Formula E 2023 Mexico: Jake Dennis wins

The qualifications have not changed compared to last year. We form two groups and the first 4 are in duels, 1/16, etc. is competing. Di Grassi was the best performer in this little game. The Mahindra driver beat Jake Dennis for Andretti in the final. The selection surprises are Ticktum and Fenestraz, who are in the top 8.

The route has changed and the time is not comparable to last year. Too bad we’d love to see what this GEN3 delivers. FE still does not follow the full route of Formula 1. New this season, attack mode. By taking an alternative route, two of them should always be activated during the race, but above all they are only 4 minutes, which we distribute as you wish between the two modes: 1+3, 2+2 or 3+1 minutes. During attack mode, the car can develop 350 kW against 300 kW in normal racing mode.

Departure – two security cars

Great start from Di Grassi in the Mahindra. Dennis too, even if Hughes nearly passed him. Fenstraz earned a spot, as did Vergne, who finished in the top 10. But at ABT, the Fringes were in a vacuum. Safety car! Big mistake by Fringes actually at the new chicane. He got into the car in front (probably Mortara).

During the SC, NATO returned to the pit and was stopped. At the restart, after 6 laps, it was Sam Bird who was standing on the sidelines. GEN 3 still has bugs! And a new safety car. It is chaotic without any major incidents.

It started again at the start of the 10th round out of 36 rounds scheduled for this moment. We still have Di Grassi ahead of Dennis, Hugues at McLaren and Lotterer for Avalanche Andretti. Wehrlein, Ticktum, Fenestraz, Buemi, Da Costa and Evans follow. Evans passed Vergne, who activated his first attack mode.

Tower 12/36

Pass Dennis Di Grassi. Evans tries to activate attack mode but misses. Ticktum must go through the pits for abuse of power (a guilty but good team). It is currently unclear who has what strategy for consumption. Lotterer activates attack mode after activating Wehrlein and passing him. On the estimated consumption side, everyone is more or less at the same level. Andretti and Porsche (which share the same Porsche “powertrain”) seem to consume slightly less.

Da Costa (moved to Porsche) passed Buemi (who switched teams to Envision). Ah from Mortara in a Maserati! He loses the car in the first turn. And a new safety car! We are already in the 19th round. At the end of lap 20, the safety car went off and Dennis took off again. And Di Grassi is threatened by Hughes.

Fenestraz looks a little worse and Da Costa threatens him and Buemi behind. Wehrlein and Lotterer launch their second attack mode on turn 26. Lotterer has one more minute of offense than Wehrlein. Hugues and Di Grassi start a lap later, but it’s enough for Wehrlein to pass Hugues. But Wehrlein no longer has an offensive mode unlike Hughes. Dennis is on another planet.

New penalty for Tictum who left the track and gained position. Will he get back on track? And Wehrlein attacks Di Grassi. Lucas di Grassi has about 3% less battery. This is huge and he will pay for it. With experience, Di Grassi resists Hugues and reduces the energy gap. Vergne and Vandoorne’s DS has more energy and should move up the rankings. They are 9th and 11th.

Tower 32/36

Over 4.5 seconds ahead of Dennis Wehrlein. Ah, we’re adding 5 laps after the safety cars. Frankly, it’s stupid because teams can’t adapt and have to pass. Di Grassi misses, but Hugues doesn’t take advantage. He is under pressure from Lotterer. The passing between the three is very nice.

The end of the race will be intense for everyone in consumption. And Buemi messes with the three. For once, Di Grassi is clean. As an old man, he knows how to block and reduce fuel consumption before fully exiting the last corner to avoid being attacked on the straight. Da Costa was also included in this package.

Last round! Dennis is alone, and so is Wehrlein. Di Grassi still has the pack behind him. Lotterer tries to pass Hugues on the outside! McLaren asks Hughes not to take risks and lets Lotterer pass.


Jake Dennis’ victory over Pascal Wehrlein and Lucas Di Grassi, who put on a defensive masterclass. Lotterer finished fourth ahead of Hugues, Buemi, Da Costa, Evans, Cassidy and Vandoorne who rounded out the top 10.

In the last lap, the 12th Vergne lost everything (it had not had a front wing for a long time), as did the 15th Fenestraz. Dennis gets 1 point for fastest lap in the race, Di Grassi 3 points for pole.

Pos Pilot Stable POINTS
1 Jake Dennis Avalanche Andretti Formula E 26
2 Pascal Wehrlein TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team 18
3 Lucas Di Grassi Mahindra Racing 18
4 Andre Lotterer Avalanche Andretti Formula E 12
5 Jake Hughes NEOM McLaren Formula E Team 10
6 Sebastien Buemi Imagination Racing 8
7 Antonio Felix Da Costa TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team 6
8 Mitch Evans Jaguar TCS Racing 4
9 Nick Cassidy Imagination Racing 2
10 Stoffel Vandoorne DS Penske 1
11 Maximilian Gunter Maserati MSG Racing 0
12 Jean-Eric Vergne DS Penske 0
13 Oliver Rowland Mahindra Racing 0
14 Nico Muller ABT CUPRA Formula E Team 0
15 Sacha Fenestraz Nissan Formula E team 0
16 Sergio Sette Camara NIO 333 Racing 0
17 Dan Ticktum NIO 333 Racing 0
0 Rene Rast NEOM McLaren Formula E Team 0
0 Edoardo Mortara Maserati MSG Racing 0
0 Sam Bird Jaguar TCS Racing 0
0 Norman NATO Nissan Formula E team 0
0 Robin Frijns ABT CUPRA Formula E Team 0

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