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Senegalese rapper One Lyrical.

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Many projects are coming to Afro-Club in January 2023 with MrKing, Yvon Yusuf, One Lyrical, Kizz Daniel, Safi Madiba, Viviane Chidid and finally Thiird.

Guinean rapper Thiird opened the counter of the year Fog
Since starting his solo career, Thiird, a former member of rap group Gnamakalah, hasn’t budged. After celebrating 2022 with pieces Introduction, Dakhouia or NMI In the bandone of the hottest rappers of the new generation has decided not to let up on pressure with his new single in 2023. Fog. A catchy digging track with heavy and dark sounds. flow very technical. The message is clear again. Thiird tells anyone who will listen that he’s the only king of the rap game and has nothing left to prove. His ambition is at the top of this work. An ego trip accompanied by well-rehearsed choreography to give the clip an even more unifying dimension.

Senegalese diva Viviane Chidid tries her hand at the piano KPC and it works
Undoubtedly, the queen of mbalach never ceases to amaze us. With the final title KPC, he’s really stepping out of his comfort zone and doing amapiano. Moreover, Viviane Chidid does not read in Wolof KPCconversely Malinké and Soussou, two languages ​​spoken in Guinea. KPC It is a song written in honor of Guinean entrepreneur and businessman Kerfala Private Camara. Everything is explained! KPC so Viviane takes a calculated risk and it pays off as the Senegalese diva once again wins the hearts of her fans. The clip was also shot on the streets of Conakry with the participation of the Pokemon dance group.

Rwandan singer Safi Madiba is starting a year of celebration famous
Perhaps you are familiar with Rwandan artist Safi Niyibikora, better known as Safi Madiba. He rose to fame in the early 2010s in Kigali’s Urban Boys. After leaving the group in 2018, he continued his solo career before flying to Canada, where he lived for several years. But he does not forget his land. famous It is the song that Safi Madiba fell in love with. He then decides to propose his girlfriend a dream day in the city, sharing quality moments and solid memories for their couple. It’s certainly not a coincidence (and we checked), but all of Safi Madiba’s songs are about love. In the long run, it may exhaust the public, but given the number of views at the counter, it still has a bright future ahead of it.

Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel is taking a very personal approach to the new year RTID (Rich Till I Die)
Kizz Daniel started the new year with a bang just like he ended the previous year. With this time RTID (Rich Till I Die), means his new single “Rich until dead“, which has racked up millions of views on YouTube. The song was produced by Reward Beatz and Blaise Beatz, and the music video was directed by the not-so-famous TG Omori. If you had the impression that Kizz Daniel was all over the place in the urban musical, the scene, this it is normal. RTID Kizz is the epitome of hard work and determination that sums up Daniel’s journey. In this piece, the singer admits that life’s battles are constant and expresses its necessity in local slang. “to suffer for earth, to rejoice for heaven”. Understand as you wish. One thing is for sure, Kizz Daniel is enjoying life to the fullest and hopes for a better future for everyone.

Senegalese rapper One Lyrical harnesses the power of street rap Tarkina
Here is a title that will reconcile you with rap! One Lyrical released his new, very muscular track on January 1st Tarkina. The goal here is clear: to popularize the Senegalese rap movement and gain international market share. He confirms his status as a big winner Upstream The biggest rap competition in Senegal, bringing together more than 420 artists in 2016. One Lyrical has been able to refine his style, prose and technique to assert his identity through protest, social and fun music. All this sums up the song perfectly. Tarkina. Even without understanding the lyrics, you’ll feel the power of this charismatic track.

Congolese rapper Yvon Yusuf is very convincing summer
2023 has just started and we already have the revelation of the year in DRC. Yvonne Yusuf, a rapper originally from Lubumbashi, has been notable for some very notable city tours in the past year: Mboka and Mtoto just to name these two titles. He continues to write his story with more determination than ever. It was in 2015 that he dabbled in music in two different bands before going solo after receiving his bachelor’s degree. At first, he mainly wrote texts about albinism. An important topic for the rapper is that he is an albino. If you’re a fan of conscious lyrics, beautiful melodies and urban pop culture, her new songs are for you. summer. Yvon Yusuf is using the demographic boom that music is experiencing near Lubumbashi to export himself. It creates a real urban atmosphere where it mixes all the styles and atmospheres of the Congolese music scene. That’s why he often raps in Lingala or Tshiluba.

The Gabonese rapper enters the music arena at the beginning of the year with MrKing Lagos Energy
MRKing has been active in urban music in Gabon for several years now. The Togolese artist himself was the first to distinguish himself beatmaker and arranger before taking turns behind the microphone. His name appears in several large-scale projects in Gabon. But MRKing also knows how to rap. We could see it Challenger, My country, my beautiful world and now LagosEnergy, Shakespeare’s last work in which he sketches a few words in his language. MRKing has never denied his West African origins by introducing Agbadja (a traditional dance from Ghana, practiced in Benin and Togo) into his music videos. He also speaks Ewe (a popular language in Togo). An eclectic cocktail to ensure the success of your projects.

The option is only available on Deezer, Spotify and the Afro-Club playlist on the RFI Musique YouTube channel.

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