Apple’s schedule for the next twelve months

2022, full of innovations for Apple, has ended. And if we believe the most current rumors of the moment, 2023 will probably not be far behind. Moreover, the apple firm now benefits from a very productive release schedule that spoils us with new products. Perhaps the most anticipated announcement is related to virtual or augmented reality headsets, or both. For starters, the first program details on this could be available to us in January. As for the hardware, we would discover it in 2024 with great fanfare during the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference, the end of marketing.


Of course, in September, Apple should also introduce new iPhones. With a few improvements to the program, there will be four as of today. Among these, we in turn wake up a more efficient camera at night or zoom The end of the notch on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus and even a new design that contrasts with the iPhone 14.

There are also rumors that Yildirim port may disappear due to Europe’s decision. But Apple could not play its game eitherUSB-Cbecause the deadline to comply with the continent’s regulations is set later than the potential release date of the iPhone 15. Anyway, we’ll see fingers crossed that faster charging is in the game soon.


In addition, Apple should also provideSeventh generation iPad mini at the end of the year. The current model was not renewed in 2022, all other collections (iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro) were eligible for renewal. We don’t know what the tablet’s spec sheet will be, but we can bet on a more efficient processor without hesitation.

We know that Apple is also working on foldable screens, but the technology certainly won’t be ready in 2023 (or rather on the market). On the other hand, we may see a decline next year iPad Pro with a better screen Compared to today thanks to OLED. We’re also thinking about the Apple Pencil, the latest version of which has been released so far, which may come in a new black color.

iPad mini 6 © Apple


In 2023, Apple will probably introduce 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. The laptops were originally rumored to be slated for 2022, but delays have pushed the release back. With these upcoming products, there will undoubtedly be a focus on performance, just like its predecessors.

New of course Mac Pro also available in boxes. Its release will mark the end of the transition from Intel processors to Apple silicon chips, although some believe the tower may continue to offer a version with components from the Santa Clara maker. Without a doubt, the rackmountable Mac will be the most powerful Mac ever released. It is expected with him Mac mini M2and perhaps a version of Studio Screen with better (more expensive) screen technology.


Many productionsAppleTV+ They are working on a 2023 release. To know them, it is enough to refer to the list of said content, which is regularly updated. Among the most anticipated titles we find in particular Bad blood starring Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) will deal with the downfall, as well as the series The lady in the lake starring Natalie Portman or season 2 Foundation.

However, there are rumors that Apple also wants to offer it sooniPhone with subscription. Understand that you will no longer need to pay for the device as a one-time purchase, but you can use it against a monthly plan. As a bonus, the ability to change your mobile phone as soon as a new model is released.


Before we finish, let’s talk about accessories. Along with iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, Apple is expected to introduce new Apple watches. The 9 series first of all, we hope that this time the details about its spec sheet are scarce, but it is very different from the previous generations. And, perhaps, the third Apple Watch SE and the second Apple Watch Ultra. If the latter does indeed see the light of day, its value proposition shouldn’t improve much over the model currently on sale.

Finally, on the AirPods side, this is the second version AirPods Max may be released soon, but again without a firm schedule. AirPods Pro and classic AirPods, on the other hand, were each re-released in 2022, so it’s unlikely that they’ll be getting any updates anytime soon. - The official application of – The official application of

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