in the worlds of fashion, medicine, defense and security with customers such as Nike and Amazon.

In the smart technology category (using innovations), the winner is Héloïse XXXXX, founder and CEO. First step. This bar from Lyon is made in France and packs hygiene and detergents into a powder form to replace with water at home. This patented innovation allows you to consume waste-free, healthy and natural products (shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, facial cleanser, laundry detergent, tomorrow’s toothpaste) at low prices. The ambition of the first step: to become the European standard for powder products.

In the health categorythe jury awarded the 54-year-old CEO and co-founder Yahya Al Mir. Ziwig. After three years of R&D on high-throughput RNA sequencing, this Lyon-based deep-tech developed Endotest, the first saliva test to diagnose endometriosis affecting more than 2 million women in France and 200 million women worldwide. A true world-class revolution, in collaboration with 15 expert centers and based on the expertise of the Institut du Cerveau (ICM), the test allows to sequence RNAs in saliva reliably (98% efficiency) and unambiguously. – invasive. It is sold in 15 countries, including 9 EU countries, for an average price of €800.00.

And finally, in the Startup categorythe jury, which rewards young startups in all fields, awarded 24-year-old CEO Stéphanie Robieux. Orion. The ingot from Lyon has developed a mobile app for visually impaired and blind people, that is, 1.7 million people in France alone. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the application uses the smartphone’s camera to instantly locate about a hundred everyday objects (keys, glasses, water bottle, electrical outlet, etc.). The user scans his room with his smartphone, the app identifies what he’s looking for, and a voice tells him where he is and how to get there. Already, 2,200 people are using the application in about 60 countries.