3 expert tips to turn your year around

Let’s take a look at the news: 2023 opens under dark auspices. All the more reason to boost your energy, unleash your creativity and feed your optimism. Here are three expert tips for doing just that.

Catherine Barba, co-founder of Envi: “Awaken the courage within us!”

Catherine Barba, co-founder of Envi, a new community and school for the self-employed Envi / Photo press

“My business advice for 2023: wake up your desire, wake up your courage inside us and dare to build yourself! I like this invitation from Eleanor Roosevelt:Do something that scares you every day», « do something that scares you every day». This year, it’s time to grab the world with both hands, jump into the water, do something that has tickled us for a long time. Dare to connect with this person you admire on LinkedIn, tell them what you want to say, dare to say no, dare to propose a new project in their company, dare to change the city, the life… And why not, open their account. . to be independent freelysolopreneur(e) is an option many of us have seriously considered since the Covid years.

One thing is for sure: it is better to spend time with freelancers and entrepreneurs. Their confidence, their recklessness, their touch of madness is so infectious! They encourage us, silence our fears and stresses, anchor us in the present, in action, in the joy of doing. We are always in touch with those who are bold and moving. In 2023, I wish you to enjoy this unique adventure of being the captain of your life together. As Epictetus wrote: “Everything is to change, not to cease to be, but to become what is not yet.” »

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China Lanzmann, leadership coach: “Regular meetings with a business friend!”

China Lanzmann, leadership coach and author A self-exercise guide for women (1) China Lanzmann/Press Photo

“In 2023, we are used to talking to our business friend! We meet on the phone for five minutes a day or so several times a week to review our priorities and discuss goals for the day. Committing someone to a task allows you to be more efficient! I call my co-worker twice a week for about an hour, sometimes more.

We can also review your past week together and prepare for the week ahead. If the first had to be reworked, what would have to be changed to make it ideal, even perfect? Conversely, what worked well and would be good to keep? Then we plan. If you had only one task to complete next week, what would it be? So we make it an absolute priority and try to deal with it from Monday or Tuesday onwards. How can I clear my diary in the next two weeks? We eliminate redundancy and add priorities, including time to reflect on yourself and work on your vision and strategy. It takes an hour a week to organize your time like this, but the return on investment is immediate.

Aurélie Canzoneri, naturopath: “One mono-diet a week to strengthen, but not all day!”

Aurélie Canzoneri, naturalist Louise Skadhauge / Photo press

“Mono diet consists of eating only one type of food for a certain period of time. I recommend doing this once a week, but not all day. For example, on Sunday from 4pm to 8am, you can eat as much raw or cooked food as you like. It has many benefits: you let your digestive system rest, detoxify your body, and this can be felt in the weight, fatigue or health of the skin.

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A mono diet should be prepared only from plant-based and easy-to-digest foods. That’s why we avoid fatty foods and legumes, and anything too acidic or sweet, such as citrus fruits, fruit juices, or dried fruits. Ideal would be a mono diet that is very complete and consists of vegetable juices, broths or apple sauces that help eliminate toxins. To really take care of yourself, we recommend drinking 1.5 liters of water a day and walking for 30 minutes to 1 hour. We need!”

(1) A Guide to Self-Coaching for Women, China Lanzmann, Pearson Publications, 288 pages, €14.90. Available at livre.fnac.com.

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