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Location Lille
Territories Fluid mechanics
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ONERA in Lille is a central historic site Institute Fluid mechanics (Fluid mechanics is the branch of physics that studies fluid flows…) From Lille (IMFL).


“In 1929, the French Ministry of the Air tried to organize research and studies to ensure the development of French aeronautics and informed the Lille Faculty of Sciences about matters of concern. A committee is appointed. He proposes to create a specialized institute with two objectives: on the one hand, will come (Futurs is a science fiction collection from Éditions de l’Aurore.) fundamentals of engineers a culture (The UNESCO definition of culture is as follows [1] 🙂 theoretical and experimental (In art, these are creative approaches based on questioning dogmas…) on aeronautics; on the other hand, to direct the activity of researchers to “culturally demanding” theoretical research. scientist (A scientist dedicated to the study of a science or sciences and…) and mathematics in particular has already expanded. »

Institute Mechanic (In everyday terms, mechanics is the field of machines, engines, vehicles, organs, etc.) des Fluides de Lille (IMFL) was founded on March 26, 1930, inaugurated in 1934, under the supervision of the Faculty of Sciences of Lille and the Ministry of LilleWeather (Air is a mixture of gases that make up the Earth’s atmosphere. Odorless and…) French language. Therefore, it existed before the structuring of ONERA in its current form (1946).

Its first director is Professor Joseph Campe de FĂ©riet. A famous theorist and turbulence expert along the lines of Professor Boussinesq, Campe de FĂ©riet awarded a certificate in fluid mechanics at the Lille Faculty of Science. This education (Training (Latin “insignis”, signified, marked with a sign, distinguished) a…) It was related to the training of student-engineers in the mechanical version of the Industrial Institute North (North is the cardinal point against south.) (Lille Central School).

IMFL was directly managed by ONERA from 1946 to 1950. He then leads Andre Martinot Lagarde (Andre Martinot-Lagarde (1903 – 1986) is a former student of the Normal School…), heir to Joseph Campe de FĂ©riet. It is integrated into IMFLUniversity (A university is a higher education institution with the purpose of…) From 1950 to 1983, the Lille PhD in Science and Technology, then directly managed by ONERA again from 1983.ONERA – Lille center.

Since its inception, IMFL has a mandate research (Scientific research is primarily… mainly theoretical and experimental in the field aeronautics (Aeronautics includes science and technology focused on building and …) and includes vertical and horizontal wind tunnels that have been renovated several times since 1938. The area and some of its wind tunnels are included in the national heritage inventory of historical monuments of France. Initially, part of the IMFL facilities and teams were moved to Toulouse the second (The second is the feminine of the second adjective immediately following the first, or which…) world war. In 1958, hydraulic facilities were commissioned at IMFL. In 1971, the vibration measurement and analysis laboratory was commissioned. In 1975, a multipurpose test station was established, including experiments under horizontal winds. landing (Landing etymologically refers to the fact of reaching land…), accident. A crash tower in 2002 height (Height has several meanings depending on the subject area.) 15 meters to simulate the resistance of structures and materials (A material is a material of natural or artificial origin formed by man…) to shocks. Testing laboratory free flight (Free flying is a sport or recreational activity involving flying an ultralight glider…) has a catapult and an explosion generator.

Organization and areas of research

Airplane (According to the official definition of the International Civil Aviation Organization, an airplane…) supersonic (Supersonic means “faster than the speed of sound.”) Concorde (The Concorde is a supersonic transport aircraft built by the…

The research directions of the ONERA Lille center are highlighted by the organization:

  • department Aerodynamic (Aerodynamics is a branch of fluid dynamics that deals mainly with…) Applied
  • Aeroelasticity and Dynamic (The word dynamic is often used to designate or adapt to motion. This…) Structures
  • department The order was placed (Order: a term used in many fields, generally an order or a…) Systems and Flight Dynamics
  • Model study and production department

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