Flowers for Miley Cyrus

“I listen to it on repeat, it’s so cathartic”, wrote a friend Victorina de Oliveira in a discussion group. It’s Friday the 13th in the morning, and our journalist’s mood is as good as a lonely lettuce leaf that has been forgotten in the corner of the refrigerator for three weeks. Very Good, Miley Cyrus, why not ? Popstar has indeed been released on all platforms flow the musical is its new name, Flowersand is now one of the most streamed tracks in Spotify history…

“I can buy myself a rose, write my name in the sand, talk to me for hours, see things you won’t understand, take me to the dance, hold hands, love me better than you” he sings the star that sounds like a love song to himself. The clip is particularly enjoyable: we see Miley Cyrus dancing wildly down the dusty road leading to her luxurious California villa, dressed in an elderly dress whose elegance is at odds with the context, followed by a nervous exercise session, an ultra-shot of her swimming. pool, then dance again, this time in the iconic Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo power bandage The one in 1980s female choreography Mads Mikkelsen of Drunk or the Joker he embodies Joaquin Phoenix would not deny. empowerment : definition and illustration.

The whole would be relatively unimportant (I’m exaggerating, the title itself remains quite impressive) if it weren’t for the numerous winks and hidden messages fans have been trying to find since Friday. So, the release date will not be insignificant, since January 13 corresponds to the birthday of Miley Cyrus’ ex-husband. Liam Hemsworth. In 2019, the actor and singer, tired of her husband’s numerous deceptions, divorced after deciding to end their relationship. The villa where the video was shot is said to be a “boys’ house” where the actor will take several women (14 in total, some sites say) with whom he will cheat on Cyrus. The lyrics of the song also more or less hint at their stormy relationship. What to post Flowers in the glorious line revenge songs and more in media reprisals.

Miley Cyrus is not the first openly extending the middle finger to the past. To stay in the pop world, Beyonce hit hard in 2016 with his album Lemonadeshe returns to her rapper husband’s infidelity Jay Zespecially singing a Don’t hurt yourself backed by a saturated guitar Jack White : “Who do you call me, you’re not married to a middle-aged woman, man.” Another famous act of revenge: Mrs. Di which, in 1994, came out revenge suit more than courage for a member of the royal family, then Prince Charles more or less openly admitted that he was in a relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles. In all these cases, wounded women look glorious, radiant, fully in possession of their abilities and will. sexual attraction.

The desire for revenge is not a particularly praiseworthy effect: sad passion for Spinoza (“Whoever hates someone, if he does not fear that a greater evil will come to him, he will do everything in his power to hurt him”he notesEthics), the usurpation of a divine privilege for St. Augustineshe strangely finds grace in his eyes Pascalwhich puts it in the category of common sense. “People have very healthy opinions: e.g […] 3°/ To be hurt because of a slap in the face, or because he wants fame so much. But it is highly desirable because of the other essential goods attached to it. A person who receives a slap without realizing it is drowned by insult and necessity.”mentions in his work Thoughts.

Flowers, Lemonade or even revenge suit by Lady Di to outline the ethics of revenge. It’s not about attacking the enemy directly, physically, but appearing in armor – we’ve seen the importance of potentially invincible clothing. Tears can be hidden behind, they will be a more effective breeding ground for the future than the septic tank someone else dug. And it is infinitely satisfying. »

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