“The question is 500 billion euros. Do we need to insulate the apartment to avoid overheating, or to generate more electricity to heat it without insulation? “. Editorial by Charles SANNAT

My dear rude people

This is the 500 billion euro question that no one asks and dares to ask. And there’s something head-scratching like this monkey!!

You know me, I especially like asking these types of questions because it feeds the debate and helps develop everyone’s thinking to collectively make the best decisions for our future.

It is clear that we are captive to an intellectual logic.

Apartment heating repair, DPE (messy) and other heating checks that are useless or not much.

We are prisoners of this logic, but there are clearly intellectual alternatives in posing the problem and therefore in the answers we can come up with.

Why ask yourself this question? Because this is an important question for our economic and financial future. The idea is to protect the climate, live in poverty, and make the right financial and technological choices. This is far from clear.

If there are many who regret nuclear power today, after the great accident in Fukushima in 2011, no one wanted to hear about nuclear power! Environmentalists of course, but also a lot of people who are scared, and with good reason!

Making the right choice is never easy, having a vision is never easy, and not allowing your thinking to be clouded by all kinds of ideologies is even more difficult.

According to a British study, thermal repair is useless.

“Marianne” newspaper refers here to an English study. According to a British study, the insulation of heat filters is ineffective in the medium term
The first study to look at the impact of residential insulation reveals that the reduction in energy consumption per home is small. In the UK, energy savings disappear between two and four years after refurbishment.

So, in reality, the actual energy savings after renovation are very small, and still we are talking about nothing or hundreds of billions.

Basically, if we refer to our lighthouse in the Palais, it costs a lot of money to repair and is useless. That’s why we clearly need to review our strategy and quickly, because every month that passes costs a lot to society.

But that’s not all.

So, if repairs are useless for 300 billion, you can spend 200 billion to build 20 nuclear reactors and heat everyone with heat pumps … or electric heaters, depending on the respective climate zones. A CO²-free nuclear, we will save the climate from freezing and from poorly insulating and heating ourselves for less!

For Belgians, it’s better to warm bodies, not houses…

As France Info says here, “Belgian practice to save energy aims to warm bodies, not houses: “The idea is always to put on several layers”
Warming bodies, not houses, is the SlowHeat project to get out of winter better. An amazing experiment by Belgian researchers. Before oil-fired central heating came along in the 1960s, that’s how we all lived around the world. Remember. If today pyjamas, slippers, nightcaps or robes are no longer used in heated apartments, this was actually our nightwear. Real night clothes to keep out the cold and warm the bodies at a time when we can’t heat the houses except for a few very rich nobles or bourgeois!

So why insulate houses that our ancestors never heated? Is it ecological to want to heat houses at any cost? Is it the comfort we should be looking for when we can just wear a sweater, a nightcap, and a robe?

These two examples do not emit CO²!

I volunteered two completely opposite examples from you.

In one case, we build additional electricity generation capacity (we can add a few dams to nuclear power plants) and we no longer have a problem heating our homes, we don’t even need to insulate them. Not only won’t it cost more, it won’t be cheaper (and often worse) than insulating everything, plus we won’t pollute any more or less if we electrify everyone and do away with gas and oil boilers!

In the other case, we decide not to heat more or less… here again there is no problem, electricity generation, everyone is in a robe and we heat at best at 16°. We pollute less, save the planet and bother no one with useless work. After all, our ancestors lived very well without heating all these old dwellings with candles while sleeping with chickens…

Everything should be discussed, numbers, ecology and the solutions we implement!

You see, here with these two alternatives to energy renewal, I’m not even debating the need to reduce CO², these two solutions are better in CO² than what thermal renovation of all our buildings offers, which is actually the worst solution. since:

1/ the carbon footprint of the works is bad and disastrous.

2/ After the renovation, it still consumes almost as much energy and has very little impact.

3/ All this means “mad dough” for very marginal use.

When everyone thinks the same, no one thinks anymore!

This is an unbearable logic. When everyone thinks the same thing, nobody thinks anymore, and in France nobody thinks anymore.

There are totems. Everywhere.

It is impossible to spread a slightly different or disturbing opinion.

Please repeat government or NGO mantras.

It is necessary to make DPE (diffuse), renew the heating case.

This is not controversial.

We must save the planet.

This is not controversial.

However, it is necessary to discuss everything, because there are often more solutions to achieve the same result than it seems.

Obviously, we need to be able to discuss possible alternatives, it is for this intellectual price that we avoid paying the financial price and avoid going broke!

I can assure you that with the right decisions, the right reasoning, and if this country starts to think again, the speed of our recovery could surprise more than one person.

In fact, it is possible to not insulate more and heat better… more nuclear power plants and with less CO² and with less costs from heating repairs.

If you don’t want to spend anything, you don’t repair and heat, and a drink for everyone. Always less CO².

It is up to us to choose what we want to increase and decrease.

No deaths in any case. None.

It’s too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourself!

Charles SANNAT

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“To suppress peaceful revolutions makes violent revolutions inevitable” (JFK)

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