10 consecutive wins for the group in Ja!

The Grizzlies have been on top for two weeks. Tonight, he won big again against the Memphis Suns to extend his streak to 10, 30 for 13 (tied with Denver for the best record in the West). With such an impression of comfort and dominance, we can talk about a favorite title?

A new victim on the hunting board. Last night, the Grizzlies showed their collective power again with a good win over the Suns (136-106). Trailing in the first half, Tennessee picked up the pace on its way back from the locker room and needed just 12 minutes to make up the difference. Ja Morant (29 points, 7 assists), Desmond Bane (28 points), Jaren Jackson Jr. (18 points, 8 rebounds) showed the trio. It’s very strong collectively, the ball moves well, everyone knows their role, like the current 10-game winning streak.

So yeah, looking at the last ten game schedule, it looks pretty easy: Suns twice (destroyed), Hornets, Magic, Raptors, Pacers (without Tyrese Haliburton), and Spurs twice. The Grizzlies started as favorites each time, but games were still must-wins. They did it skillfully, the mark of good teams.

The Grizz are still undefeated in 2023 and keep riding more of a positive wave. They are unbeaten since December 27. Losses to the Warriors on Christmas Day and the Suns two days later were enough for the Bears to respond, as they rolled up their sleeves and picked up the pace. Memphis has been spreading its basketball for just two weeks. A cohesive group has formed around the still-powerful Ja Morant (27.4 points, 7.9 assists and 5.8 rebounds this season). They are coaching the best basketball of their lives, led by a veteran but still very valuable Stephen Adams, Tyus Jones, Jaren Jackson Jr., Brandon Clarke or even Desmond Bane.

“Our defensive spirit was impressive. We had a few gaps at times, and at times we let our opponents do what they wanted, but once we’re focused, we’re hard to beat. Our defense was very consistent.” – Ja Morant, after the win over the Suns.

Ja is right, if the offense isn’t the overall problem for this team, the defense hasn’t always been perfect. He is capable of the best and the worst (2 defense rating last season, but this season until the beginning of December 30th), The Grizzlies, especially the exceptional Jaren Jackson Jr. and a phase has passed since the return of Desmond Bane. More communication, more desire, more intensity, good defense also opens up more opportunities for them in attack. 135 points against the Spurs, 130 against the Pacers, 136 against the Suns, the Grizz put on a show offensively and defensively. This team is all over the place and is really starting to get very, very serious for coach Taylor Jenkins’ liking.

“I am proud of my players. They had the right mentality defensively and physically. Our rotations and activity were good, we forced turnovers, we know how well we start and finish the ball. We are reliable. We are more and more competitive, so we have to build on that.”

If the Grizzlies are one of the most beloved teams to see the game, then first of all, thanks to the collective that everyone brings a touch. Sure, Ja Morant continues to rock the top 10, but Jaren Jackson Jr. and Steven Adams brings solidity to the defense, adding Desmond Bane and Dillon Brooks. intermediateBrandon Clarke, Tyus Jones and Santi Aldama are valuable off the bench.

With trade deadline approaching, some wonder if the Grizzlies really need to look for additional pieces to play early roles in the playoffs. But given the current dynamics and the level shown, Memphis did not show the need.

A complementary group that loves to play together and wins matches, raising ambitions. Is it enough to be favorite for the title?


Text source: NBA, Basketball Reference

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