Smartwatch reviews 2023: The best watches to buy in 2023

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A true extension of the smartphone, the connected watch has become an essential everyday accessory in just a few years.

It is especially known for its many uses. These gadgets really include useful functions like pedometer, GPS or heart rate monitor.

There are different types in the market. That’s why it’s hard to find. Therefore, this guide is made to share Smartwatch Reviews 2023 test and other interesting information about this gadget.

To take advantage of the many features of a closed hour, you need to connect it to your smartphone. First, know that there are two operating systems. we distinguish android and iOS. Depending on the operating system you have, download the appropriate software.

In fact, you’ll need a custom app for each system to connect your watch to your phone. Android system works with APP Android Wear When working with the iOS system WearOS. Start by downloading the app to your smartphone Google Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS).

If you have an Android, the first step connect your smart watch consists of Activate the Bluetooth connection from your smartphone. Also click the power button to turn on the smartwatch. Then go to your application Android Wear and click configure. You will see a list of nearby devices. Tap the name that matches your smartwatch.

There is one time selected your smart watch, a code will appear on the screen of your smartphone and watch. check it out code compliance of both devices, then confirm to use the features of your connected watch. The login procedure for iOS is the same. However, the software used is different. You must download WearOS follow the joining procedure.

REVIEWS: 2023 smartwatch benefits

Advantages of the 2023 smartwatch
Advantages of the 2023 smartwatch

There are closed hours many functions and therefore has many advantages. But these benefits vary by model, as not all smartwatches have the same features.

Nevertheless, among the main advantages of the smart watch we find date and time display. When connected to a smartphone, a smart watch shows incoming callsnotifications like calendar reminders, emails and those who social networks. You can carry out your daily activities without your smartphone in hand. A more ergonomic, smart watch accompanies you everywhere.

For athletes, the watch is a real gadget that lets you monitor their activity in real time. Indeed, some models are equipped with a pedometer allows you to count steps. To go further, the watch sends recommendations when the user is not moving enough. It is a true ally for sports and staying in shapegadget helps achieving physical goals through various activities (running, walking, cycling, etc.).

In addition, the GPS that certain watches are equipped with allows this calculate the distance traveled. Others allow it monitor your heart rate with a heart rate monitor. Another known advantage of these gadgets sleep tracking. Depending on the model, thanks to this technological jewelry, it records different periods of sleep during the night. accelerometer.

Review: Disadvantages of 2023 smartwatches

Considering the many advantages of a closed watch, it is quite difficult to believe that it has disadvantages. However, although they are few in number, they have some disadvantages. The first major drawback of smartwatches is battery life. Indeed, these gadgets have a lot of time limited autonomy.

In addition, some manufacturers do better in this area and offer good autonomous watches. However, it is clear that most connected watches require regular filling. Also, to take advantage of all the features of this gadget, you need to wear it day and night. It could be wearing a watch at night is uncomfortable.

Another drawback is related to the design of the watch. Indeed, the design of this gadget looks more like a smartphone than a classic watch. In addition, smartwatches usually look amazing and therefore it may be heavy.

Major connected watch brands

The smart watch market is constantly evolving. While some big brands like Apple and Samsung dominate the market, others like Xiaomi and Huawei continue to offer increasingly successful models.

2023 Apple smartwatch

Apple smart watch
Apple smart watch

Basically AppleWatchBrand apple met with dazzling success in the connected watch market.

The American giant has contributed greatly to the popularization of these smart devices by offering one of the truly high-performance, practical and well-designed models.

The brand, which previously focused only on a simple model, has diversified its offer Apple Watch SE (2e generation) and Apple Watch Series 8.

In addition, the brand is distinguished by the excellent quality of the operating system See OS, dedicated to closed hours. The latter is ergonomic and fluid. It has a number of programs. This allows you to take advantage of more advanced and diverse features. Unfortunately, Not all products of the American brand have excellent autonomy.

Samsung Smartwatch 2023

Samsung smart watch
Samsung smart watch

The Korean giant in the field of connected watches offers diverse and globally accessible directory More than the Apple brand.

Samsung also wants to be a connected watch versatile and without major flaws.

Although the brand has been less successful in its design concept Galaxy Watch 4 Classicits connected watches are well made and can do it all.

xiaomi smart watch 2023

xiaomi smart watch
xiaomi smart watch

Xiaomi is also having impressive success in the field of connected watches.

Indeed, these models generally meet the specific needs of users.

Even if the brand does not achieve the same design quality as him Apple or Huawei counterpartsoffers ergonomic interfaces and flawless sensors.

This results in models with a good value for money whom Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite.

huawei smartwatch 2023

huawei smart watch
huawei smart watch

Chinese manufacturer offers excellent quality products with neat design and accurate sensors. Beauty comes from his knowledge Check out the GT 3Pro Ceramic and its magnificent white body.

With its vast catalog, the brand offers the highest-end models available to satisfy its customers.

However, the programs available in its operating system HarmonyOS remains quite small. Obviously, with WearOS and a catalog of apps from Google, the brand’s models can easily rise to the same level as Apple.

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