To the corrupt elites of my country

Just like he has the leaders he deservesevery nation have –you– he of the elites like his appearance ? No! “In the case of Gabon, the Gabonese elites will find it difficult to pride themselves on their rank in relation to the state of the nation,” Abslow said. According to him, it turns out that “the quality of governance in a nation determines the quality of its elite.”

From the corruption of people who have no business being there at the top of the social pyramid and more precisely the secrets of decision-making. © GabonReview

1. My dear compatriots, the elite, on the one hand, is defined as the minority that exercises power, directs material resources and finances in a society, and on the other hand, is defined as the best of a group of things or people. In the first sense, the term elite combines the concepts of best and election. Thus, an elite is a caste of individuals who are considered inherently superior to others politically, economically, and morally, and recognized as such by the greatest number.

2. Synonyms of the word elite are la crème, la fine fleur, le gotha ​​or l’intelligentsia. Therefore, the elite consists of those who are most worthy of leadership. However, to be decent is to see honesty, integrity and morals, in return, everything that earns respect and gives rise to pride. According to this last definition, it is clear that there is a close connection between physical and mental capabilities and moral qualities. To fully attain elite status, one must demonstrate inner qualities that range between excellence and awareness in one’s field of expertise.

3. Ministers and high-ranking civil servants constitute the administrative elite. Teachers-researchers, scientists and inventors make up the scientific elite. Sports leaders and great athletes of all disciplines make up the sports elite. The main players of the art and culture environment are the cultural elite. Priests, pastors, imams and traditional leaders constitute the religious elite. Like other nations, our country has all these skills. Therefore, it has an elite capable of controlling its destiny.

4. However, what is the profile of this elite? Are those who are influential in these various components really elite? Do they individually and collectively deserve this appellation? Are they able to convince the exemplary conduct of public affairs at the political, economic and above all moral level? The quality of governance in a nation determines the quality of its elite. In the case of Gabon, it is clear that the Gabonese elites will find it difficult to pride themselves on the state of the nation.

5. Indeed, during the 60 years of independence, they managed to bring down the country, when it was their duty to develop it. Have they ever been aware of this great responsibility? Have they ever bothered to make every Gabonese happy? Have they ever cared about their image, dignity or the greatness of their country in their personal or public activities? Whether we have attained our position in this comprador elite by merit or princely fact, every Gabonese must answer this fundamental question.

6. When I carefully consider these elites who rule us, I notice that they are the antithesis of elitism as we mentioned above. The administrative elite consists of highly corrupt and corrupt senior officials, making their country’s administration one of the most corrupt in 2021 with a corruption perception index of 31 on a scale of 0 to 100. curricula, diplomas, courses and advancements are often not very objective and performance in these areas is keenly felt. Our science neither invents nor produces.

7. As for the sports elite, recent pedophilia scandals that have updated the promotion and promotion methods and criteria in many sports testify to the reality of its morally corrupted elite. What about the cultural elite whose particular artistic talents are often overshadowed by unhealthy and immoral behavior that destabilizes rather than inspires our youth? Need we further demonstrate the loss of moral authority of our religious elites, which is further demonstrated by herd mercantilism and exploitation of their followers?

8. In all these components, the Gabonese elite is sick of its representatives, or rather, Gabon is sick of its elites. Ivan Blot, French essayist, ” The main concern of the decadent elite, who are separated from their true mission of serving God, family, and country, is money. The values ​​they gargle are above all financial values. In the Bible, the spirit of Judas, who was paid for his betrayal of Christ, is never far away“. This sentence alone sums up the moral profile of the Gabonese elite.

9. Gabon’s elites have become what they represent: naivety, confusion, compromise, genre mixing, corruption at the top of the social pyramid, and the mystery of decision-making by people who have nothing to do with it. In 2016, he defended on the set of Gabon national television, the late Hervé Ndong Nguema, who firmly believed that “the elite is a meeting of the best garbage collectors, the best housewives and the best street sweepers.” . He didn’t believe that much.

10. More than ever, our country needs a real elite engaged in the revival of our nation. An elite of people who, by virtue of their social position, have a form of intellectual and moral authority and use it to identify problems, convince them of their social relevance, propose solutions and discuss their implementation, conscience to equip itself with a critical spirit and free itself from mental prisons. Because every nation is represented by its elite.


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