How much is the Sanitas SBF 73 cheaply sold by the distributor?

To hurry Trying to shed extra pounds at Lidl? On Monday, January 5th, the distributor, Sanitas SBF 73, went on sale for just €21.99. With the excess weight of the end of the year, and in this period of lean cows due to inflation, we bought a scale to put it to the test. “Lidl, the real price of good things,” the ad says. But is it worth it?

Sticks to the Lidl method

Lidl is used to attracting customers to its stores with high-tech products at reasonable prices. We’re thinking, of course, of small appliances (under the Silvercrest brand) like the popular Monsieur Cuisine robot, a low-cost competitor to Thermomix. Or even DIY devices, such as high-pressure cleaners, screwdrivers (under the Parkside brand) …

Lidl advert for Sanitas SBF 73 enclosed scale – Screenshot

At the beginning of January, the SBF 73 connected scale from the Sanitas brand arrives at Lidl just in time. It’s time to worry about the excess traces of recent holidays. As for the price of the device (€21.99), the 15th hasn’t arrived yet, and with a few pennies left in the wallet, it looks like a bargain…

No bluetooth or wifi

Unpackaged, the scale is completely off cheap. Dimensions 30 x 30 x 2.3 cm, steel blue color, with a protective glass top that can carry up to 180 kg. It is covered with a large monochrome LCD screen (8 x 5 cm). Three LR03 batteries are supplied, as well as four small feet to fit existing batteries if you plan to use the scale on carpet. one Quick Start Guide and the French booklet is in the box. The scale takes a few minutes to implement, time to link it to the Health Coach app, also in French.

Note: this scale with two stainless steel electrodes is Bluetooth only. Some models, for example, Body Cardio from the Withings brand or Master Fit from Terraillon, prefer Wi-Fi: the data of each weight is stored in the cloud and the application can be used at any time. Bluetooth scales need to be synchronized manually: either weigh yourself with an app open on your nearby smartphone; or by syncing the application in the same way after several weights. Which is less convenient.

Limited application

The data of the Sanitas SBF 73 scale sold at Lidl is not limited to weight. Every time we get on the machine, our fat mass index (BMI), body fat and muscle mass ratio are also measured and evaluated; water level. This data is very clearly visible in the app with a color code (blue, green, yellow, red) and it lets you know if you have a good average.

Health Coach app for the Sanitas SBF 73 scale.
Health Coach app for the Sanitas SBF 73 scale. – Screenshot

In turn, the evolution of weight can be displayed graphically by day, week, month and year. Unfortunately, this curve doesn’t appear directly on the scale’s large screen when we weigh ourselves, as it does with the Withings scale. We also note that the application remains very limited in its approach. If it allows you to connect other Sanitas-branded devices (eg blood pressure monitors), for example, it is not possible to set a weight loss goal. Despite our research, it is no longer possible to add other users to the app (even though the packaging says “8 memorable users”!). Therefore, this model is not for “healthy” use, but remains the main basis for classic use and monitoring your weight.

Tested for a week, the SBF 73 impedance meter sold at Lidl gave us no further problems. The distributor’s Facebook page is full of negative reviews, however, with particular reference to pairing problems (many of which, in our opinion, stem from a lack of understanding of the procedure).

Surprisingly, we’ve paired the scales with the iPhone 14 Pro, where the list of compatible smartphones (accessible via the QR code on the box) stops at the iPhone 11 and the Samsung Galaxy S10. Either iOS 14 or Android 8.0. So it seems that SBF 13 is a slightly older product (2019?). And a limited product. In turn, the Sanitas brand is well established. It is a German brand of the Beurer group, a specialist in health products. At 21.99 euros, the SBF 73 is probably the cheapest scale currently on sale, but there are many others around 30 euros, such as the BF 720 from Beurer. The SBF 13 from Sanitas has a strange physical appearance… But the application is better developed.

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