The best smart keychains of 2023 for finding lost items

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Connected key fobs are one of the most revolutionary technological innovations in 2023. Also called findable key fobs, key trackers, smart key fobs, GPS or Bluetooth, they are commonly used to locate your keys, but not only!

Find lost items with the attached key fob

Indeed, these devices help to find lost things: glasses, wallets, pets, etc.

There is a wide variety of combined key fobs available today. So, to make your choice easier, we present you the ranking of the top three on the market in 2023. We will also explain how these devices work and their various advantages.

What is a tracked keychain?

Airtag connected key ring 2023
Airtag connected key ring 2023

one detachable keychainis a small electronic device that is connected and smart Bluetooth or GPS to find lost items including keys.

It connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. On the other hand, thanks to the GPS feature of this smartphone, it shows the location of your misplaced items.

Detachable key fobs are naturally worn as a connected bracelet or smartwatch. Thus, they are ideal companions for all people who often lose their belongings. Another interesting detail to know about these gadgets is that they can be used to locate people or even track children.

smarttag samsung key fob
smarttag samsung key fob

As briefly mentioned, key fobs that can be located they are usually fairly discreet devices that connect to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. They are the size and weight of a small key ring and have a button inside their batteries.

This is useful for powering a small internal circuit equipped with Bluetooth. The latter also has a mini speaker and also a GPS detector (on more expensive models).

The bluetooth plotters work with a program where you can see the position of the lost object. In addition, some models can display a map showing the exact location of your accessory when you misplace it. At the same time, the Bluetooth signal is lost. So it will be possible to retrace your steps and find the effect in question.

How does a tracked key fob work?
How does a tracked key fob work?

Often, connected gadgets are made with hooks or laces, thanks to which you can attach them to objects that are likely to be lost.

If you misplace them, you can activate the warning sound from the installed plotter software on your mobile device.

By the way, the key fob is a very practical device with a range of about 30 to 60 m. So you can use it to track your company’s vehicles.

3 personal item trackers

As we mentioned, there are many models of found key fobs. Here are the best you’ll find in 2023.

Apple AirTag Trackable Keychains

Among the many gadgets produced by famous apple brandthey are Air tag are undoubtedly the best chosen ones. They are wrapped in plastic film and also have a label. On smartphones, AirTag key fob controls are fully compatible with accessibility features such as voice. color inversion and display. Air tag Android

As for how AirTag locators work, you can after activation connect to iphone last generation. To help identify the object to which you will associate it, the manufacturer offers various names: bicycle, bag, keys, headphones, camera, umbrella, wallet, suitcase, backpack. You can also rTeach your Apple ID or phone number. When you lose these cases, it’s easier to contact you by calling or texting.

Besides, AirTag models No GPS plotter. Instead, they work with a network of devices that can anonymously transmit your data and map it to a specific location. For example, if you lose your keys in a parking lot with an AirTag attached, passersby have the ability to send location coordinates over that network. The goal is for it to reach youFind my app. Finally, these devices do not have hooks that can be hung on objects. However, they can be included leather or silicone keychain thanks to a number of accessories.

Samsung SmartTag Trackable Key Fobs

Samsung SmartTag key fobs are one of the best tracking devices. They will allow you to determine the geolocation of any object. So with one click, you can see where your backpack, wallet, keys and even your pet are.

In addition, this SmartTag accessory can be placed next to all kinds of effects, such as a key ring. It usually works with Bluetooth and can connect Samsung Galaxy models. Moreover, its battery lasts for 300 days and this tracker can make a small sound when the user wants to locate a lost object. In turn, the mobile application SmartThings used to show the geolocation of the connected accessory.

However, if the SmartTag is disconnected or the Bluetooth signal is lost, you have another alternative. In fact, functionality Galaxy Find Network can use previously scanned data to find This network will review your history of saved locations SmartTag connected gadget to find it easier. Samsung brand’s embedded SmartTag key fobs are available on its official website. You can also find their prices there.

Tileable Keychains

The Tile brand plotters it also stands out for its excellent value for money. They are available in gray version, Tile Mateand another in black Tile Pro. But there are white models. They are popular among users because they are discreet and compact. These devices are so small that they attach to your belongings, leaving as little notice as possible.

Moreover, like the others smart key fobs, they can connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and share information with the associated app. On the one hand, tile trackers have many uses. In fact, you can find your effects that they are connected to.

However, on the contrary, by clicking on these devices, you will be able to receive an alert on your mobile phone. Note that this is possible even when the phone is in silent mode. Finally, bluetooth connection It has a distance of 60 meters. Finally, the gadgets are waterproof and their batteries last for a year, but you can replace them. ATTENTION Tile Pro

What are the benefits of the 2023 key ring?

new technologies such as connected key rings it certainly makes life easier for many people. As we can see in their performance, they have countless advantages. But let’s remember that these gadgets are cheap, because depending on the manufacturer, the prices vary around 20 euros.

Additionally, you can get Bluetooth or GPS functionality depending on your needs. With Locations, you’ll never lose your keys again. You can even find your mobile device in silent mode, which is a great advantage. Another benefit is their small size, which makes them quite discreet. So we can wear them wherever we go. Finally, there can be key fobs that can be found the perfect gift for a loved one who is quick to misplace their objects. Maybe you have a mom who has a habit of forgetting her keys or a son who always loses his dog while walking.

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