It’s MLK Day in the NBA, nine games, nine odds

Betting friends, betting friends, like every year, the NBA is inviting us to the games this Martin Luther King Day. There are nine matches on the schedule this Monday, January 16. And it will go from 19:00 in the Châteauroux time zone until late at night, but 6 of these 9 matches will start before midnight! As always, if you have a good nose, this gives you many opportunities to double the kiff with a small bet.

As every year, we offer one odds for each match for this special evening. Here are some tips to guide the more gamers among you, hoping it will be useful for you. Last year we passed 8 out of 12 matches and therefore 12 odds!! (Yes, we throw flowers at ourselves) Very cool account, because the goal is clear: to break our partner’s bank BetSport ! But never forget to gamble responsibly, i.e. betting only money you can lose. A hashtag doesn’t bolus, you know.

Daily odds

  • 19:00: Hornets (3.60) – Celtics (1.29)
  • 20:30: Bucks (1.17) – Pacers (5.20)
  • 21:00: Knicks (1.66) – Raptors (2.25)
  • 9pm: Wizards (2.20) – Warriors (1.69)
  • 21:00: Cavaliers (1.38) – Pelicans (3.10)
  • 9.30pm: Falcons (1.96) – Heat (1.85)
  • 10.00pm: Wolves (1.71) – Jazz (2.15)
  • 00:00: Grizzlies (1.19) – Sun (4.80)
  • 4:30: Lakers (1.37) – Rockets (3.15)

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Hornets- The Celtics (19:00)

LaMelo Ball and Jayson Tatum each scored at least 25 points (1.90): LaMelo Ball started the season late due to injury. Nestled comfortably deep in the Eastern Conference, these Hornets remain a fairly safe bet in terms of scoring. Averaged 24 points per game and he scored 30+ points twice in a row against the Raptors and Celtics. He’s going to have shots and he can hit them. On the Celtics side, with Jaylen Brown still out, Jayson Tatum will have plenty of time to do a lot of offense on his own. What a 25 points Jayson, we hope you provide half of this great rating!

dollar- Pacers (20:30)

Giannis Antetokounmpo at least 25 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists (2.15): The stranger from Greece has not played in the last two matches, losing two times against their great friends the Heat. A little earlier, in the win against the Falcons, he struggled to score, going a measly 3/10 for just 7 points in the end. Giannis Antetokounmpo will be back tonight, possibly for an upset. That’s all we want here. 25 points, 28 times out of 35 games. 10 rebounds, made 25 of 35. He gave 5 assists, 21 times out of 35. All three at the same time: 12 times in this famous 35 games. In short, we’re asking Giannis for his averages for the season. Not a lot, but above all, not a little.

KnicksRaptors (21:00)

Jalen Brunson minimum 20 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists (1.85): The Knicks are doing well right now, and Jalen Brunson is clearly no stranger to that good momentum. The New York native has over 22 points, 3 rebounds and 6 assists this season, improving to almost 32-6-6 since the start of 2023. What to be sure about tonight’s bet. Sure, NY is back-to-back, but 20 points – 3 rebounds – 5 assists for Brunson against Toronto, that should pass.

WizardsWarriors (21:00)

Wizards lead at halftime (1.94): a little unusual, but not without interest for all that. On the contrary. We know how tough the Warriors have been on the road this year, and we also know that they have a back-to-back tonight in Washington, and they will be without Klay Thompson (in addition to Iguodala, Kuminga, Wiseman and J. Green). . This could allow Washington to take control in front of their home crowd early in the game, especially since the Wizards are practically done. Only Bradley Beal is questionable, but Bealou could return.

Riderspelicans (21:00)

Donovan Mitchell scores at least 25 points and the Cavs win (2.20): The Cavs guard is averaging 29 points per night since the start of the season. He reached 25 units 26 times out of 39 games he participated in. Plus, the Cavs just lost to Minnesota in a game where Mitchell was stuck for 14 points, so we have a good spot in the jargon. The Pelicans defense is very solid, but Buddy Donovan will have the shots he needs to score and his aggressiveness will be important in this practice. As for Cleveland’s victory, we remind you that the Pelicans are still without Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram.

Falcons – Heat (21:30)

Trae Young minimum 20 points, 3 rebounds and 7 assists (2.95): chances are high!! Trae Young has been listed as “probable” for tonight’s game against the Heat. So he has to play, but he has to be watched all the same if he can beat us. Then, imagine the Hawks leader scoring 20 points and giving up 7 steals, even against a very good defense like Miami, it’s not incredible. Therefore, the risk lies in the fact that there are three statistical lines in the match, and especially rebounds. Average 2.8 per game for Atlanta sprite. We are not far away. Those are pretty good arguments for odds of 2.95, aren’t they?

monsters – Jazz (22:00)

Jazz win (2.15): Certainly, Minnesota has a good dynamic, but Minnesota also has a busy hospital. In addition to Karl-Anthony Towns, who has been out for several weeks, Rudy Gobert was injured last game against Cleveland, and Anthony Edwards remains questionable for tonight’s game against Utah. In other words, that’s a lot of wounds, and Utah could very well benefit from it. Jazz is never easy to play, especially given Jordan Clarkson’s current level. However, the status of Lauri Markkanen, who is uncertain for this match, will have to be monitored.

Grizzlies- Suns (00:00)

Grizzlies score at least 121 points (1.95): The Grizzlies are in full swing right now, especially on offense. 130, 135, 121, 123, 123, 131 – Memphis’ points in each of its last six games. Facing a rushing Suns team, Ja Morant’s group could have fun and offer a new offensive card. Minimum 121 points, coefficient is 1.95. For the more ambitious, know that over 122 points increases to 2.05.

Lakers- Rockets (04:30)

The Rockets’ first team scored 10 points (1.90): the type of odds you shouldn’t bet your house on because it usually involves a higher degree of randomness than others. Both teams are on the back foot after yesterday’s defeat. We’re betting here that Jalen Green’s return to action (after a suspended game) will fuel Houston’s offense and start the game. Early in the game, Texans aggressiveness, 4 baskets, two of them behind the arc, the Angelinos take their time. That’s all we ask.

That’s all for today. We hope these tips help!

The odds offered in this article will rise or fall between the time these lines are written and the time they are read. Therefore, we give this advice as an indication and without ever guaranteeing the outcome, provided that the odds are always there (no, we are not predictors yet).

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