CES 2023: here are the innovations that will dominate

After scouring the world’s biggest tech show for the most innovative products, last week we compiled a list of the best products from CES 2023. We have identified six products that are innovative, unique and have the potential to stand out. the most positive effect. Here they are.

Replace the wireless TV

Replace the window mounted TV.

June Wan/ZDNET

Televisions have been the centerpiece of CES for decades, and TV manufacturers set up some of the biggest booths there. So it’s highly unlikely that a 6-person startup would come to CES and outdo the biggest companies at the show, but that’s exactly what Displace has done at CES 2023 by showing off the world’s first wireless TV.

The TV is surprisingly light and runs on hot-swappable batteries that last about a month. Connects wirelessly to a base station to receive content. Another innovation: it is possible to easily move the TV to different places in the house: thanks to the suction technology, it can be attached to almost any surface without a stand. It also doesn’t use a remote. Instead, users control it with gestures and a smartphone app. It’s pretty amazing how ambitious Displace is in trying to improve the TV experience. Its 55-inch TV will go on sale later this year for $2,999.

Learn more about Displace TV

Movano Evie Ring

Evie Ring


Movano is creating the first wearable fitness tracker to be certified as a medical device by the FDA to raise the level of accuracy and reliability of wearable devices. The sad truth about most fitness trackers today is that they don’t need to be accurate, and many of them aren’t, especially in some cases. The fact that Movano plans to bring medical-grade fitness trackers to market is significant in itself.

For its first product on the market, Movano is also addressing another problem with current fitness trackers: they’re almost all designed for men first and then adapted to women’s needs. Movano flips the script with the Evie ring by optimizing this product mainly for women and for women’s health. Evie will be released in mid-2023. Fitness trackers for men will follow.

Learn more about Evie Ring.

HTC Vive XR Elite

Photo: HTC

The ZDNET team went to CES 2023 to see if anyone in the metaverse could interest us. And HTC made good on its promise by unveiling the most impressive XR headset we’ve seen yet and reiterating its promise to work on an open ecosystem that will turn the metaverse into a 3D version of the AI-powered internet. It would be a better metaverse than anything we’ve seen so far.

The HTC Vive XR Elite headset is ridiculously light and comfortable to wear, offers top-notch visuals, and is relatively reasonably priced ($1,999) for a high-end headset. The headset can stream content from phones, computers and online VR platforms. HTC says it’s working with anyone in the VR industry who wants to create an open, cross-platform metaverse like the open Internet.

At CES 2023, Virtual Samurai author Neal Stephenson, who helped envision the metaverse in his novel and is also an advocate for an open metaverse, joined HTC to launch the call for an open metaverse. Stephenson’s blockchain-based startup Lamina1 is also emerging as a major player in the open metaverse debate. You can also create your own metaverse avatar and start stepping on viverse.com with or without a helmet for free.

Lenovo ThinkBook Wireless Docking Station



Among Lenovo’s announcements of new laptops and PCs, and even smartphones, is the launch of the Lenovo ThinkBook Wireless Dock. It allows your laptop to wirelessly connect to a pair of 4K monitors at 60Hz. The accessory also comes with a wireless charging pad that currently works with one Lenovo laptop model, but clearly has the potential to be included in future models.

The wireless docking station is equipped with Synaptics technology, which is also included in the Targus wireless docking station, which will work with other brands of laptops. The bottom line is that this technology would be great for modern workers who work hot in the office, move between conference rooms and walk from the docking station to their desk. It’s a better and more flexible option than current USB-C connectivity solutions, and we’d love to see more of it in the coming years.

Flex Hybrid from Samsung Display

Samsung Display's Flex Hybrid

Samsung Display’s Flex Hybrid screen can be folded on the left side and extended on the right side. Photo: Samsung Display

After interest in foldable smartphones peaked in 2019, most phone manufacturers have shelved their foldable devices over the past few years. However, Samsung continues to release new foldable models every year, and its component manufacturing arm, Samsung Display, made a splash at CES 2023 by showing off its latest concepts for the future of phones. These include a variety of models that bend, tilt and stretch. .

The most ambitious of these prototypes is the Flex Hybrid, which opens up like a book — like the current Galaxy Fold 4 — but can then accommodate a hidden screen extension to give you more screen real estate. So it truly transforms from a foldable phone to a tablet. It’s unclear how usable this concept will be, but the way it bends and expands at the same time is impressive. It gives us a clear vision of how our phones will fit into our pockets and bags like they do today, but will also go beyond the confines of today’s foldable phones to give us a bigger and better experience, becoming fuller when needed.

Learn more about Samsung’s Flex Hybrid

FluentPet Connect

FluentPet Connect HexTiles


One of the Internet’s favorite viral stars of recent years is Bunny, a sheepdog who learned to communicate with his master by using a voice box to type over 90 words. The New York Times called Bunny “TikTok’s ‘Talking’ Dog” for his viral videos, which have garnered over 8 million followers on his TikTok account.

The soundbox Bunny uses is made by a company called FluentPet. At CES 2023, the company announced FluentPet Connect. Now you can not only hear the speaker when your dog or cat presses a certain button, but you can also get an alert on your phone when they press that button. That way, if you’re in another part of the house or at work, you can get information about what your pet is trying to communicate. It could be anything from your dog needing to go outside to the mailman coming to a stranger at your door.

Source: “ZDNet.com”

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