Here are the 52 most popular travel destinations of 2023

Whether you’re traveling to enjoy the food, culture, adventure or beauty that the world has to offer, you’ll be delighted with the list of 52 places to visit in 2023 published by the prestigious company. New York Times. wow! Local destination listed!

Here are 52 places to visit in 2023 New York Times:

1. London, England

For electrical side, new airport connection and history.

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2. Morioka, Japan

A stone’s throw away from the crowds, a short bullet train ride from Tokyo.

3. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona/Utah

Spectacular hills in a Hollywood setting.

4. Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

Stonehenge in foggy Scotland with all the mystery and fewer visitors.

5. Auckland, New Zealand

Because France has pastries that rival the best, and you can do adventure tourism in the North Island.

6. Palm Springs, California

A city in the desert where you can see the stars in the streets and count the galaxies in the sky.

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7. Kangaroo Island, Australia

A haven for koalas and other wildlife that have recovered from the devastating bushfires of the past few years.

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8. Vjosa River, Albania

Cycling through the canyons and gorges of one of Europe’s last wild waterways.

9. Accra, Ghana

Feast first, then dance in this innovative culinary city.

10. Tromso, Norway

A hotspot with clear skies to cater to aurora seekers.

11. Lençois Maranhenses National Park, Brazil

Dazzling white sand dunes and turquoise pools in an otherworldly natural water park.

12. Bhutan

Cliff-top castles and rhododendron forests on the new hiking trail.

13. Kerala, India

Learn to climb a palm tree, visit a temple during the annual festival and get a taste of village life.

14. Greenville, South Carolina

Adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountains and visit downtown restaurants.

15. Tucson, Arizona

A hub of art and tunes from Mexico.

16. Martinique

Creole culture, giant ferns and hummingbirds.

17. Namib desert, Namibia

1,000 foot cliffs and crashing waves along a nearly uninhabited coastline.

18. Alaska Railroad, Alaska

470 miles of mountains, glaciers and grizzlies from the comfort of a glass dome.

19. Fukuoka, Japan

Tasting endangered street food on the often overlooked island of Kyushu.

20. Flores, Indonesia

A paradise island where lakes change color and animals roam free.

21. Guadalajara, Mexico

Celebrating the diversity of queer and LGBTQ culture.

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22. Tassili n’Ajjer, Algeria

Art and insight into the lost history of the Sahara.

23. Kakheti, Georgia

New flavors and old wine traditions in small hill towns and green valleys.

24. Nimes, France

A sunny slice of the Mediterranean, whose charming streets are decorated with Roman monuments.

25. Ha Giang, Vietnam

Where a simple bike ride takes you to the hilly countryside.

26. Salalah, Oman

A historic incense trading center where the desert shines brightly.

27. Cuba

Music Island and white sandy beaches to (re)discover.

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28. Odense, Denmark

A new mystical museum and garden with everything you need to write your own fairy tale.

29. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

For its timeless beauty and local heritage.

30. Boquete, Panama

for nirvana geek coffee and hikers.

31. Tarragon, Spain

A little-known artistic seaport rich in Roman ruins.

32. Charleston, South Carolina

Discovering African American heritage.

33. Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

Planting coral and counting sea turtles where there are no cars or roads.

34. Burgundy Beer Route, France

Yeast and respect for yeast in a region where wine has long ruled.

35. Istanbul

Because of its historical architecture and gastronomy.

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36. Taipei, Taiwan

Floating lanterns and flying skyscrapers in the bustling capital.

37. El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia

Stylish shopping district and lively nightlife.

38. Lausanne, Switzerland

Spectacular views of Lake Geneva and breathtaking architectural and artistic scenery.

39. Methana, Greece

For a walk after a bath in an antique tub.

40. Louisville, Kentucky

For the rise of the LGBTQ scene and drag shows.

41. Manaus, Brazil

Kitchen tea-to-table and ancestral recipes in the heart of the Amazon.

42. Vilnius, Lithuania

Have fun like there’s no tomorrow!

43. Macon, Georgia

For both Native American and rock and roll roots.

44. Madrid

For presenting a global tribute to Picasso in a space that is a masterpiece in its own right.

45. Grand Junction, Colorado

Canyons and cliffs without hordes of tourists.

46. ​​La Guajira, Colombia

Protected land, orange sand beaches and pink flamingos.

47. Bergamo and Brescia, Italy

For outdoor theatre, art, music and Italian gastronomy.

48. American Prairie, Montana

A vast expanse of nature to feel very small.

49. Eastern Townships, Quebec

To enjoy the sights of our beautiful state!

50. New Heaven, Connecticut

A treasure trove for art and architecture lovers.

51. The Black Hills, South Dakota

Pine forests and climbing await you.

52. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Because this city is just an open-air museum.

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