Music-food interview with GEMU | Middle youth showcases | 42nd edition of Contact Ontario magazine

42nd edition of Connect with Ontarois | Ottawa January 17-21, 2023 | In collaboration with Baron Mag

From morning to night, music is everywhere in our lives. This is what the show LA VIE EST MUSIQUE shows us, turning ordinary noise into an exciting one-hour musical experience. During this interactive, rhythmic and dynamic workshop, young people discover that music really surrounds us and accompanies us throughout the day. All you need to hear it is an attentive mind, open ears and a little imagination.

GEMU | High school youth showcases January 20 | 9:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.
De La Salle Public Secondary School – Auditorium

How would you describe GEMU’s musical universe?

GEMU’s approach, for all its showmanship, is truly creation. GEMU empowers both emerging artists and established composers as artists, creating unexpected performances through the hybridization of music and other art forms. This week’s show, for example, La vie est musique, combines music, theater and workshops to allow children (and adults!) to discover music from new and original angles.

Is there a difference between the music you listen to and the music you create? N/A

How do you feel about food?

I love the food, especially how hearty it looks. I love how we casually gather around a table to share food and stories. Good company, good food, good wine: that’s my motto!

What is the first recipe you learned to make?

I learned how to make sandwich bread very early on. Yes, yes, this recipe is straight out of the 70’s with slices of bread cut lengthwise, lots of butter and cream cheese! My grandmother used to make something like this every year for the New Year. As a child, I helped decorate it with my cousin. Little by little I learned to complete each step until I was able to do it on my own. I still preferred doing it with my grandma because it was always better with her touch…

What’s your latest recipe?

Quick vegetable and chicken stir-fry with black bean sauce, served over noodles chow mein.

If you have dinner, what will we find on the table? What will we eat?

If I have time, I make a tofu broth that I garnish with fresh vegetables, mango and cilantro leaves. I serve them with a peanut and coconut milk sauce, which always takes me through a few recipes!

The tour also lists special food requirements for the locker room. When you’re doing shows, what’s a must-have in your dressing room for food?

Peanut butter! It takes me on tour as it does in life. But I bring it myself 🙂

What has been your best locker room catering experience?

As soon as I have coffee and fresh fruit (especially clementines) it blows me away!

What was your worst dressing room catering experience?

I don’t have a bad experience, they always treated me well.

Your biggest culinary “failure”?

I recently made pumpkin and chocolate brownies, but I forgot the baking soda. The dough never rose. Result: I ended up with little clumps of batter in the bottom of the pans. I made a ton and a half more, all of which ended up in the compost…

Your biggest musical “failure”?

I started singing 8 bars beforehand in a musical theater production in college. the group, fortunately followed me, but the dancers were hopelessly confused. They made it clear to me during the break.

If you died tomorrow, what would be the last meal you would eat and the last album you would listen to?

I would eat a fresh cream cheese bagel with smoked salmon topped with capers, finely chopped onions and a squeeze of lemon juice while listening to Wonderful World by Eva Cassidy. Pure bliss for the taste buds and ears! | |

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