LIVE – Tottenham v Arsenal: Odegaard doubles up, Gunners mastermind

Odegaard, midfielder and goal scorer

The Norwegian footballer has scored 8 goals in the Premier League this season, and no midfielder has done better this season.

Half-time, Arsenal 2-0 up

“The Gunners” have mastered everything in this first period. Hugo Lloris gifted them the match-deciding CSC, with Martin Odegaard making it two with a superb long-range strike. Spurs didn’t have much but Ramsdale twice got ahead of Son and Kane. Tottenham will have to react to this. At the moment, “Arsenal” is signing a very good contract and temporarily has a difference of 8 points at the top of the championship.

Tottenham claim a penalty

Small hot shot for Arsenal. Hojbjerg takes a corner, Saliba, who has just intervened, makes a stop in time, but the Dane falls. In the end, the Frenchman barely touched Hojbjerg long after the kick, and the referee said nothing.


English doesn’t need much! Hojbjerg lays his head before Gabriel on the cross. Ramsdale is alert and dodges the corner.

Sessenyon yellow card

Another foul on Saka from Spurs. Takes a card for collection.

Two minutes of added time

Spurs are certainly looking forward to the break.

Spurs touched a single ball in the box

By contrast, the Gunners scored 19. A symbol of the supremacy of Mikel Arteta’s players.

Another foul against Sak

The Gunners right winger has been making things miserable for Sessegnon and Lenglet for 40 minutes. He still takes free kicks, especially dangerous ones in the corner of the box.

Martin Odegaard is on fire

The captain of the Gunners scored 4 goals and made 3 assists in the last 5 games of the Premier League.


THE FIRST IS OUT BY LLORIS, THE SECOND IS IN! Saka serves from 25 meters to Martin Odegaard, left-footed. The ball goes near the post, Lloris is too short. “Arsenal” who mastered this match perfectly 2-0.

Romero yellow card

The Argentine comes in late on Martinelli and completely drains him. Logical warning.

Arsenal get all the balls

Even when Partey misses a pass, Xhaka is there to recover. Spurs are choking.

Kane goes down a lot

He finds himself in his own area to touch the ball and start the phase of possession. It’s a setback, Arsenal are recovering.

Tottenham keep their heads out of the water

Good phase of possession for Spurs looking for an opening and regaining some confidence on the ball.


WHAT A JOY! After clearing the defence, the Ghanaian continues unchecked. Goes direct to post. The goal is shaken! 2-0 is too close for the Gunners.

Lloris had never scored for CSC in the Premier League

It happened in his 354th game.


This time Lloris intervenes properly. The Norwegian’s shot was powerful and well-placed, a fine save from the Frenchman.

Hojberg tries his luck

Hit too far, otherwise. Spurs struggle to find space.

Spurs under pressure!

With the ball recovered by Nketiah and Saka, the Tottenham defense works well and is able to clear the ball after a small mix-up. Gunners push.


The equalizer was a goal for the South Korean! Served well in the area, stumbling upon Ramsdale who came out too early to take up space!

Lloris is already the author of two errors

It was a mistake by the Frenchman that brought Nketiah’s hot move. Lloris made up for it by saving the day, but this time his mistake cost Spurs a goal.


Gunners take the lead! Bukayo Saka made the difference on the right wing. Launched deep by Partey, he outclassed Sessegnon. He then crosses with his right foot and Hugo Lloris makes a big hand error. Probably an own goal by the French goalkeeper.

The head of the party!

The Ghanaian was found in Odegaard’s direct free-kick, but his effort went wide of Lloris.

Arsenal take matters into their own hands

Possession switched sides, with the forwards pressing high and putting the Tottenham defense under pressure when in possession. Nketiah wins a free kick when fouled by Romero.


Spurs lose the ball to the Gunners in the penalty area. Martinelli then finds Nketia who can shoot from close range. But Lloris completes it with a crucial save to keep it 1-0!

Odegaard for White

The Englishman can’t cross, but takes the first corner of the game in front of Sessegnon.

Martinelli in the area

The Gunners’ first attack, however, goes against the Brazilian.

Ball for Tottenham

Spurs build in the first minutes.

Let’s go to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

This North London derby is kicked off by Arsenal. If the Gunners win, they can go 8 points clear at the top of the Premier League, with Spurs needing to win to keep pace with the Big Four.

The beginning is near

Ability to remember team compositions.

Tottenham’s roster: Lloris – Romero, Dier, Lenglet – Doherty, Hojbjerg, Sarr, Sessegnon – Kulusevski, Kane, Son.

Arsenal’s roster: Ramsdale – White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko – Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard – Saka, Nketiah, Martinelli.

Saka, derby expert

Since the start of last season, Bukayo Saka has scored 11 goals in matches against other London clubs, a feat that no one in the Premier League has done better.

The first game was dominated by “Arsenal”.

“The Gunners” won 3:1 at the beginning of the season with the goals of Tomas Partey, Gabriel Jesus and Granit Xhaka.

The Gunners have won 100% of their derbies this season

Three home wins, three away wins, Mikel Arteta’s men have a good run to continue this season.

Kane loves to host Arsenal

The Spurs striker is the top scorer in the North London derby and Harry Kane has scored in 7 out of 8 Premier League games as Tottenham host Arsenal.

A derby in the middle of a busy schedule

“Arsenal”, which faced “Newcastle” on the last day of the game, will host “Manchester United” next weekend. This North London derby therefore comes at a crucial time, which should tell if Arsenal have the chance to play for the title this season.

It’s a difficult time for Spurs as they face Manchester City on the next day of the Premier League.

“Arsenal” is fighting at “Tottenham”.

“Spurs” have not lost in the last 8 receptions in the Premier League. Arsenal last beat their league rivals in March 2014.

The best goals of the North London derby

With Cesc Fabregas, Harry Kane, Tomas Rosicky or Gareth Bale.

Arteta lists his eleven types

There are no surprises in “Arsenal”. There was some uncertainty surrounding Bukayo Saka, who was injured in the Cup on Monday, but the Englishman is off to a good start. As in several games, we see Nketia in the lead in the absence of the injured Gabriel Jesus.

Arsenal’s roster: Ramsdale – White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko – Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard – Saka, Nketiah, Martinelli.

Tottenham with Kane, Son and Kulusevski

As always, Spurs are lined up in a 3-4-3 formation, with Kane, Son and Kulusevski up front. Richarlison is on the bench, while Antonio Conte is also without certain players in the middle, including Bentancourt. There are two Frenchmen in the starting lineup: Lloris in goal and Lenglet in central defense.

Tottenham’s roster: Lloris – Romero, Dier, Lenglet – Doherty, Hojbjerg, Sarr, Sessegnon – Kulusevski, Kane, Son.

It starts at 17:30.

It’s an expensive North London derby. Premier League leaders Arsenal can extend their lead over Manchester City after Guardiola’s men lost to United yesterday. “Tottenham” must win to stay at this pace. Kick-off at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at 17:30.

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