At work in 2023, Hello bank! Torpedo the competition by offering crazy bonuses

Societe Generale owns Boursorama Banque, while BNP Paribas is betting on Hello!. The latter is a highly respected online bank that has seen strong growth since its inception in 2013. To reach as many people as possible, Hello bank! has developed a wide range of banking products meet all customer needs.

Along with savings books, loans and other insurances, Hello bank! first of all, it capitalizes on the current account and bank card. You will have a choice between two formulas: the Hello One card, which is free and has no income conditions, or the Hello Prime card, which can be obtained for a contribution and a minimum net income level.

Either way, Hello bank! currently offers an 80 euro bonus when opening an account. This is a generous and rare bonus, especially for easy-to-open accounts. In the case of the Hello One formula, it will only take you a few minutes to open an account, activate it and use it. The latter actually wants to answer neo-banks like Revolut, which are 1) less complete, 2) more expensive and 3) never offer bonuses.

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By banking with the rigor and digital expertise of its parent company, Hello bank! offers an attractive proposition for all types of profiles. Whatever your intentions and needs, online banking can provide you with an effective answer and above all, it is not expensive. Even in its paid formula, it remains much cheaper than a traditional bank.

A different bonus depending on the formula

Hello bank! allows you to choose between two bank cards: Hello One and Hello Prime. Depending on which one you choose, the level of the bonus is more or less generous. In both cases, you just need to fill out the registration form and activate your account with the first payment to get the full bonus.

If you choose the free and unconditional Hello One formula, the bonus is 80 euros. On the other hand, the Hello Prime formula goes further: in addition to the 80 euro premium, the first 6 months will be free. For an individual account, this means an additional saving of 6 x 5 euros per month, or a total of 30 euros. Hello Prime therefore offers compensation of only €110.

While Hello One is unconditional, Hello Prime asks you to justify a pre-tax net income of €1,000 to access it. Therefore, it is necessary not only to pay a contribution of 5 euros per month (after the sixth month), but also to justify this income. However, it’s not about having them at your residence: you can simply send your income to “Hello bank!” you can prove it without paying to your account.

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Is the contribution and revenue requirement for Hello Prime justified? Absolutely. By using this premium formula, you get a Visa Premier-like bank card (for insurance and guarantees) and no out-of-pocket costs. Limits are higher, card debits can be deferred and you have all the free instant SEPA transfers. Compared to a traditional bank that can quickly charge you 20-40 euros per month for such a service, Hello bank! it’s a big thing.

Free formula in online banking

If you have a very simple use of your bank, you can also choose the Hello One formula very well. First of all, it has the advantage of being completely free. You just need to make one transaction per month (no minimum amount) to stay free. Then it does not require any proof of income. If you are an entrepreneur, for example, this saves you from having to pay yourself every month.

Hello One is less advanced in terms of insurance and guarantees and a little less dominant abroad (free and unlimited payments, free withdrawals at BNP Paribas and subsidiaries). This is still a better solution than neo-banks. By introducing this formula in 2020, the online bank wanted to give a big blow to the neo-banks.

Hello, open a current account in the bank! also gives you privileged access to all its products. You can potentially make it your main bank: savings, investments, loans, insurance. You have everything you need to build a foundation and healthy relationship over time. All these products can be subscribed and managed from the mobile app.

Hello bank! Currently a premium of 80 euros shows that we haven’t seen much in recent years. Whether it’s for the free Hello One plan or the premium Hello Prime version, now is the right time to jump in. This gives you a little boost to get started and discover the essence of this formula.

You’ll quickly find that online banking provides an efficient solution for banking…and at an incredible price. That’s hundreds of euros in savings every year compared to your current bank. If you choose the basic version of Hello One, it can cost you 0 euros per year. The service is not poor, just very competitive.

To get a bonus at Hello bank!, go here:

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