4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review: Dark


United States: 2000
Original Name:-
Director: David Twohy
Screenplay: Jim Wheat, Ken Wheat, David Twohy
Actors: Vin Diesel, Cole Hauser, Radha Mitchell
Publisher: L’Atelier d’Images
Duration: 1h51
Genre: Science Fiction
Release date: July 19, 2000
BR/4K release date: December 20, 2022

When a spaceship collides with a meteorite and crashes on an unknown planet, only a few passengers survive. The members of this motley crew soon realize that time is running out for them: a very long eclipse is about to plunge the planet into total darkness and give way to bloodthirsty creatures of the night. As the death toll mounts, they are forced to turn to Riddick, a brutal prison escapee killer, to lead them in the dark…



“Cinema is above all a story of ideas, passion and craftsmanship rather than big money. with BlackDavid Twohy proves it to us 23 million dollars and with one shoot sent to the Australian desert of Coober Pedy for two months, we can make a quality B series. (…)

It’s a movie dynamic from start to finish and achievement is the main factor of this success. Black divided into two parts. On this unknown planet, where our small group of survivors will try to survive, two periods will come: the day when the characters will recognize each other, judge each other, andcomplete darknessthe masks in the heart will come off and reveal the true nature of each.

The special effects During the accident, he sincerely attended the scene nothing exciting or bluff, but this is by no means the defining point in our overall assessment of the film. Not to be judged by a work of science fiction quality of technical means Applied or as a meanness skyline it would be a masterpiece. Let’s agree on this: Black above all a work built on good ideas. David Twohy masterfully demonstrates the codes of the genre, while at the same time proving to be quite adept in terms of composition of shots and image in general.

The first daytime phase is real a single beauty, David Twohy gives the image a special style and atmosphere, especially using yellow and blue filters. Certain shots and sequences in the film are frankly spectacular, photo by David Eggby (crazy) is absolutely remarkable. The planet seems heavy and suffocating, the Sun’s presence affects the characters but proves to be their lifeline. We slowly discover who they are and it doesn’t take long for the action to build – very little stopping and almost no unnecessary links will be reported.

Obviously, the principle is a small group of people fighting for survival in the face of monstrous creatures. little seen and reviewed, but stands out especially here. As the night falls and the danger intensifies, the characters of some will take over, showing us different aspects of human nature. From the plot to sacrifice some of the members to the lie that endangers the whole group but ensures its survival, all the heroes have a real personality. L’together is homogeneous and frankly interesting. Betting on this aspect rather than visual enhancement gives some credit to David Twohy’s work. The group develops through their interactions, but each character also gradually changes as an individual.

The writing of the characters is of a better quality as the character Riddick seems like the opposite of what we’ve come to expect from him. Vin Diesel is brilliant in his first role as a charismatic anti-hero with a cleverly dark humor and animal intelligence. Instead of serving us as an unsophisticated hero and living up to the genre’s clichés, he’s ultimately the opposite. We say that if the film is successful “bad” is successful, which is proof. The rest of the cast is pretty even, everyone does pretty well, esp Radha Mitchell is very believable, and his duet with Vin Diesel works well. »

Excerpt from a review by our editor Jean-Michel Berlamont. Check it out by clicking this link!

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray box set


After exposing both Vin Diesel and David Twich (though sci-fi buffs had noted his name from the excellent film. Arrival with Charlie Sheen), Black for this reason, it recently arrived in France in the format 4K Ultra HD Blu-raythanks to his efforts Photo workshop. First of all, let’s note that David Twich’s film is offered here both in the “Cinema” version (1h48) and in its own version. “Director’s Cut” version (1h51): the latter will not be a discovery for owners of the American Blu-ray edition of the film, which has been around for almost fifteen years – unzoned – but the director’s cut has not yet been released in France, and we do not know what to do. Welcome Photo workshop to offer to French consumers.

But with this 4K edition, a real revolution Blackit’s the fact that we can finally see David Twohy’s film in Ultra High Definition – a real re-discovery for those who have so far been able to find his excellent reputation. Black it was a bit exaggerated. Even those who, like the author of these lines, discovered the film in the cinema will not be able to imagine how much this 4K scan destroys everything in its path. The improvement in the level of detail, the accuracy of colors and especially blacks (which is clearly highlighted here thanks to HDR-10 technology) explodes clearly and magnificently from the first minutes of the film. Sepia images get a new orange tint, blue desert images get an extra glow, and everything gets a general boost that’s truly amazing. As for the soundtracks, a (very good) French version is offered in the mix DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 extremely effective, rich with all kinds of spatialization effects. A little fuller and thinner, the original version is also mixed DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 – offers us an even more memorable immersion. Goldsmith’s work.

On the extras side, the film’s 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray has no bonuses other than a “discovery area” dedicated to other recent releases. Photo workshop. Blu-ray containing the “Cinema” version of the film Black captures most of the additions that have been available for a little over two decades in various video editions of Black sealed Universal Pictures. So we’ll start with Audio commentary by Vin Diesel, Cole Hauser and David Twohywe will continue with Audio commentary by David Twohy, Tom Engelman and Peter Chiang and we’ll (or won’t) return to the wonderful Universal bonuses improved on this occasion: short Introduction by David Twohy (2 minutes), two features with a brief review of the set (9 minutes total), the animated diary of John the bounty hunter (6 minutes), a visual encyclopedia of the film presented by Cole Hauser (2 minutes), a micro-thread dedicated to the animated film. dark rage (2 minutes), a surreal theme about a promotional night shaped “Rave Party” organized for the screening of the film (with Carl Cox and Nigel Richards on board – 21 minutes) and devoted to a (good) little theme Video game “The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from the Butcher” on Xbox (2 minutes). We’ll finish with a handful trailers. Unfortunately short dark ragecreates a connection between Black and Chronicles of Riddick does not exist.

Blu-ray containing the “Director’s Cut” version of the film Black contains more surprises and new modules. Besides a Film presentation by Julien Dupuy (35 minutes), accompanied by a opening sequence analysis Exclusive to this French edition (12 minutes), here we will find many treasures taken from the British edition. Arrow in 2020. Therefore, we will enjoy first Interview with David Twohy (24 minutes), will discuss his love of science fiction films and how he broke into the Hollywood industry. He will also talk about the writing process, then filming in Australia, the casting of the film, some of the challenges he faced during the shoot, especially the studio. Then make way for actresses with a Interview with Rhiana Griffith (12 minutes), as well as a Interview with Claudia Black (7 minutes), both will reminisce about the movie. Final interviews will be more technical in nature Interview with Peter Chiangspecial effects supervisor (13 minutes), a Interview with David Eggbyproduction director (11 minutes) and a Interview with Graeme Revell, composer (11 minutes). It should also be noted that Combo Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD + 2 Blu-ray Black edited by Photo workshop is presented in a excellent steel book in the colors of the film.

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