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From Thursday 19 January 2023, a national strike has been organized across France in response to the pension reform project, and there is a chance for the movement to be renewed. Train, TGV, metro, RER, bus and tram traffic will be seriously disrupted due to this. Here is a selection of apps and services to help you when RATP and SNCF public transport are unavailable

Paris Metro on Platform // Source: Jonathan Ferreira on Unsplash

The government is trying to pass the pension reform. In response, a major strike was organized and the social movement particularly disturbed RATP and SNCF. Therefore, on Thursday, January 19, 2023, public transport will be strictly suspended. As a precaution, it is necessary to plan to renew the vacation after this one day.

Get informed with traffic information

For trains

SNCF offers a page dedicated to traffic information on its website, as do most public transport services in urban areas (RATP, TCL, TBM, Tisséo, etc.).

The SNCF app is also very informative and more practical to use on the go. It will give you information on live streaming whether it is related to social movements or accidents. Finally, SNCF Twitter account it also helps you stay aware of traffic.

For the Paris Metro

RATP provides real-time traffic information for various Paris metro, tram and RER lines. You can find it on its website, but also thanks to a special program. Forecasts for the next day are posted every day at around 17:00. Twitter also has accounts dedicated to each thread to easily find the events of the day.

Find your way

If service is interrupted on your regular metro, RER, TER, bus or tram route, you will probably need to find alternative routes. The best way to do this is to use an app like Citymapper or Transit, which offer accurate and smart routes that show multiple alternatives to make connections easier. They will be more suitable than Google Maps, which does not take into account the interruptions associated with holidays.

Alternatives to public transport

If public transport services do not work, then alternative means of transport should be resorted to. This is where the smartphone plays its best role and has enabled the creation of smart services to answer this problem.

Electric scooters

Services Lime, Dott and Tier allow you to use self-service electric scooters. It should also be noted that these scooters may soon disappear in Paris.

Self-serve bicycles

If scooters aren’t your cup of tea, you can also go for self-service bikes. A number of services also offer electric bikes. We’re thinking specifically of Vélib in Paris, but many cities sometimes offer similar platforms with an app that comes with it.

Self-service scooters

Also check out self-driving electric scooter apps like Cityscoot.

Car park

The perfect carpooling app remains BlaBlaCar, but there are alternatives like Klaxit, which specializes in trips between home and work. You will be able to take advantage of the smallest trip in Ile de France for free when the drivers receive a guaranteed reward of at least 4 euros.

VTC services

Finally, there are VTC services like Uber and others. However, beware, apart from the larger carbon impact, prices for these services can skyrocket when demand is very high. But the demand is especially strong during a social movement. Ideally, it is better to resort to this option only if you are in a hurry.

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