Samsung The Frame 55″ TV for sale at an amazing price (free frame) ?

For winter sales, QLED Samsung The Frame TV is the subject of a very nice promotion. It’s on the side of the Darty sign that you have to go to take advantage of.

Want to equip yourself with an extraordinary QLED TV? You will love this good Darty plan pertaining to Samsung The Frame TV. In addition to offering the usual features found in other models, this TV doubles as a desk when you’re not using it.

As part of a special deal only valid this Thursday, January 19, Darty is letting you take advantage of a €100 discount as well as a free TV frame worth €79.99. To take advantage of the offer, you must add both products to the cart (TV and frame). Then you just need to enter the code PROMO100 Take advantage of a 100 euro discount.

I take advantage of the offer

In the end, this makes the Samsung The Frame and the frame only 849 euros. It’s a great value as the set normally costs €1,029. So you save a nice €180 by taking advantage of this offer. Note that shipping is free and you have 14 days to change your mind and get a refund.

Samsung The Frame: a TV like no other

Samsung The Frame is definitely a TV in its own right. The latter was really meant to combine art with entertainment. Its design allows you to sublimate and transform your interior. It incorporates special features that allow it to blend into any room. Ambient+ mode is one of them. It makes the TV disappear by expertly replicating the patterns and color of your wall like a bit of a chameleon.

This Frame TV has a special “Art Store”. Thanks to it, you can discover the collection of works of art. For enthusiasts, a subscription is also available, giving access to an exceptional collection of works, photographs, from classic to contemporary styles. Auto Curation mode offers artistic recommendations based on your preferences and the content you’re viewing, and lets you know what’s new and popular.

Samsung The Frame also includes a motion detector that lets you automatically turn on the screen to display the last selected activity when you’re nearby. The latter also turns itself off when you leave the room for optimal energy saving. That’s the art part, now on to the fun part. Therefore, Samsung The Frame is an integrated 4K QLED TV with a diagonal of 55 inches (139 cm), offering a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

It runs under the proprietary Tyzen OS. It’s not Android or Google TV, but the basics are there. Especially the app store that combines the most popular of them. We are thinking of Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and the main YouTube. On the display side, we’re on a 100 Hz panel, which allows us to use the 4K / 120 FPS combination. Because yes, one of the 4 HDMI ports it has is 2.1 certified.

So great news for gamers who might be spending time on PS5 and Xbox Series X. There are also two USB ports, Wifi and Bluetooth 4.2. There’s also 4K Upscaling, which lets you upscale Full HD source content to 4K. Multi View mode allows you to view 2 contents at the same time by splitting the screen vertically. Or even the Tap View function, which allows you to share all the content available on your smartphone or tablet with a simple touch anywhere on your TV.

For the audio part, this Samsung The Frame is equipped with four Dolby audio speakers with a total power of 40 watts. It is more than enough for daily use. However, if you think this is insufficient, there is nothing stopping you from equipping yourself with a TV soundbar. Its universal solar remote is charged from the built-in light or via USB.

As you can see, Samsung The Frame is a TV that offers all the basic features expected in 2023, with a bit of flair that sets it apart from traditional models. Very important features and technological innovations, especially at this very low price of 849 euros with the code PROMO100.

Click here to find the offer on QLED 4K Samsung The Frame TV:

I take advantage of the offer

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