During the sale, SG offers up to 120 euros for opening the first online account

New year, new name, new contract! SG announces its first offer of the year, offering up to €120 if you decide to open an account there.

Online banks also offer their best deals during winter sales. This is especially true in the case of SG (formerly Société Générale), which offers a bonus of up to 120 euros when opening an account.

Bank account in SG…

  • 0 euro account maintenance fee
  • VISA insurance and guarantees
  • Payments and withdrawals abroad

This first offer of the year at SG (Societe Generale) is valid Until January 31, 2023. This allows you to get up to 120 euros offered: 80 euros welcome bonus + 40 euros with direct debits and transfers with SG.

Name change but same bank offer

Changing its name to simply SG, the historic bank wanted to change its face, asserting its position as an online bank with offers suitable for all audiences but with solid guarantees. Its bank card offering, called Sobrio, is there to face growing competition from online banks and neobanks. The result is a 3-tier offer with 3 types of cards with different rates and benefits.

The first Visa Evolution card is available for €7.20 per month with classic account management and free payments in Europe. The second CB Visa card costs €7.90 per month and entitles you to better insurance coverage in addition to the benefits of the previous card. Finally, the last card, Visa Premier, is the best level possible, especially with a comprehensive travel insurance policy, which also guarantees purchases in stores and online. But the price is not the same: 14.90 euros per month.

Account fully managed by the app

Available on iOS and Android, the SG app uses the bank’s visual codes with a simple interface, but is packed with functionality, perhaps a little too much. We appreciate the ability to connect other accounts from other banks to be able to advise everything at a glance without switching from one program to another.

Inevitably, it is possible to carry out very easy transfers and simple operations very quickly through special menus. The application also has the function of automatic classification of expenses, which is very practical for creating a budget and making forecasts for the month. Finally, on the contactless payment side, the bank is currently only compatible with Paylib and Apple Pay solutions, Google Pay is not yet considered.

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How does opening a Sobrio account with SG work?

First, make sure you provide your personal information in each available field, then select the offer that best suits you. Next comes the sending of the usual documents such as proof of address, a scan of your ID and a salary slip. The interface of this form is simple and the steps are linked very quickly.

On the other hand, you need to be patient later, because it can take from 5 days to a week from the moment of registration to receiving his IDs and card. After this wait, everything works perfectly.

How to get €80 + €40 bonus?

When you open a Sobrio account, you receive the first bonus in the form of a transfer to the account (€80) after completing at least 5 card payments within the first three months after the effective opening. Second, after subscribing to the bank mobility assistance service, an additional 40 euros is offered. It is a service of SG (Societe Generale) that allows it to carry out the change of banking organization itself and to place direct debits and transfers. This final bonus is paid to the account no later than two months after the end of the bank mobility mandate.

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