Major projects of 2023 for Marseille

The city of Marseille continues its mobilization for the Marseillaises and the Marseillais Big projects in 2023 will provide more local services, cultural and sporting activities and a more peaceful living environment For Marseillaises and Marseillais.

For encouraging the return of nature to the city in the short and medium term, a large “tree plan” 308,000 plantations will be established this year. As part of the city’s labeling for the “100 decarbonized cities by 2030” European program, Marseille also commits to creating a single fund of 10 million euros to support projects to make Marseille a greener city.

School overhaul plan 1.2 billion euros will make the opening possible three new schools this year and continue or start 19 construction sites.

The city is determined to develop the entire city under this unique plan local services with more sports and cultural facilities, better municipal police patrol network and strengthened solidarity actions.

The municipal group decided to implement ambitious projects to provide fun and entertainment big events Marseillais will offer them the opportunity to find them every Sunday Local products in the food market established in the Old Port, will organize the reception of a big famous event Rugby World Cup and Olympic Games sailing test events.

Major projects for 2023

Building a greener and more breathable city

City greening plan

In 75 years, the city lost half of its tree heritage on the streets, on the other hand, Marseille has slightly higher temperatures every year. According to Météo France, temperature increases in 2050 are predicted to reach +3°C.
So, in addition to the constant work carried out by the city in the direction of reopening parks and gardens, protecting agricultural lands and natural areas, Marcel wants to move fast and hard to plant trees.

In the spirit of bringing nature back to the city, 308 thousand forest seedlings will be planted, including 8 thousand mature trees in parks, schools, social centers and sports facilities and public places.

Creation of a donation fund worth 10 million euros

As part of the European program “100 carbon neutral cities by 2030”, 10 million euro fund, will be given to companies with sustainable activities supported by private and public partners. This exceptional fund will be allocated about sixty projects will be identified.

Food market every Sunday in the Old Port

The city of Marseille will be built a new food market every Sunday in the heart of the city, in the Old Port.

This new weekly meeting will be an opportunity for all Marseillaises and all Marseillais to buy seasonal and quality products at affordable prices. Preference will be given to local and organic products.

New beach brigade for more calm in the summer

In addition to the system introduced annually to strengthen security during the summer season together with the Police Prefecture, the city of Marseille in 2023 the first municipal police brigade dedicated to the coast for the summer season.
It will be composed About twenty agents for 2023 (ultimately 30 agents). They are currently training at the Department of Public Safety Directorate and the Marseille Marine Fire Battalion.
This brigade will be dedicated to the coast and will be able to will be able to protect the beaches and provide assistance within the 300-meter band. He will provide a stronger presence in Friuli in the morning and early evening.

In order to carry out this new mission as well as possible, marine equipment has already been ordered for the municipal services.

More local services available to all

To provide better accessibility to local services, The Belle de Mai (3rd) local municipal office will reopen to the public.

Innovative “Mobile Municipal Office” project will also be placed in areas furthest from public services.

Finally, two new social centers will open their doors to the Marseillaises and Marseillais: the Agora in La Busserine and Saint-Just Corot in the 14th arrondissement.

The first participatory budgets of the city of Marseille

For the first time in the history of the city of Marseille participation budgets, It will be the main tools that place the citizen at the center of decision-making experienced should be defined in several sectors.
This new system will be given 1.5 million euros (500,000 euros per sector) this year Generalized for the entire city in 2024.
Residents of sectors and municipal councils will decide together the best investments to make around schools, renaturation, street furniture, public space, etc.

An increasingly integrated city

Solidarity is one of the pillars of the municipal project. Women, single mothers and women on the street they are on the front line in the face of uncertainty. In 2023, they will once again be a priority for municipal activities.
In 2021, the city of Marseille voted for a Convention with a budget of 1.4 million euros in partnership with the State to support the fight against poverty and access to employment (CALPAE). This Agreement was renewed at the meeting of the Municipal Council on December 16, 2022, and in 2023 developing shower and luggage storage facilities for people living on the street.

Two new sites more worthy to greet people on the street (UHU and CHRS), including a site dedicated to women, It will be opened in 2023.

Finally, the city of Marseille will organize a second “Night of Solidarity” this Thursday, January 26, with the services of the State, the Public Action Center and the Commune. unions fighting against uncertainty.
This will allow us to refine and update knowledge about the situation of people on the street in order to better meet people’s needs and build appropriate public solidarity policies.

Sports facilities are available all over the city

In 2023, the city of Marseille continues renewal of sports infrastructure promoting access to conditions worthy of a diversified sporting experience, modernizing local sporting facilities and restoring territorial equality in Marseille.

2023 will also be a key year for major sporting events It is hosting the 2023 Rugby World Cup also preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games by organizing a test event Trials in Marseilles.

Mucem pool before summer

In order to develop more diverse beach access offers for people from Marseille, In 2023, a swimming pool will be created in exceptional conditions opposite Mucem. will complement the bathing offer and access to sea sports throughout the area in accordance with health and safety standards.

New stadiums and equipment

The city of Marseille continues in 2023 renovation of numerous sports infrastructure to offer a diversified, sustainable and quality sports offer throughout the area. The renovation of the new equipment will begin and the delivery of emblematic stadiums such as Saint-Henri (15th) and Canet-Floride (14th) is expected in the first quarter of 2023.

The School Renovation Plan continues in 2023

The restoration of 470 schools of the city will be continued in 2023. This year will be the opening of the city of Marseille three new schools Completely redesigned in the 15th arrondissement (Saint-Louis Gare, elementary and kindergartens) and the 1st arrondissement (Bees).

19 other projects ‘s will be continued in the city this year or will be released Four schools in 2024 Including the Marceau schools (3rd) and the so-called GEEP schools

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