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From the new Spielberg to the second part Dunes From Denis Villeneuve to Mission Impossible or Indiana Jones, a short tour of the great films expected before the end of the year. With Ozone, including the French side, Asterix and 3 musketeers.

babylon Damien Chazelle with Brad Pitt

Therefore, he is the director La La Land America kicks off the year with this great Hollywood blockbuster that flopped in the United States but still half-convinced us. You can’t miss a movie Brad Pitt. (in theaters now)

Fablemen By Steven Spielberg (February 22)

Except for the new horror movie Shyamalan (with my boyfriend Jonathan Groff, February 1), then new Ant-Man Quantummania with Paul Rudd (February 15), you will have to wait until the summer for big American films, the first months of the year are devoted above all to art house films in the fight for Oscars (eg tar of Todd Field with Cate Blanchett. That’s why it is Steven Spielberg Who will create the most autobiographical film that conquers us…

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (June 28)

An action-packed battle of the sexes ensues between Stainless Tom and the indomitable Harrison. Indiana Jones challenges fate for the first time (June 28) with Mads Mikkelsen and Antonio Banderas reach out to him and James Mangolddirector Le Mans 66 in control of this fifth episode of the series.

Tom Cruise is back in Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning (July 12)

He understood everything about making blockbusters. After the box Top Gun Maverick, Tom Cruise the actor-producer takes on his favorite director Mission impossible, Christopher McQuarrie, for two parts (the second is scheduled for June 2024), to do the first stunts for the young sex. And a nice first trailer with some shots in Italy… Unstoppable.

Dunes Denis Villeneuve’s Time Passes Part 2 (November 1)

Timothée Chalamet will always be there, but for what fate? We don’t know much more about the much-awaited second part of the film Dunes By Denis Villeneuve, who managed to create a well-thought-out blockbuster (almost) faithful to Frank Herbert’s novel. We can’t wait, but we’ll have to wait… November 1.

Ridley Scott and David Fincher as the underdog

Two of today’s biggest filmmakers will be there in 2023, even if their films aren’t dated… And for good reason: Napoleon of Ridley Scott with Joaquin Phoenix at home, on Apple +, and will be released Killer of David Fincheradapted from the graphic novel byAlexis Nolent, like several of his previous films, will catch Netflix’s algorithm. with Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton in the credits, but no official local release date.

Guillaume Canet’s “Asterix” kicks off the holidays (February 1)

Obviously the trailer is a bit scary, but the final battle was in Auvergne… So let’s be chauvinistic and forget it. Alain Chabat to give a chance Asterix and Obelix, Middle Kingdom, with Gilles Lellouche In Obelix and Marion Cotillard In Cleopatra. Holiday Sunday…

Silly and inimitable humor by Philippe Lacheau 2 at

With cameos Pascal Obispo, Gad Elmaleh Where Patrick Fioriunpretentious and always extremely regressive humor, Philip Lachaux and his group signs a film that should be the cartoon of the holidays. That’s how good it is. It was released on February 8.

Francois Ozon returns to comedy My crime (8 March)

there is ozone self-produced auteur cinema. And there is Ozone vase Where eight women with a crazy cast and an unparalleled sense of comedy. This side that looks is a priori My crime Finds the most difficult director of French cinema Fabrice Luchini, Isabelle Huppert, Andre Dussollier and welcome to his world Danny Boon and magnificent Rebecca Marder and Nadia Tereszkiewicz. For a 1930s boulevard comedy-style murder story.

The three musketeersD’Artagnan and Milady

We are not in danger boring with the return of French mainstream cinema this year. As we said Brad Pitt in babylon of Damien ChazellePathé tastes great” and his boss Jérôme Seydoux is still doing well: Martin Bourboulondirectoreiffelhe has already filmed the first two parts of his saga dedicated to his masterpiecesAlexander Dumas : this d’Artagnan (incarnated Francois Civil) will begin the battle for the French franchise on April 5 Milady (this time embodied Eva Green) on December 13, the director is already editing. with Vincent Cassel, Romain Duris, Lyna Khoudry, Louis Garrel and unfortunately) Pio Marmai for the rest of the cast. The trailer is already awesome, anyway.

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