News of the week of January 9

Plastic pollution: Danone sued

ClientEarth, Surfrider Foundation Europe and Zero Waste France have announced that they are launching legal proceedings to force the Danone group to end its addiction. plastic. The subpoena is based on the 2017 law.Job dutyThe text obliges them to ensure respect for human and environmental rights in all their activities. Danone He said that he was “very surprised” by the approach of this coalition of NGOs and considers himself “recognized as a leading company in environmental risk management for a long time.”

The possibility of a day without hunting was rejected by the government

Earlier this week, the government opposed the establishment of a day pursue. On the other hand, he intends to better control the practice. Three axes have been retained under the government’s plan: strengthening training and education for hunters, creating stronger hunting safety regulations and better ensuring the allocation of sites. In practice, this could result in the creation of a digital platform aimed at informing local residents and nature walkers, or even the creation of a fine to “sanction the act of hunting with excessive alcohol abuse”.

Ozone layer ‘on track’ to recover

Experts confirmed on Monday under the auspices of the UN hole in the ozone layer well and truly “on track” to recover over four decades. However, they warned that this progress could be threatened by certain activities. “The phase-out of about 99% of banned ozone-depleting substances has helped protect the ozone The ozone layer and contributed significantly to replenishing it in the upper stratosphere and reducing human exposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun,” they said.

France is becoming an electricity exporter again

In early 2023, France becomes a net exporter in a few monthselectricity, an RTE executive said earlier in the week. A mild winter, EDF’s efforts to reconnect certain nuclear reactors, as well as significant wind power production enabled this progress. If the news is alarming, it is necessary to “remain cautious”.AFP Nicolas Goldberg, energy expert at Columbus Consulting. “If there’s less wind and cold in February, that could all turn around pretty quickly,” he warned.

Adoption of the bill on renewable energy in the Assembly

On Tuesday evening, the National Assembly finally passed the bill in this regard renewable energies. On January 24, the joint commission will bring together deputies and senators and try to create a compromise text for final adoption in February. The text specifically aims to speed up the implementation of new projects by reducing delays. Voting was disrupted due to a technical malfunction during the half-cycle, and deputies were forced to vote with paper ballots.

The past eight years are the hottest on record

according to the annual report of Copernicus, published on Tuesday, 2015-2022 were the hottest years on record globally. Each exceeded pre-1900 temperatures by more than one degree before the industrial revolution. Global Warming. On a European scale, 2022 is the second warmest year on the podium, and on a global level, it is the fifth warmest year.

Record heat in the oceans in 2022

other temperature record found this week oceans It has never been hotter than 2022, according to a study published in the paper Advances in Atmospheric Sciences. “The global warming trend is so stable and strong that annual records continue to be set every year,” the authors said. This phenomenon is also accompanied by an increase in salinity and ocean stratification – the separation of water into different layers.

An oil giant to lead COP28

Sultan Ahmad al JabirThe emirate’s industry minister, who is also the CEO of national oil company ADNOC, was named president of the emirate on Thursday. COP28, the UN’s next annual climate conference. “Climate action is a huge economic opportunity to invest in sustainable development. Funding is key,” he said. privileged position in the sector fossil fuels It is distinguished by the huge stakes played every year during these international meetings. “The appointment of Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber as President of COP28, he takes the position of Director General of COP28. fuel company National Abu Dhabi is organizing a scandalous conflict of interest,” reacted Harjeet Singh of Climate Action Network International, for example.

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