What will the laptop of 2023 look like?

Computer equipment manufacturers have presented their new products. And 2023 could be the arrival of crazy projects and Oled screens everywhere.

The CES exhibition in Las Vegas has closed its doors and the first trends of next year are emerging. As is often the case, manufacturers used the American meeting to showcase the products that will grace 2023, and one fact seems certain: the laptop must be more beautiful, more efficient and, above all, compatible.

Thus, we are witnessing an even greater segmentation of the market, marked by the remnants of the pandemic that led to a rapid restocking of consumers at all costs, but also the shortage of components that slowed this growth.

“We now have to prove that the computer is important”

Because now a powerful computer is no longer the end. Or it should be for creativity, play or development depending on each person’s needs. “Since the pandemic, we no longer have to prove that the PC matters,” said Tiffany Huang, Acer’s director of global operations at Tech&Co. “Everyone needs a PC at home to work more efficiently. We’re a long way from 2019 when the PC still had to fight with a smartphone or tablet to prove it was useful. Now everyone wants a PC for their work.”

“We are seeing a slowdown in the sector starting in 2020-21. We are in a recession,” adds the head of the Taiwanese manufacturer, but notes that a new consumer profile is emerging. “Consumers now want a device that can be used for work during the day and for entertainment during the rest of the day,” he says.

“With a strongly growing entry level for devices under 400 euros, a very high level – more than 1,200 euros – appears to be segmented between customers looking for high added value” For manufacturers, the challenge now is to provide these. two extremes.

Very light, the Aspire 3 starts at less than €500 for a 14-inch screen and the new Intel N processor.
Very light, the Aspire 3 starts at less than €500 for a 14-inch screen and the new Intel N processor. © Acer

Even the most affordable machines are not satisfied with low-end components: Intel even announced the arrival of cheaper and lower-power N processors that are faster than in the past. It’s worth noting that Chromebooks, which are laptops running a simplified Chrome OS operating system from Google, make them competitive at lower prices.

Bigger screens

But we also need to innovate to attract new customers with all-in-one PCs like the Aspire S, which is very clearly inspired by Apple’s iMac, or the Swift Edge, an ultra-light and powerful 16-inch laptop.

At Asus, the 2023 trend is also to increase screen diagonals to 16 inches and generalize OLED in the Vivobook or Zenbook ranges. And this is the same guideline for PCs as it is for displays from all manufacturers.

We find 27- and 45-inch external screens in Acer Predator, Asus ROG and LG Gaming (same sizes, but with the ability to mechanically tilt the screen), as well as Samsung with the Odyssey Neog G9 Oled. It comes in at 49 inches and you can’t go wrong.

Because the South Korean under the same name Odyssey Neo G9 also has a rather bulky 57-inch curved screen, but it is luxurious with strong colors and contrasts.

Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED with a 49-inch screen
Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED with 49-inch screen © Tech&Co – Melinda Davan-Soulas

TCL, a specialist and pioneer in mini LED (close to OLED, highly improved LCD panel) in TV, has also chosen this option in gaming displays to offer a very high quality flat screen at a more affordable price than OLED.

Samsung does the same with the Odyssey Neo G7 with a 144Hz refresh rate. In addition to a very nice screen, it has Samsung Hub, which allows you to have Netflix, myCanal, Prime Video… or even cloud gaming apps. whom Xbox Game Pass or Nvidia GeForce Now to play directly by connecting a simple controller.

Also an award for design excellence

Instead, focusing on originality, Lenovo introduced the ThinkBook Plus Twist. On the battery side, it has a basic 13.3-inch OLED touchscreen. On the front is a 12-inch e-Ink touchscreen with backlight as a reading light. This will be used for drawing, reading or recording in a way that consumes less power using the compatible stylus, while the classic screen will be perfect for streaming or video games in addition to classic productivity.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist © Lenovo

A lot of inspiration, the Chinese manufacturer also drew Yoga Book 9i, a 13-inch dual-screen OLED laptop. They can even be used continuously for a larger surface, especially by showing two applications at the same time. Its slimness and light weight (1.38 kg) are also in its favor. But it comes at a cost: €2,300 (available July 2023).

The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i will go on sale in July 2023 for €2,299.
The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i will go on sale in July 2023 for €2,299. © Lenovo

Note that the Yoga Book 9i can be used in a variety of ways, with the keyboard folded or unfolded on its own to work with a second screen or two separate screens.

LG has introduced the LG Gram, a series of portable computers that are powerful, stylish and above all very light.
LG has introduced the LG Gram, a series of portable computers that are powerful, stylish and above all very light. © LG

At the same time, manufacturers continue to search for sophistication. LG has announced a new series of models for the LG Gram series with 14-17 inch screens in terms of design and power. This is especially true of the LG Gram Ultraslim, which features a 15.6-inch OLED screen and a 1.1 cm-thick enclosure on the scale of 998g. A little more than a smartphone.

Asus offers an impressive 3D display on an OLED screen with its ProArt Studiobook
Asus offers impressive 3D display on OLED screen with ProArt Studiobook © Asus

And 3D also becomes an asset to stand out. Asus has introduced an absolutely insane computer. ProArt StudioBook 3D OLED allows you to view 3D elements without headphones or glasses on a computer equipped with two cameras that monitor the OLED view. This allows you to view and manipulate the object in 360°. Ideal for creatives and artists.

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