At Berd’huis, Natta wants 100% of the plastics used to have a second life

Olivier Voisin, CEO of Natta, thinks about the future of the company. ©Le Perche

“We are faced with ‘plastic beating’, but this material is useful and the interest is that we can recycle it,” he said. Olivier Voisin, CEO of Natta hour Berd’huis (Orne) developing and producing plastic parts by injection.

Creates a company common “look” parts for three sectors: perfumery and cosmetics for example with perfume caps for Chanel or even Guerlain medical and pharmacy as well as car.

A virtuous circle

Besides, plastic is not popular at the moment.

“We didn’t recycle and produced too much in the world,” says Olivier Voisin.

We have sold billions of goods without thinking to buy them back, this overconsumption has taken most of our reserves, it must stop.

Olivier Voisin

For the CEO and founder of Natta, if plastic were recycled over the past thirty yearsthe profession would not be where it is today: “If it’s managed well, if it’s recycled well, plastic can be virtuous because it stays in a closed loop.”

That’s why the company is committed to and wants to recycle 100% of the plastics used have a second life.

Natta therefore called a student engineer whose mission will be to support the workers in this project.

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“Less than 50% of plastic in France is recycled and we want to try to be exemplary, either we change them or find other uses to make other products,” adds the general manager.

Natta already recycles but has several families of plastics and sells some to other companies.

“But we don’t know what they do with it, and that worries us,” says Olivier Voisin. “For waste, we no longer want to burn or bury it.”

How to innovate?

Natta’s strengths: its speed of development, its good knowledge of plastics and, above all, its design office, which makes the design of prototypes possible.
“This allows us to start projects very early,” explains Olivier Voisin. “Brands come to us with a design and we’ll let them prototype and technically finalize the product.”
Some of the prototypes produced by Natta sometimes make it to the market years later.
With 48 employees, Natta wants to remain family-run and has adopted the concept of a freed-up company since the age of 20.
Olivier Voisin continues to be the managing director, he manages the future of Natta, while all the employees are interested in the present.
“We removed the hierarchy, our goal was to empower the operators,” adds Olivier Voisin. “For this reason, employees have more autonomy and responsibility.”
Every year, 20% of the gross operating profit is fairly returned to the employees as a bonus.
The company wants to hire 3-4 permanent employees for operator positions and hire a project manager in 2023.

Recycling sensitive brands

Recycling is a trend that Natta is attached to, especially because of it 300 tons of recycled plastic, 80 tons contane recycled plastic.

Brands are already aware of the problem.

“Groups undertake recycling programs for 2030 or 2050, and we can already offer them solutions”, develops Olivier Voisin.

With plastic found in the oceans, they’ve changed their strategy, especially since consumers are now paying attention, so they have to do things differently.

Olivier Voisin

Collaborate with major brands

Over the past fifteen years, Natta’s clientele has been steady.
“It took us ten years to establish ourselves well, the first major group we worked with was L’Oréal,” says Olivier Voisin.
And today the Berd’huis company still works for the brand.
“There are a lot of demands, but it’s fun for everyone because we do very high-end lines,” he explains. “We must succeed as soon as we work with these groups, we cannot give up.”
Natta works with 100% French groups: “We have always found our happiness in France.”
The company could work with foreign brands, but it does not want to grow and wants to remain a family.
Olivier Voisin continues: “In 2022 we will have molded 70 million parts, six or seven years ago we were 30 million.”
Gradually the company grew and spread by word of mouth, now working with around fifteen major French names.

Solutions are emerging to give this material a second life, especially chemical recycling.

“We simply need to recover the used plastic, for example we can take all the used plastic bottles and all that remains is to grind them, depolymerize them and re-manufacture the plastic as new”, emphasizes Olivier Voisin. “That’s why there is no need for oil anymore.”

It is enough to use a used bottle to make another bottle.

Plastic has advantages for Natta, because the lighter the part, the less it consumes and can be used in all areas.

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