This very promising canceled video game may have the right to a second chance

Game News This very promising canceled video game may have the right to a second chance

The announcement of a new video game is always good news, and the announcement of a canceled video game is always bad news. But how about the announcement of the resurrection of a project that we thought was definitely buried? Imagine if we could have the opportunity to learn!

January 2017 started very badly for gamers, fans of the Xbox brand, but what if January 2023 brings unexpected great news? From January 9 Microsoft It is with great regret that the cancellation of Scalebound has been made official, The exclusive Xbox One console was also planned to be released on PC eventually. A big heartbreaker for many action-RPG fans fooled by this title made by Platinum Gamesa well-known developer whose project makes you dream. However, all may not be lost, and there may still be hope to see this game reborn from its ashes…


  • One of the saddest cancellations of his generation
  • PlatinumGames wants to partner with Microsoft again

One of the saddest cancellations of his generation

This very promising canceled video game may have the right to a second chance

For two and a half years, Scalebound was one of the most anticipated titles of its generation.

Announced at E3 2014, Scalebound was one of the first big Xbox One exclusives to garner attention. Compared to Japan, it is historically backward Nintendo and sony, The American manufacturer has made a big leap by hiring the services of a famous Japanese studio to produce an exclusive that can attract players from all over the world, It looks like Monster Hunter, maybe more accessible. Known for edgy action games (MadWorld, Bayonetta, Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance…), co-founded by the equally talented and whimsical Hideki Kamiya, the studio was more than a great choice. Offering exclusive quality titles to Xbox and PC gamers.

This very promising canceled video game may have the right to a second chance

3 months after Scalebound was canceled, PlatinumGames had a hit with NieR:Automata.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned between Microsoft and the developers who had yet to start designing NieR:Automata. At first sightless, Especially after two press releases at gamescom 2015 and then a preview at E3 2016, the development of the title was actually very complex, not to say chaotic. Its cancellation later led to more criticism directed at Microsoft than PlatinumGames and many rumors suggested that the studio was using the budget allocated by the producer to develop another project in parallel, without being able to tell the truth from the lie. However, in late 2021, Hideki Kamiya would explain the reasons for the cancellation, suggesting that PlatinumGames shared the blame, even publicly apologizing to the studio on his behalf.

PlatinumGames wants to partner with Microsoft again

A few weeks after this almost surprising statement a game designers PlatinumGames, known for its rather unusual communication, said that it wants to restart the project. Another co-founder of the studio, Atsushi Inaba said that “Kamiya (has) always wanted to do Scalebound,” before adding that they wanted to “have a real discussion with Microsoft.” (sic). Statements approved by his colleague with enthusiasm tinged with irony, but completely convincing:

We’ve been working on it a lot and it doesn’t make sense for Microsoft to keep the game in its current state, so we’d like to do something about it (laughs). Phil! Let’s do it together!

– Hideki Kamiya, excerpt from an interview with IGN Japan, February 2022

If Microsoft has removed the game’s trailers from its YouTube channel and also from its dedicated page on its official website, it’s clear that PlatinumGames’ work of more than two years has not been completely erased. Thus, the studio will have a certain amount of “material” to restart the project, This clearly seems to be the very real intention of its thinking leaders, but after this debacle, it will not be easy to get Microsoft’s approval. As part of the XboxEra podcast, a an insider Specialized in the Xbox scene (Shpeshal_Nick) revealed the two parties have been in contact again to discuss the possibility of relaunching the Scalbound intellectual property, although discussions are still in their infancy. Obviously, this is just a rumor that will be picked up with all the tweezers, but maybe some good news will come out of nowhere soon.

This very promising canceled video game may have the right to a second chance

Recall that Scalebound was an action-RPG that put us in the place of a young hero named Drew, accompanied by a dragon named Thuban. The title was planned to alternate between a single-player quest and a co-op mode for four players. Of course, if the project was revived in partnership with Microsoft, now we have to wait for a title for the Xbox Series and maybe think about integration. first day on Xbox Game Pass.

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