Christian Poto, President of CCBRC: “The attractiveness of our countryside is increasing”

Christian Poto is the mayor of Machault and president of the Brie rivers and castles community ©Brie rivers and castles

Christian PotoThe 61-year-old is the mayor of Machault (Seine-et-Marne), where he has been elected since 1995, and the president of the commune. Brie from rivers and castles (CCBRC). This year, it introduces itself wishes through the press to discuss the area’s challenges and issues.

La Rep – You chose not to have a traditional ceremony to present your vows this year. Why?

Christian Poto – I wanted to stay current with the energy crisis. Our financial difficulties are due to the rising cost of energy, which is punishing us severely. And I will not hold a ceremony in my village of Machault. However, I will attend all municipalities that do, and I use this interview to send everyone my best wishes for 2023.

CCBRC covers 31 municipalities. Why was the territory divided?

Since 2014, I have been the president of the intercommunal union. It used to be called Valleys and Castles and included 13 municipalities, including Mainz. But the NOTRe law wanted to impose territorial limits of 20,000 inhabitants.

It was a lot of work, very complicated

I invested a lot and met with the prefect to tell him my concerns because I wanted a homogenous and rural community. Then I met my neighboring colleagues from Vallées et château to reach this limit. It was a lot of work, very complicated. On January 1, 2017, the community of rivers and castles of Brie was created. It includes five inter-municipal municipalities, such as Fontaine-le-Port, which were formerly part of the Pays de Seine. He chose to join us because he wanted to stay in the village. The CCBRC also includes Ancoeur or Coubert in the Yerres sector, Grisy-Suisnes and Guignes connected to Soignolles-en-Brie. Finally, in the center of Brie are Yèbles, Champeaux, Fouju and Champdeuil. On the other hand, we lost Mainsy. I corrected that the village remained with us, but we lost.

Does this community seem homogenous to you?

Yes. This area with 40,000 inhabitants covering an area of ​​366 km2 is rural. I didn’t choose the easy way, but I don’t regret it. Le Châtelet-en-Brie is the largest municipality with a population of 4,500. The population of the other 20 does not exceed 1,000. They face the same problems, the same difficulties, the same needs.

What are the assets of the area?

We have a very sustainable agricultural activity with many surfaces. We also have forests, rivers and 6 sensitive nature areas.

Since the health crisis, the area’s appeal has grown and the population has grown

In built heritage, we benefit from the castle of Blandy-les-Tours, the collegiate church of Champeaux or the castle of Epoisses. We also have remarkable washrooms and bridges. Since the health crisis, the area’s appeal has grown and the population has grown. The inhabitants of the great crown of Paris are joining our municipalities, I see it in Mashot. This has led to a significant increase in real estate prices. We are 1 hour from Paris on the A5 and at the crossroads of several major centers such as Melun, Fontainebleau, Brie-Comte-Robert and Nangis. Our area, which is quite attractive, is 90% fiber. And it hosts major well-known events such as the factory day in Blandy-les-Tours, the Rando des 3 châteaux and the Val d’Ancoeur rally. More than 100 accommodations with 700 beds are located in the form of lodges and guest rooms. In December, we opened a website dedicated to local tourism.

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What services are available to residents and traders?

We have 10 structures dedicated to early childhood and 2 recreation centers that can accommodate 1150 children. In addition, 12 people cut the area for personal services for those who feel the need, especially for food delivery. That’s between 15,000 and 17,000 meals a year. Our economic development department also supports local businesses by supporting the opening of bars and grocery stores. Currently, CCBRC includes about 150 enterprises. We also support local producers who sell directly.

How do you combat medical desertification?

A group of elected officials is working hard on the topic. We have just opened a medical center in Châtelet-en-Brie. Soignolles-en-Brie is under construction and Champeaux will follow. In addition, a teleconsultation booth is likely to be set up in Grisy-Suisnes.

What other challenges lie ahead?

There is a problem of water resources. Since 2017, we have seen that our heritage is aging and there is much cleaning, preservation and distribution to be done. The ecological transition is an important issue, and it will be necessary to limit the carbon footprint, especially by enhancing mobility. As well as the preservation of the supportive and pleasant living environment formed by its heritage and natural spaces, but also the support of the economic world.

As for economic activity, are you in favor of the creation of Crisenoy ZAC, whose fate is tied to the future prison?

Since 2017, the community of municipalities has been empowered in matters of economic development. Previously, half of the communes belonged to the dissolved charter union. We had to take this file. You should know that there was a change of municipality in Krisenoy in 2014.

According to the appeals, the producers went elsewhere, the project was overgrown

He did not want to support the ZAC project. Nestlé wanted to build a factory with 1000 employees, like Leroy Merlin and Alinea. But according to requests, the producers went elsewhere. The project is covered with vegetation. The problem is that there are no other places to welcome new businesses. The prefect accepted us to build a ZAC and a 1000-bed prison off the A5. The state is stronger than us, the investigation is ongoing and progressing. For my part, I think we need this development, especially for residents who work far away. There is a project to create a central kitchen that prepares food from local products, a CNG station for clean vehicles and a methanizer. We cannot separate the penitentiary from the ZAC. There are differences of opinion, but today 80% of elected officials are in favor of it. This is the only resource that can be crafted to improve recipes.

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