Evening of animal documentaries in France 2 Tuesday, February 7, 2023

On Tuesday, February 7, 2023, from 21:10, France 2 will focus on the animal documentary with the story of Lambert Wilson.

Documentaries that make the event in the direction of large animals French Televisions, France 2 Tuesday 7 February 2023 presents an evening of spectacular nature events with the documentary ‘Ice Kingdom – Arctic’, which offers unprecedented footage.

This production BBC Studios and French Televisionsproduced by Elizabeth White and Sasha ThorpeCarried by a story by Lambert Wilson.

21:10 “Ice Kingdom – Arctic”

Arctic, boreal forests, tundra plains are ice kingdoms where animals practice extraordinary survival strategies. They are the heroes of these extreme lands, as hostile as they are fragile. A magical world that disappears before our eyes.

Winter in the Arctic Far North. The cold is relentless. It is a hostile, unforgiving environment. In the heart of the boreal forest, a wolf attacks his tribe. Chases bison. The survival of the entire pack depends on its success.

From snowy forests to arctic deserts, these lands of extraordinary beauty are home to extraordinary animals. All face the same challenges. Snow, ice and extreme seasonal changes.

But today, these ice kingdoms are disappearing before our eyes, and with them a delicate balance established over millennia. Some species and certain ecosystems are sometimes the last to be recorded.

The beasts of the Far North fight harder than ever to survive in an unpredictable world that is as hostile as it is fragile.

In these lands of ice, everything must be conquered, and only the most determined have a chance to survive. They are the heroes of the Far North.

The boreal forest is home to some of the rarest animals in the world, as well as mysterious cats: the Amur leopard and the Siberian tiger. Capturing them is a difficult task, and this sequence is exceptional. They do not look out of place in snowy regions, but they perfectly adapt to the cold. Both share the same territory, but the leopard is constantly on the alert. He cannot allow himself to cross paths with the tiger, he knows that their meeting will be fatal for him.

Beyond the boreal forest lie vast frozen plains. The tundra is the domain of an indomitable brave lone hunter: the arctic vixen. He can travel several thousand kilometers a week to find rare prey. His exceptional senses allow him to spot lemmings under thick snow cover.

Further north, the sea ice is the realm of legendary predators: the polar bear. A young woman is looking for her favorite food, the ringed seal. Despite two meters of snow and ice, he knows how to locate his seal. He grabs it and falls to the ground with all his weight. A man approaches, no doubt attracted by the smell of blood. But instead of facing each other, the two bears start playing on the ice! A rare and surprising behavior.

To hunt, polar bears move from one piece of ice to another. But in summer, the ice is disappearing at an unprecedented rate, and they must travel great distances to feed. Many find refuge on Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean. The mother bear shows extraordinary courage and manages to survive until the next winter and protect her cubs from the danger of the big males.

22:40 “Ice Kingdom – Adventure!”

For 4 years, the crew of the film “Ice Kingdoms” explored the coldest and most inaccessible regions of our planet: the Arctic, Antarctica and the highest peaks.

Their goal: to understand how some animals, thanks to their courage and ingenuity, tame these wild and hostile lands and try to adapt to global warming.

Thanks to the latest generation of cameras, they were able to film exceptional animals and magically beautiful landscapes. Drones have been able to capture spectacular as well as dangerous events such as falling glaciers. And periodic shots revealed the severity and lightning speed of our planet’s warming.

Resisting any temptation, the film crews managed to immortalize unusual stories. Some species and behaviors may have been documented for the last time.

Behind the scenes of this film is the story of this extraordinary adventure, which is as much human as it is animal.

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