With its arrival in France, this electric SUV loses one of its main features

Chinese brand Seres continues its global expansion and introduces a new compact SUV for Europe. Ceres 5 is an electric car that is a rival to the Tesla Model Y that debuted at the Brussels show.

Although the Paris Motor Show was a bit of a disappointment, despite the many new features introduced, the car in Brussels will have lived up to all its promises. Many manufacturers have responded, including several from China, including the Maxus brand, which is still unknown to us, but showed the Mifa 9, a large electric van and the Seres a few months ago. This is exactly what we are interested in today.

Coming soon

If the company is already marketing the Ceres 3 in the Old Continent, it is now preparing to continue its attack with another model. A compact SUV named Seres 5. If this name means something vague to you, that’s normal, because it has already been sold in China since 2019. It was also present at the Paris Motor Show in October, but not much to be honest. is talked about.

It should be noted that the Seres brand is sold by the Chinese giant DongFeng. In particular, we owe it to the reworked and modified Chinese Dacia Spring or the Chinese electric Peugeot 408, which “charges” in three minutes.

Indeed, we had to wait until early 2023 for the brand to tell us more The last version to be sold in Europe. It adopts the style of the Chinese-made model with a richer, lighter signature in its interior presentation. The template is more impressive than Ceres 3, which is shown at 4.70 meters long.

Thus, the electric SUV is pitted against the Tesla Model Y, becoming the star of the American brand, which became the best-selling car in Europe in November. Suffice it to say, therefore, that Ceres 5 will see a lot, but it will be able to count on its generous technological capabilities in particular. We find in particular large 17-inch touch screen in the upright position, which includes almost all the functions of the car. It then houses an infotainment system provided by tech giant Huawei.

The latter, called HiCar, acts as a sort of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto developed by a Chinese firm. But unfortunately, it will not be possible to test this feature with us. Journalists Clubbed indeed Ceres contacted France, which explains it The model sold in Europe will run on Android. Only the Chinese model is equipped with the system provided by the company, especially known in Europe for its smartphones.

Two-way charging system

On the other hand, it is the Asian firm that will provide the electric traction chain of the SUV called Huawei DriveONE. As the specialized site explains Arena EVCeres 5 was equipped with two engines that were developed later A total of 585 horsepower for a torque of 940 Nm. Thus, the SUV can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds for a top speed of 250 km/h.

Equipped with an 80 kWh battery, it has a range of 500 kilometers according to the NEDC cycle, as mentioned on the brand’s website. In the WLTP period, you should expect a value of about 450 km. This means a consumption of about 18 kWh / 100 km.

On the other hand, the power that the battery can collect is not specified, but it takes 45 minutes to go from 10% to 80%. A version equipped with a range extender in the form of A1.5 liter heat engine It is also offered in China, but will not be sold here. However, the launch of the rotary-powered Mazda MX-30 in Europe may cause Ceres to reconsider its plans.

The SUV stands out above all for its two-way V2V and V2L charging system. Thus, it is possible to power another car that needs to be charged, but also to connect camping equipment, for example, a kettle. An increasingly common feature, notably equipping the Kia EV6, MG 5 and other Volvo EX90s. The latter can also provide the home to reduce stress on the electricity grid and costs during peak hours.

The new Seres 5 should arrive in Europe in Marchas stated on the site Auto More. The latter has already announced its prices for Germany From €63,900 in its entry-level two-wheeler version. The all-wheel drive version will be shown starting from 67,900 euros.

Not a given, especially with the Tesla Model Y’s new prices being very competitive. In any case, the SUV will not be able to benefit from the environmental bonus intended for cars under 47,000 euros.

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