10 cutest animals in the world


What to say ? His photo speaks for itself and is enough to place him at the top of the ranking. It is impossible not to be impressed by her extremely sweet face. A quokka has recently been called the “happiest animal on earth,” which went viral on social media. This little marsupial’s mouth is constantly smiling. An infectious happiness for those lucky enough to see it. Where? In Australia, the only country we can hope to cross his path. And not only from a distance, because the animal is sociable and does not hesitate to approach people.

Red panda

The red panda, also called the “little panda” because of its half-cub, half-fox appearance, is undoubtedly the second-highest place. Be careful, the name is deceiving! It has nothing to do with the giant panda, that big black and white teddy bear, but is more like a raccoon. But like its namesake, it loves bamboo very much. Originally from the Himalayas, there are less than 10,000 of them in the world today, making it an endangered species that we really want to protect.


Like the quokka, the koala is a marsupial. It lives clinging to trees and feeds on a good packet of eucalyptus leaves every day: 510 grams per day! Rich in toxins, these are difficult to digest. Therefore, this “Australian sloth” spends all its time sleeping (about 18-20 hours a day). Critically endangered, it fell victim to the fires that devastated Australian forests in early 2020.

Giant panda

Despite a good hundred kilos, the giant panda is not scary. And for good reason, he has the face of a cute teddy bear. He spends his day eating bamboo. If he doesn’t eat, he looks for it. His other favorite pastime: sleeping, about 14 hours a day. He lives in China, where a legend tells why the animal is black and white: originally pandas were white as snow. One day, the little girl who fed them died while trying to protect the child from a cat attack. Pandas went to his funeral and took ashes in their hands as a sign of mourning. They hugged and rubbed their wet eyes. This romantic legend explains that they became two-colored.

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sea ​​otter

The smallest marine mammal in North America, the sea otter is also the cutest. He spends most of his time in the Pacific Ocean. It is sometimes seen on the surface grooming itself and rubbing its eyes with its clawed paws. His big mustache sometimes gives him the air of an old gentleman. Its fur is one of the thickest and densest in the animal world: there are at least 150,000 hairs per square centimeter that you really want to stroke.

It’s chow chow

It looks like a lion. But when he opens his mouth, it’s not GRAOU, but rather OUAF-OUAF, because this big ball of hair belongs to the dog family. Even his name is cute: chow-chow. It is one of the oldest breeds in the world. On the other hand, don’t be fooled by his big teddy bear physical appearance that makes you want to hug him all day, the chow-chow is quite an independent dog breed. He has a fearsome, strong character and if he doesn’t want to play, then you have to go get the ball yourself.

Scottish Fold

It is impossible not to include the cat in our list. But not just any Scottish Fold! A breed with raised ears. It makes her look innocent and charming. And unlike the chow-chow, the body structure of the Scottish Fold matches its temperament. Cute, tidy, energetic, playful, she is a real presence with both young and old.

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It is so cute that some people wanted to own it. The result: the meerkat entered the category of new pets. You can also be at home in England. It has been in vogue in South Africa for a long time. A fashion that we owe to Disney, who revealed the cute potential of the animal, especially with the character of Timon The Lion King. But be careful! It would be the animal that kills the most of its own kind in the world, even before predators like lions or wolves. A single female can be dominant, that is, she can give birth, so she does not hesitate to bite rivals, even if they are her own daughter.


A seabird of the Spheniscidae family, not to be confused with the flying penguin. If a penguin stays on the ground, it’s because it only has wing stumps. Stumps that act as a propellant and still allow you to swim and dive in search of fish to feed on. His black and white fur makes him look like he’s wearing a tuxedo. So classy!

Slow loris

His big eyes are cracking! This short-nosed primate is nocturnal in Southeast Asia. It moves slowly, crawling along the branches in search of prey. Do you want to hold him? Not specifically, it has nothing to do with koalas. The slow loris is poisonous! It has a poisonous secretion hidden in glands on its elbows.

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