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Cirey Castle

Period or style
friendly Castle (The castle was originally intended for the Middle Ages…)
Protection Rated HD (2002)

Latitude (Latitude is an angular value, an expression of the north-south position of a point on Earth…)
Length (Longitude is an angular value, an expression of the east-west position of a point on Earth…)
48° 19′ 47″ North
4° 56′ 23″ East
/ 48.3298, 4.9397
country (Country comes from the Latin pagus, which designates a territorial and tribal division…) France France
Historic district champagne
Region Champagne-Ardenne
department Haute Marne
French community Cirey-sur-Blaise
Cirey Castle

the cirey castle Located in Cirey-sur-Blaise, Haute-Marne. Cirey Castle owes its fame to the famous Voltaire, who was invited by Gabrielle Emilie de Breteuil, Marquis Du, from 1734 to 1749. Chatelet (In the Middle Ages, we used to call the small castles built at the top of the bridge châtlets,…)another brilliant mind XVIIIe century

The story

The castle was built in 1643 by Marquis Louis Gilles du Châtelet on the site of an old castle destroyed in 1633.

When Voltaire arrives at Cire, the castle flies ruined (a ruin is the rest of a building that has been damaged by time or more decay…), he built an additional wing decorated with a magnificent outer door sculpted on a drawing by the writer (sea decoration of shells and two faces of Neptune, one awake and the other asleep). Great feasts were held with sumptuous meals of up to a hundred different dishes.

Before Voltaire’s arrival, the residence was limited to the right wing (brick and stone), in the style of Louis XIII, with the highest roofs.

The Louis XIII pavilion was supposed to look like “a little Versailles”.

Voltaire set up a theater there, in this small room under the cornice, where the guests were supposed to act out the plays he wrote. Restoration work by the current owners has returned it to its former glory: a stage curtain in lengths of embroidered fabric painted in trompe-l’oeil. color (Color is the eye’s subjective perception of one or more wave frequencies…) blue, benches… This room is even more remarkable because it is one of the rare examples of private theaters from ancient times. XVIIIe century in France.

“It became Mme du Chatelet architect (An architect is a construction professional whose function is to design and direct…) and gardener. He puts the windows where I put the doors. It turns stairs into fireplaces and fireplaces into stairs. Where I offer elms, he plants lime trees; and if I planted a vegetable garden, he would make a bed. Moreover, it does the work of fairies home (A house is a medium-sized building intended for a family to live in,…). He turns rags into tapestries; he discovers the secret to providing Jirey with nothing. »

– Voltaire, Letter to Comtesse de La Neuville, November 1734.

The chapel (A church is a Christian place of worship that can form a building depending on the situation…) It was built in 1855 and decorated with paintings by Menissier for the Damas family. life (Life is a given name 🙂 Saint Charles Borromeo.

Cirey Castle is one today place of residence (The name of the place of residence is often given to a series of tracks that form a loop …) private. The owners of the castle open this historic castle to the general public to visit. Parts of the house XVIIe century and XVIIIe century drawing room, billiard room, dining room and theater furnished by Voltaire are classified. monument (Different countries have chosen to classify their historical monuments under different names.) on September 21, 1981, as well as their entrance vestibule,stairs (A staircase is an architectural structure consisting of a set of…) and other vaulted parts on September 9, 2002. Chapel and wing XIXe On September 21, 1981, cellars, a fruit shop, a stable and a stable, farm buildings, including a stable, a chicken house, soup kitchens, a pigeon house, a kennel, animal houses were registered. shepherd (Shepherd (shepherd) is the person responsible for leading and caring for the flocks…) and the farmer’stogether (In set theory, a set intuitively defines a collection…) of park (The park is an enclosed natural land,[1] formed from forests or meadows, in which…) and its various factory-type facilities (pavilions, mountain house (Chalet is originally a traditional mountain and village construction in Switzerland…)podium in the room water (Water is a ubiquitous chemical compound on Earth, essential for everyone…)belvedere), as well as a refrigerator, a wash house and its exit, an orangery, a residence and an old blacksmith’s hall, 26 December 2001.

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