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Google, very famous for its search engine, offers many tools: Gmail for email, YouTube for downloading and sharing videos, Drive for saving, editing and synchronizing documents, etc.

Mountain View’s ambition seems to be to offer a service for every situation in everyday life. Google Now is one of the services offered by Google.

This is Google’s personal assistant, a special service that integrates user data, context and Google services.

Introducing the Google Now personal assistant

Google Now 2023
Google Now 2023

Now it’s Google’s smart assistant that can connect with other apps and services on your phone to give you useful information throughout the day. Now tap may vary depending on your phone model.

By default, Android devices have a home page on the left of the quick access screen. But for many users, the easiest way is to tap on the Google app that sits at the top of many home screens by default.

Like other personal assistants, Google Now allows you to get a lot of factual information, such as starting a stopwatch or setting an alarm, with a simple voice command. You can also search for events or songs by querying your smartphone. Of course, instead of saying keywords in the Google search bar, you can type them in, but that takes all the fun out of it!

Obviously, there’s no limit to what you can request from Google, but below are some examples to give you an idea of ​​the features available:

  • Show the path you need to take to reach a certain place;
  • Identify the song playing in the room;
  • Call any contact in your phonebook as desired;
  • Send an email or SMS to one of your contacts;
  • Open programs;
  • Search for a specific photo online;
  • Set reminders;
  • Schedule alerts;
  • Remember the meeting.

Because the Google search bar is incredibly powerful, you can ask for information on any topic and expect to get an answer. Do you have a favorite player? No problem, ask about it now.

Advantages of Google Now

Advantages of Google Now
Advantages of Google Now

In theory, Google Now can be seen as a futuristic service aimed at the elite who adopt the tools, know their features and understand the possibilities they offer.

However, Google Now wanted to be simple and intuitive.

It is a tool that anyone can use without difficulty.

It has many advantages:

  • Targeted reminders: Google Now offers you “classic” alerts for your next appointment, as well as relevant contextual information. Want to know when to leave to be on time based on real-time traffic? Google Now tells you 15 minutes before the deadline. It also provides you with useful information for your public transport journeys;
  • The answer to everything: Google has always aimed to answer any question through its search engine. It takes the exercise a bit further by combining information gathered from around the web. This feature is convenient and risks cannibalizing some of the traffic from Wikipedia and other similar sites that are used as sources. For example, you can ask Google Now who the President of the United States is or the latest result of Paris Saint Germain;

personal use of Google services;

  • Google Now associates personalized data with relevant Google services. It uses Google Maps, calendar and navigation to remind you when it’s time to go to your next appointment. If you need to go to a restaurant, you can directly bookmark the establishment’s Google+ Local listing. Google uses Google+ data to tell you about your friends’ birthdays. If you want to know where your package is, just ask Google;
  • Other benefits of Google Now: This handy tool can work on both Android and iOS. It can also identify different sounds and offer more accurate voice responses.

Disadvantages of Google Now

Google Now may not be perfect, but it has more advantages than other tools of its kind. Likewise, it has very few drawbacks. Most obviously, it tends to pick up different conversations in an environment where people are talking a lot. As a result, there is confusion in the answers given.

Smart personal assistants

In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of a new multimedia product – intelligent personal assistants. You probably know that Google Now is not the only such tool. Gradually, all multimedia giants (Google, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, etc.) release their assistants. Discover Siri and Alexa, two of Google’s serious competitors.

Siri: Apple’s intelligent personal assistant

Siri is the first personal assistant on the market. It belongs to the world famous Apple company. Like many of its competitors, which will appear later, Siri can perform everyday tasks and provide information that the user requests.

You can use it to open apps, send messages, forward messages, set alarms, add reminders, search the web, and control supported smart home devices.

This assistant is famous for its fun way of interacting. He can joke and sing, but sometimes he comes out with rude expressions. Just say “Hey Siri” to activate it. However, this tool is only available on Apple devices.

Alexa: Amazon’s smart personal assistant

Amazon’s assistant has become very popular in a short time. It owes much of its success to family devices, especially the Echo.

It was in 2014 that Alexa entered the highly competitive personal assistant market integrated into Amazon’s smart speakers. It lets you control your smart home devices, set alarms and reminders, play music, search the web, watch the news, and more. allows Alexa can also play content on an Amazon Fire device. It stands out from other tools in its category due to its user-friendliness. Say “Alexa” in addition to what to do to activate Alexa: “Alexa, what’s up?” “, “Alexa, call my mom” etc.

Other Google Services

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