The Citroën City is one of the most affordable electric bikes on sale thanks to this offer.

Want a no-frills e-bike? Citroën introduced the City last year, and it’s already cheaper on sale: €899 at Boulanger, against €1,090 normally.

Inevitably better known for its cars, Citroën has had a glorious past in the world of bikes and of course last year launched itself into the UAE market, notably the so-called City. It’s an electric-assisted bike for the city that doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but has something to appeal to the brand’s regulars who want to ride a bike.

Even if this model is made in China, the tricolor quality comes at a price and is usually found for over 1000 euros. Fortunately, there is currently a €200 promotion during the winter sales.

What to remember about the Citroen bike

  • 250 W motor;
  • autonomous up to 45 km;
  • Luggage rack above the battery;
  • Equipment with chain box and stand.

Originally launched at €1,090, the Citroen City electric bike is now available at Boulanger for €899.

You’ll potentially want to buy a helmet with your bike, and Boulanger is also selling the Cosmo Connected in black for €64.35 instead of the usual €99. If you want to know more, you can check out the full review about the latest.

Classic but effective VAE

Equipped with an aluminum frame, the Citroën City does not stand out for its original design, but its solid design and go-anywhere style allow it to blend into the decor. Be warned, it weighs 29kg, so plan to keep it at home without going up the stairs.

With its 28-inch wheels, even if the bike can’t tackle big potholes, bumps are easily absorbed. In general, circulation is comfortable over time. The rest of the equipment on offer completes the needs of the city, especially with mudguards, a chain guard or even a kickstand. On the other hand, don’t rely on full on-board electronics, the City doesn’t have a GPS tracker, automatic alarm or Bluetooth.

A bike with no frills but knows how to be efficient

The battery capacity under the luggage rack is 360 Wh. It will be necessary to calculate the distance of 45 km. The 250 W motor (the maximum allowed in France) is located at the hub of the rear wheel, and the battery is located in the luggage rack, which is relatively classic in the VAE entry. level.

Otherwise, nothing too spectacular, with a six-speed gearbox, full brakes, a fixed fork and a so-called “comfort” saddle to better tackle city routes.

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