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Adapted from the hit comic book, La Guerre des Lulus will hit theaters on January 18. From the strength of his faith to the impressive cast, there are 3 main reasons to watch this movie for young and old alike.

What is he talking about?

At the beginning of the First World War, four inseparable friends formed the group Lulus: Lucas, Luigi, Lucien and Ludwig. These orphans are always ready to join forces to face Octave’s rival group or escape Abbé Turpin’s control…

Lulu goes missing when the orphanage is evacuated. Forgotten behind enemy front lines, they are now alone in the middle of the conflict. They decide to join Switzerland, the “land that has never been at war” at all costs, but are soon joined by Luce, an estranged young girl.

There are 3 main reasons to discover this gem that should delight young and old!

For the collective power of its moving characters

Away from their sights, Lulus must stick together. The hour of games and innocence seems far away in a time of war when it is only a matter of survival. And again, the real power of children is here! A muddy lake or old suits are enough to bring back their smiles and joy. A few berries turn into a feast, and the smallest encounter becomes an opportunity to make friends.

The mischievous and cute young actors do justice to their performances and don’t let you soften them up. The bright and curious Ludwig (Léonard Fauquet), the brave elder Lucien (Loup Pinard) or the cheerful Lucas (Tom Castaing): all embody a childhood face that will reflect your memories.

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The adults are not left out, and as successful as they are, they make up an eclectic gallery of characters. From Isabelle Carre, the witch, to François Damiens as the abbot, Alex Lutz as the teacher, to Ahmet Silla as the warrior, everyone interprets their score with charm and gusto, making moviegoers quickly fall in love with this hilarious troupe.

Because of the appeal of tolerance and interest

When war is seen through the eyes of children, it is difficult to escape Manichaeism… At least, one might think so! Yann Samuell, who is used to making films at the height of children (directing Children’s Games, Age of Mind or War of the Buttons), has used all his talents here to adapt the original story of the authors Regis Hautière and Hardoc. comic strip of the same name, without falling into easy traps.

Intriguingly, the five Lulus travel across France and encounter as many allies as enemies. But sometimes, with the magic of words and feelings, the relationship is reversed. For example, once out of uniform, Private Hans becomes their most valuable ally and friend. A dichotomy summed up by Mr. Leutelier, played by Alex Lutz: “Can you imagine that the person you consider your enemy for a ridiculous borderline could be your friend?” Something that will resonate in the minds of young and old alike.

Copyright Thibault Grabherr, Christine Tamalet – 2022 –SUPERPROD – WILD BUNCH – LES FILMS DU LEZARD – ELLE DRIVER – BIBIDUL PRODUCTIONS

Painting for the quality of this period

Far from being watered down, La Guerre des Lulus aims to be a realistic picture of the times and is superb in its portrayal of battle scenes.

Every detail reflects authenticity. It must be said that producer Herald Najar left nothing to chance: “I found books at flea markets from the 1920s that depicted the First World War through soldiers’ stories, with many illustrations in the form of drawings and engravings.“A work that bears its fruit on the screen, where no element collides with the represented whole.

Sets, costumes and special effects transport the audience to 1914, sometimes right in the middle of the trenches, but not only: villages, abbeys and forests are also explored with all the curiosity of a child, which opens the eyes to the world. innocent.

Lulus warRecommended for ages 10 and up, it will hit theaters on January 18.

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