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A few days after Pitti Uomo in Florence, another big fashion event at the beginning of the year opens in Paris. Ahead of the big designer parades, the “new names” have a meeting at “Who’s Next”. An opportunity to discover the year’s new trends, new collections and (especially) clothing brands to watch in the coming months.

Among the 1,250 labels available (about half of them French), here are 10 menswear brands we invite you to discover for 2023.


At Who’s Next, as elsewhere, eco-responsible fashion seems inevitable. Since 2009, Ecoalf has been committed to this path a dressing room made mostly from waste extracted from the oceans and other recycled materials.

In terms of style, the Spanish brand founded by Javier Goyeneche is based on minimalist outdoor pieces. Some clothes are still an opportunity to send a message, like this collection with the evocative name, Because Planet B doesn’t exist…

7319 Hemp House

Despite the “very French” name, the young brand 7319 Maison Chanvre was born in Great Britain in 2021. But his name clearly states that he specializes in hemp-based clothing. This is also (obviously!) part of an eco-responsible approach, as hemp absorbs 15 tons of CO2 per hectare and requires much less water to grow than cotton.

The collections are steeped in streetwear culture, boasting hoodies, sweatpants and t-shirts, fairly loose cuts, but a very successful minimalist style.

Embassy of Bricks and Logs

This time the name of the brand is more mysterious. The brand, which can be translated as “ambassador of bricks and logs”, presents itself as a European brand that combines streetwear influence, functional and innovative materials.

It was created by German designer Niko Watheuer in 2015. Bricks and Logs Embassy has a fancier dressing room than meets the eye. If we find the classics of urban fashion (oversized jeans, sleeveless down jackets, Bermuda shorts…), the silhouettes are closer to those developed on the fashion week catwalks than the streets…


Here is a brand that cannot deny its Breton origins. Actually, Ploumanac’h Name of a town in the Côte d’Armor, dependent on the commune of Perros-Guirec. The pink granite cliffs and waves of the English Channel are also cited as inspiration for creating elegant and timeless collections with beautiful materials.

Knitwear, cashmere and velvet are abundant in Ploumanac’h, proving that ‘Breton fashion’ is not limited to sailor clothes!

satya paul

Satya Paul is nothing but a newcomer. The brand of the Indian designer (who died in 2021) was even born in 1985 and helped modernize and democratize the traditional saree. If this fabric is still a highlight in the collections, Satya Paul offers a wider wardrobe, including some very nice shirts.

We particularly like the poetry that emerges from the prints, where birds rub shoulders with Indian landscapes. The style presented in this way looks questionable. But actually the result is very attractive.


It was in 2010 that Kim Hyldahl launched his Mos Mosh brand in Denmark. Thirteen years after its creation, it still remains relatively secret. However, it has grown a lot since the first collection of 7 jeans for women!

Today, Mos Mosh also serves men through a simple wardrobe…but not simple! Here, the basics of men’s fashion are revisited, and always with special attention to detail. Cord color, custom stitching: That’s how Kim Hyldahl finds what makes all the difference!

Nitt Studio

Does knitting look corny to you? This is because you don’t recognize the Nitt Studio brand. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, it puts a real twist on the traditional woolen sweater while introducing 3D technology.. This results in flawless patterns and fabrics where the animals bring a hell of a dose of originality. So, sure, puppies, pandas, and horses probably won’t be to everyone’s taste, but these clothes really have… dog!

Designed with the finest Italian yarns, they require up to 5 hours of knitting, 3 hours of assembly… and potentially several hours more for possible hand embroidery. Far from being simply elegant pieces, Nitt Studio clothing has nothing to envy to some luxury brands.


Founded in Seville in 2007, the Scalpers brand has quickly become a rising figure in Spanish menswear. If he made a name for himself with his ties, he quickly moved on to custom suits and shirts before expanding his collection further and introducing a full wardrobe.

Still relatively unknown in France, the Sevillian label deserves recognition, especially for fans of casual style.


Turkish fashion has a lot to offer us this year (and not just on Who’s Next)! Following on from Nitt Studio, we bring you Grimelange. a rising figure in the streetwear scene.

No frills, no flashy pieces, but collections suitable for fans of urban style. Hoodies, T-shirts, down jackets… All the new men’s fashion staples speak for themselves with a special mention of woolen clothes!

Pop world

If you like the look appropriate, then this French brand is made for you! All fashionistas, Anne, Guillaume, Laetitia and Eloise are the “grown-up four” at the origin of WOP Soit World of Pop. And if the original project was intended for children, now the collections are aimed at all members of the family, from small to large..

Eco-responsibility, creativity, inclusion: these are the mottos of WOP, whose clothes breathe life into men’s, women’s and children’s fashion!

As with watches, there are many clothing brands that are under the radar these days. Brands that the show could help highlight, such as Who’s Who Next (as well as Tranoï or Première Classe). So what brand recognition will benefit you?

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