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Golden Globes: summary of the ceremony and awards

In the 80th ceremony, which is important to restore their image, the Golden Globes awarded the most deserving.

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One Piece Odyssey : our full test of the video game adaptation of the cult manga

What if you’ve already conquered the entire planet and you’ve celebrated a few generations of fans who are worried that it’s all coming to an end soon? An epic from the height of his 25-year career One piece gives himself a well-deserved break from acting, and it’s quite successful. Discover our full test One Piece Odyssey.

Our interview with French rap legend Rockin’ Squat

Squat, Rockin’ Squat or RCKNSQT are the pseudonyms of Mathias Cassel, the pioneer of Hip-Hop in France. A prolific tagger, then on Nova radio for anthology freestyles alongside NTM. Then he formed the band Assassin with Solo and DJ Clyde. 40 years later, he’s still at it and releasing a new album. Encounter.

CES 2023
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CES 2023: an overview of the most surprising innovations

CES in Las Vegas lived up to its reputation and was able to show us a number of attractive innovations. With the show closing its doors on Sunday, January 8, it’s time for L’Éclaireur to return to what particularly caught our attention.

Our vision Perpendicular to the sunFnac France Inter Comic Book Award 2023

Valentine Cuny-Le Callet’s first graphic novel, gorgeous Perpendicular to the sun was recently awarded the BD Fnac France Inter. Check out our review.

walkman NW-A306

Sony modernizes the Walkman

After introducing some very high-end Walkman models last year, Sony is adding a new piece to its collection of music players, this time more affordable.

Read at L’Instant lire Fnac: Endurance literature

L’Instant Lire at Fnac: a meeting of all literature not to be missed. Baptiste Liger, editorial director of Lire magazine, shares his reading tips. A place for resilience literature at the beginning of the year.

Apple Watch Ultra

Waterproof certification labels for our devices: full decryption

Some barbaric clues appear in the technical data sheets of our high-tech devices. So what exactly is an IP certificate? We teach you to better understand the waterproofing of smartphones and other related objects.

Pico 4 test
©Pierre Crochart/L’Éclaireur

Chinese manufacturer Pico, now owned by ByteDance (TikTok), is upping its game in VR and introducing a new model of standalone headset. A lucky bet? Answer with our grip.

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Why are musicals so interesting?

Since their appearance at the beginning of the 20th century, musicals have never left the stage. After conquering the big screen, they are now exported to new formats. A perpetual renewal and cultural reinvention that questions the appeal of the genre between Broadway, Hollywood and French theatres.


The golden age of SVOD platforms is truly behind us: deciphering the streaming war

The streaming war is heating up. Paramount+ arrives in Europe, Lionsgate+ leaves the continent, HBO Max merges with Discovery+ but will not be immediately available in France, Salto is on the verge of disappearing… New rules, new prices: always in the world of video -Changing and increasingly competitive demand, in 2023 this is what is expected.

Winter sales: our selection of the best deals and sales products

Here are the 2023 winter sales, with their share of good deals and promotions. But do you feel overwhelmed by the flood of offers? Here are discounted products and great deals for high tech and home, kitchen and wellness, handpicked by our experts.

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