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A screenshot (or one screenshotsometimes abbreviated “screen” or a print screen The name of the print button. screen) whose content is the image shown in a moment (Instantaneous defines the smallest component of time. Not instantaneous…) given screen (A monitor is a common output device of a computer. It is a screen where …) ofcomputer (A computer is a machine equipped with a processing unit that allows it to…)of television (Television is the transmission of cable or radio waves, images or…). or everything (The whole, understood as the whole of what exists, is often interpreted as the world or…) other deviceshow (The screen determines the application of the surface of the script paper in a public place (and…).

Therefore, this image looks like a snapshot taken from the screen at the same time, only focusing on the frame rectangle (In geometry, a rectangle is a quadrilateral, its four angles…) screenshot. However, most modern computer graphics systems simply have the function to perform this operation, and therefore the first quite crafting technique is almost never used, or for systems that do not offer any capabilities of this genre (for example, where BIOSes as) can be as a last resort.


Graphic environment (The graphics environment is what is displayed in pixels on the monitor in computing…)

Screenshots are often used to show a usage example Software (In computing, software is a collection of processing data…)to do this advertising (Although the term (Werbung in German, Advertising and Advertising in English) was originally… or to explain how it works (in the latter case, we’re talking more about models).

But screenshots serve (Servent is a portmanteau of the words server and client.) but also the exchange of information that often cannot be translated into text or is not limited to it. For example, when a user encounters a problem with a software, he or she can a catch (In astronautics, an eclipse is a process involving a celestial body which…) screen is on Internet (The Internet is a global computer network that provides services to the public…) of situation (In geography, situation is a concept of space that allows for the relative location of a place…) he finds himself stuck in a place where people can help him understand what is best Context (The context of the event includes the circumstances and conditions surrounding it;…) a problem arises. He can also send it to a friend using instant messaging (Instant messaging or chat (qc), also called…) allows you to send files.

The game video (Video brings all techniques, technologies together, allows recording, as well as…)

In the field of games video (Video brings all techniques, technologies together, allows recording, as well as…)screenshots (often referred to by the English word screenshot and even screen short) play an important role in advertising a game, as they allow players to get an idea of ​​its graphical quality before making it available. purchase (In general, acquisition is the act of acquiring or acquiring information…). Screenshots also heavily illustrate the official guides and allow you to support the explanation using an accurate in-game image.

In addition, one of the advantages of video game screen capture is that it is low weight (Weight is the force of gravity, derived from gravity and inertia, exerted by …) compared to video. Thus, interception can be transmitted more easily on networks, even though current connections are getting faster and faster. diffusion (In everyday language, the term diffusion refers to the concept of …) videos.

Screenshots are also an easy way for players to share pictures of their score, a bug, or an unexpected event such as the discovery of a bug. easter eggs (Easter egg in calculation (English expression, literally “egg…).

Get a screenshot

Underneath Microsoft Windows (Windows is a series of…)

There are two shortcuts:

  • Key Print Screen Where Print screen places the full screen capture on the clipboard;
  • the combination (Could be a combination 🙂 of keys ALTPrint Screen embeds a screenshot of the window (In architecture and construction, a window is a bay, an opening or pan in a wall…) active…

It is then possible to paste the contents of the clipboard into a graphics software such as Paint by pressing Ctrl+V and save the resulting image. file (File is where files are stored. It can be furniture, room,…).

It is also possible to take a screenshot using the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista and select the desired window or region with a freeform or rectangular outline. then it can be marked before saving.

Underneath Mac OS X (Mac OS X is a line of custom operating systems developed and…)

macOS (Mac OS (for Macintosh Operating System) is the name of Apple’s operating system…) X offers several options for taking a screenshot.

Key combinations

  • capital letter – command (apple key) – 3 (not too cobble stone (A cobblestone is a stone or concrete block in the form of a cube or parallelepiped…) digital) will capture the entire screen and place the result in a file on the desktop Image x.png (where x is a number). If you are using a multi-monitor setup, one file will be created for each monitor.
  • shift – command (apple key) – 4 (not on the numeric keypad) will show a cross to limit the area of ​​the screen to be drawn. A pressure (Pressure is a basic physical concept. You can think of it as a force expressed…) this cross on the spacebar will allow you to take a screenshot of a screen element (menu, window, dock, etc.) by turning it into a camera. The captured element is highlighted as it passes mouse (The term mouse, for French speakers, pre….

if you press the button control (The word control can have several meanings. It can be used as a synonym for the words exam, of…) When drawing (Ctrl), the result will be saved in the press, not in the file paper (Paper (from Latin papyrus) is a material made of fibers…). You can then paste it into any program that accepts images.

The default format for files created under Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” is PNG. It is possible to change this format, but this requires either in-line manipulation of the code (or a call to a function). utility (Utility may refer to:) as OnyX): with TerminalLet’s:

       defaults write com.apple (Apple, Inc. (Apple Computer, Inc. jusqu'en janvier 2007 ; apple signifie « pomme »...).screencapture type format      

where format BMP (Windows bitmap), GIF, JPEG2000 (JPEG 2000 or ISO/IEC 15444-1 is a common standard between ISO, IEC and ITU-T…), JPEG (The JPEG standard is a standard that defines the recording format and algorithm of…)PDF, PICT, PNG, PSD, SGI, TGA & TIFF.

Finally, enter:

       killall SystemUIServer      

restart the graphics server (completely invisible and immediately). If you don’t like the command lines, you can restart the session.

Other applications provided by Apple

  • Grab app catch offers one more option: screenshot after a time limit (Delay, according to Wikimedia Commons, is “the time given to do something…).
  • Preview version 3 (Mac OS X 10.4) now has screenshot options.

These two programs save the recording in TIFF format.

  • A few commercial programs offer more advanced options, such as screen capture.

We cannot take pictures with Apple tools DVD (Officially DVD Digital Versatile Disc – other names though…) protected application reads ” DVD player “.

Under X The window (Windows is a series of operating systems produced by Microsoft, mainly…)

X Window Systems provides a small program for taking screenshots. We launch it with an online command etcthe syntax is:

      xwd -root -out root.xwd      


ImageMagick also provides a command line utility to perform import screenshots, use:

      import -window root root_window.png      


      import screen.png      

Pipe (A pipe is an object used for smoking cigarettes (tobacco, opium, etc.). It usually consists of two parts, etc.)

It is possible to use a pipe under Bash to take advantage of both the options that xwd and ImageMagick provide us:

      xwd -frame | convert xwd:- -colors 32 +dither /tmp/screenshot.png      

KDE (KDE has historically been a free software project centered around the desktop environment…)

KDE includes a program called KSnapshot for taking screenshots. This program can be started by going to K > Graphics > Ksnapshot or by clicking the Print button. Windows-like screen.

GNOME (GNOME, short for GNU Network Object Model Environment, is a free desktop environment…)

The screenshot is available by either pressing:

  • Print screen, to capture the entire screen;
  • Alt + Print. screen to draw the active window.

Or by running the “Screenshot” application located Applications → Accessories.

GIMP (GIMP (pronounced /gimp/), stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, literally “program…)

Tea GIMP (GIMP (pronounced /gimp/), stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, literally “program…) can also take screenshots using the menu File → Capture → Screenshot (Available on Windows and X Window).

The interest of Gimp is that in addition to screenshots common (Total is an absolute quality without exception. In accounting terms, a…) or a window, only one can be selected rectangular region A dimension selected by successively clicking two corners of a diagonal (We call the diagonal of a polygon any segment joining two nonconsecutive vertices (not…). All you need to do is save the resulting image in one of the many formats offered by Gimp.

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